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€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal
By Manel Fre3men
€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal

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    1. Kickstarter Addict

      Yes, please relaunch

    2. Missing avatar

      jACE on

      I really would like to own this game, just like many other backers. I like the fact that the accessability the game has for younger and/or starting players, and still be interesting enough for the regular gamer. The theme, the artwork, I genuinely love it all.
      Could you in some way keep us informed if and when Meeple Quest will be available?


      Mucha suerte!! Espero que consigas editarlo.

    4. John L Vogt

      Relaunch! Don't give up. I really would like to see this game become a reality.

    5. Manel Fre3men Creator on

      Hi everyone, I wanted to answer all of you individually but perhaps it’s better to give a general reply.
      The campaign hasn’t gone as I expected. There was a lot of exclusive material to give away as gratitude for the support. Unfortunately, we are not going to reach the set goal. Therefore, I have the intention to cancel the campaign in a few days. This is something that really upsets me, as from the beginning I expected to be able to offer this game with a lot of free and exclusive content. Perhaps some backers and no backers were not really aware of the real content and size, although at the end of the campaign there are images of the prototypes I wanted to raffle, and in the BGG there are images of Meeple Quest game sessions. The following url offers an account of what the Crowndfunding Edition would have been:…
      I have to say that I will not relaunch the campaign again. But I can say that I am studying other ways to produce the game. Only for information, I have invested about 13000 euros so far, only in illustrations around 9000 euros, as I wanted to offer a game the most attractive and colorful possible for its objective, that is to be a game for all kind of publics. That’s why I didn’t skimped on the presentation and design.
      Of course, as I am an individual (not a publisher…), I will keep in mind all the backers that trusted this game and gave (and kept) their support to the campaign. I will be able to produce some of the promotional material (to a greater or lesser extent) that I had designed (as you can see this was quite a lot ;)). This will be destined especially for all those who one day will have the game, those who had given their support when it was needed, you that are the friends of the Meeple Quest ;). Meeple Quest is an extension of, and the philosophy of such a community is More than Games... Feelings. So, it couldn't be any different.
      I am really grateful for all your support throughout the campaign, the warm messages, as I have received private messages that I really appreciate a lot. Of course, also the messages about improvements and constructive criticism have been well taken. This campaign has not been a failure, as I keep all the good things that have come out of it. This is mainly the amount of people worldwide that are superb :).
      Hola a todos, os quería contestar a todos individualment pero creo que mejor será que escriba de forma general.
      La campaña no ha ido como esperaba, había mucho material exclusivo para regalar como agradecimiento al apoyo recibido, pero lamentablemente no creo que alcanzemos la meta inicial. Por ello, tengo la intención de cancelar la campaña dentro de unos días, realmente es algo que me entristece muchísimo, porque mi esperanza era sacar este juego con mucho contenido gratuito y exclusivo. Es posible que muchos mecenas y no mecenas no supieran del contenido y tamaño, aunque al final de la campaña hay imágenes de como serían los prototipos que se querían sortear y en la BGG hay imágenes de partidas del Meeple Quest. Aquí os pongo una URL para que podáis ver algo mejor lo que hubiera sido el juego en su modalidad Crowdfunding Edition:…
      He de decir que no relanzaré la campaña. Pero si os puedo decir que estoy estudiando otras vías para poder producir el juego. Sólo como información, llevo invertido alrededor de 13.000 euros, sólo en ilustraciones unos 9.000, pues quería ofrecer un juego lo más agradable posible para el objetivo del mismo, que es un juego para todos los públicos y no escatimar en la presentación y diseño. Es cierto que he fallado en la difusión internacional, aunque igualmente quise hacer un Kickstarter para darlo a conocer y tener la oportunidad de sacar una edición en Inglés y quizás en otros idiomas (como en Alemán, Francés e Italiano), pues en España el juego ya se conocía.
      Por supuesto que como persona que soy (no editorial...) tendré muy en cuenta a todos los mecenas que confiaron en su momento en este juego y dieron (y mantuvieron) su apoyo a la campaña, pues poco o mucho podré producir el material promocional que tenía diseñado (que podéis comprobar que no era poco ;) ), y este será especialmente para todos aquellos que algún día puedan tener el juego y habían dado su apoyo en el momento que más se necesitó, vosotros sois para mi los amigos de Meeple Quest :). Meeple Quest es una extensión de, y la filososfía de dicha web es que Más Que Juegos, son Sentimientos, así que no podría ser de otra forma.
      Os agradezco mucho todo el apoyo que habéis dado a la campaña, los mensajes de calidez, porque he recibido privados que agradezco muchísimo. También por supueto los mensajes de mejora y crítica constructiva. Esta campaña no ha sido un fracaso, porque me quedo con todo lo bueno que ha salido de ella, y es saber la gran cantidad de gente que hay por el mundo que es espléndida :).
      Un abrazo!

    6. The Cepparian

      @Johan it dosn't need to be so bad if this KS won't be funded, it could return with a better layout with cheaper price in a better timeframe and could end a lot more than barely funded, this is all experience for the creator. I saw many ks that relauch even three times and often they ended with great results for them and backers too unlocking more things and grabbing more money, it's just to find the right offer, the right time to put it online and the right choices of SGs and gaps

    7. Felix Chu

      Sigh... I really like this game but the shipping is what kills me. Plus the momentum of the game just didn't add up to make it worth it. I am going to see what happens and pledge for now. I hope that we can fund this and if not then hopefully they can come and restructure for another campaign.

      I have gone for the tops plus the 13 extra euros for the add on.

    8. Johan L Mattsson

      Really frustrated people dropping out ... I really want this one ... � An xlnt alternativ to all my plastic Dungeon Crawlers.

    9. Missing avatar

      John Silveira

      I've backed and canceled this campaign 4 times... I guess I just really want this game funded and can't stand seeing it possibly not be!

    10. Dondon

      @The Cepparian: I can understand critics, but I don´t see the way we help the project we seem to want funded with coments like "It´s dead". I was just refering to that, the rest is fine by my standars, since there is always something you can learn from critics.

    11. The Cepparian

      @Dondon it's not about kill something, it's a matter of understand the right choices that can make backers and creators both happy. I think everyone will win if the game will be funded AND with a sense of bargain for the backers that spend money way before instead of wait for retail, so if a relaunch with better prices and a better SG strategy (more video review, more gameplay review, better adverticing, hype and so on) can make this game collect more I think it's better than struggle to reach the fund level and have an half game (looking at how many Sgs are planned it seems so, this is one of the biggest error, never ever show so many Sgs if you still is unfunded and make them unreachable for how much you are collecting....). As I predicted, it's losing money since tiny epic quest started, it's simple because it's a little fan pocket games that costs a fair amount of money for the theme and for the stuff inside and of course, all the tiny line is always fun. It's a prove strategy to lower the funding level and cut the cost of the base pledge to beef it up with Sgs with the right gap, spend so much for meeples and cards is daunting for a lot of people

    12. Ferran on

      No lo entiendo, es un buen juego. Y la campaña no esta mal.

    13. Jens Riisom Schultz on

      @John K: me too!

      Right now all backers would need to up their pledges by 60 euros...

      We need more backers! Tell your friends!

    14. Missing avatar

      John K on

      Personally I like the game and I'm keeping the pledge!

    15. Dondon

      En 20 días pueden pasar muchas cosas, para bien, o para mal.

      No entiendo la fijación en matar algo que todavía respira.

      Las decisiones gustaran más o menos (para gustos los colores), pero mientras la pelota esté en juego creo que lo mejor es jugarla, no tratar de desinflar cada dos por tres el balón.

      En fin, a ver si lo conseguimos... ¡¡SUERTE!!


      In 20 days a lot can happen, for better or worse.

      I do not understand the fixation that some people has on killing something that still breathes.

      Decisions are going to be more or less populars (the taste for colors... I mean), but while the ball is in play I think it's best to play it, not try to deflate the ball each time we see the oportunity.

      Lets see if we can make it at the end ... GOOD LUCK !!

    16. Xavi on

      Muy a mi pesar, este proyecto huele a muerto.

    17. Jens Riisom Schultz on

      Hehe could you guys maybe keep it english? :)
      I just upped my pledge from Fantasy to Crowdfunding edition. I want to enjoy this game with my kids - they'll be 6 and 8 by the time I (hopefully) get the game, which would be perfect! :)

    18. Nixitro - on

      @JAVIER MIGUEL, yo veo normal eso. Es decir... a ti un producto te puede gustar mucho, pero si no te mola la actitud del comercial, cómo se están haciendo las cosas o que tu entraste por X y al final ese X te dicen que solo si pajas por caja... pues desconfías y te vas. Es lo malo de pedir a terceros que te financien, que te exigen ciertas cosas y puedes cumplirlas. El autor ha decidido tomar determinado camino sabiendo que habría gente a la que le gustaría y gente a la que no. Unos lo apoyarán, otros no. Los que no, pues sencillamente se van y listo xD.

    19. Missing avatar


      @Don Riddle, y compañía, con comentarios como estos se definen ellos solos. Personas poco coherentes, sin personalidad, que tenían muy claro desde el principio que no apoyarían el proyecto, y lo único que ha hecho todos estos días ha sido crear dudas infundadas, y ver errores donde no los hay.

    20. Jens Riisom Schultz on

      @Don Riddle: See, that makes no sense to me: you like the project but you dislike the campaign? So... If a product doesn't have proper advertising, even though you like that product, you will not purchase it?! :D
      "I LOVE Coca Cola but their ads suck so I drink Sprite instead. The taste is worse but the ads are great!"
      To be fair, of course it's fine to back out. Your statement of the reason is just very weird to me. ;)

    21. Don Riddle

      Goodbye. I no longer care about this project and actually hope it fails. Because then this company could regroup and fix the many things wrong with this project and come back with a cleaner, stronger campaign. I would back this again, if it was done right.

    22. The Cepparian

      Any chances to see more video gameplay in english? I struggle to find reasons to stay here because I really really like the idea of this game, but still costs too much for me (51 euro!), the correct price should be around 30 euro (it will be a suicide the current price for retail and the lack of support for this ks is a sign of it), but shipping adds too much to this. I know, there are some extras and exclusives, but they are just cards, people are more sensitive to miniature, cards are just so cheap to add so you don't convince people this way. It's also a bad bad time for a ks like this, you know the next tiny epic are coming and will cut a lot of funds (and will cost only a little more than half this one with almost the same materials) and already crowded with a lot of great KS. Still, I hope to see something more and do a lot more advertice, it's your project, if you don't give us that who should do?

    23. Manel Fre3men Creator on

      @Chucky5: it's not necessary, with 39 euros you can get a complete dungeon crawler board game with a lot of exclusive material that you can use with a lot of people, friends, family, children, casual or not casual players... It's your choice ;)

    24. Chucky5 on

      82 bucks (Plus shipping), no stretch goals. This project looks better every day it passes.
      Hopefuly Next week we will have some more cards so I can forget about kingdom death monster, and rise my pledge over €100.

    25. Manel Fre3men Creator on

      @Chucky5: Kickstarter provides the creators with a Control Panel so that they can see the backers that give their support, and the creators can also see the changes in this support. Each backer has an ID number, if the backer leaves, he/she loses this ID and if the backer return, he/she will receive a new ID. The creator can't see any more information about the backer apart from his public profile.
      I don't understand your last paragraph, if a backer doesn't have a pledge level, it’s not necessary to know if he/she gives the support of Fantasy Edition Level before the 1st of November.
      @Rudee Wongsa: Thanks! Currently the rulebooks of Meeple Quest (not only in English) that can be downloaded in the BGG are drafts. More changes will be made (not in the rules, but in terms of grammar, design...). And many thanks for your offer to help Meeple Quest :)
      @Philipp Marteau: Many thanks for your support and for you kind words about the game :). The rulebook in English, Italian and Spanish were made before the start of t he campaign. French and German came a few days afterward. But all of these translations (German must be revised, I know that it’s not completely right, because the native German translator is not of this geek world).
      @Jesús: El Especial de Halloween sigue siendo gratis, y además vendrá con otro Jefe más! ;). Ahora son tres jefes y no dos. Pero después del 1 de noviembre no vendrá en los Fantasy Edition, sólo para los Crowdfunding Edition, pero gratis siempre, no se podrá comprar y ¡también exclusivo!.
      This Halloween Special is still free, and it will come with one more Boss. Now they are three bosses instead two. However, after the 1st of November it won't come in the Fantasy Edition pledges. It will come only in the Crowdfunding Edition, but free always, and it's not for sale, and also exclusive!.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jesús on

      Ya no es gratis el especial Halloween para los fantasy antes del 1 de nov como dijiste?

    27. Chucky5 on

      As my question is not being answered in the update I will bring it here and see if I'm lucky enough.
      Just one question regarding this Halloween special.
      Does Kickstarter gives you some kind of log about backers movement and changes? It seems pretty unlikely to me. And if you don't have that log and just a final list where you can see each backer, the amount he pledged and some details such as email.
      How are you going to know if a backer who finally pledged $39 wasn't pledging for $1 November first.
      Even more, would a backer who was pledging $39 Nov. 1st get that stretch goal if he pledged just $1 at the end?

    28. Missing avatar

      Rudee Wongsa

      Since I've been complaining about the grammar, I'll offer to help revise the English rulebook. @Philipp the rulebook has been available since day one. Here's the link (from the campaign page):

    29. Philipp Marteau on

      @Manuel Fre3men: I love the fact, that we're able to add the Crazy Quest Expansion and I added the expansion directly after reading your last post, but I have to say one thing:

      I'm a backer from the first or second day and was super hyped about this game and as I already said before it feels like a perfect game for kids and my gaming group.
      I know we have still 22 days to go and I hope we will reach the 40k to fund this project, but with all this SGs listed, maybe many people feel like they will miss something out or they have to actual pay for these SGs we will not reach.

      Maybe consider a relaunch of this campaign, with the same funding goal. I think many people need a gameplay video or at least a beta rulebook from the beginning of the campaign, because there are not to many people out there to buy a game blind, without knowing the gameplay mechanics. Add the Crazy Quest Expansion right from the start for 20/25€ and as Marco said, maybe do a 24hours early bird for a quick funding.

      I will stay till the end of this campaign, still hoping we can fund this campaign without a relaunch, but if we don't get near the 30k one week before ending, think about the relaunch.

    30. Manel Fre3men Creator on

      Hello @Jens Riisom Schultz, I'm a little sad because I was excited to give away an entire expansion for free. However, it will no longer be for unlock (although I keep the banners of strecht rewards as initial intention). Now the Crazy Quest Expansion is a special add-on that will have a good discount for backers according to their pledge level chosen. You can check the section Stretch Goals ;). I will change the image in Rewards. Many thanks for your words :)

    31. Jens Riisom Schultz on

      Seems a shame that if this gets funded we won't see most of the SG, even though they appear to be quite done. For example the abyss which has been featured and explained.
      But oh well. If the game gets funded I'll be happy.
      The concerns I've generally seen are bc of what Kickstarter turned into: a store front for medium to big companies. It's supposed to be like this campaign is: a great idea from someone who could not produce it otherwise! So what if the granmar is a bit off?! I'll happily clean it up before printing!
      You shouldnt just complain but instead offer to help. The idea is to be in it together!

    32. Missing avatar

      orco on

      You win! I go to sleep.

    33. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      Also. Free material is still sold as part of this game. It's still copyrighted. Just... Fyi

    34. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      Why should backers be expected to go to two sites to get info? That's not a good way to centralize info to encourage backers.

      Hey, whatever guys. If you don't like my feedback then ignore it. Obviously others agree. The game has promise but needs some consideration. The current approach is not working- see kicktraq. If you think this is working then by all means, tell me what you base that on.

    35. Missing avatar

      Luis Martinez Garcia de Castro on

      Paul, you really do not see movie characters in CMON campaigns? Let me ask if you have ever seen a CMON campaign? Maybe you read them as well as you read this campaign

    36. Missing avatar

      orco on

      paul, hurry up to go to Deep Madness, they put a Reply as Quartermaster with a black cat LOL and they have 600.000 dollars so far, ask them if they have the copyright please. Also in the Dungeon Degenerates appears a Beholder too, come on, don't make them wait, and tell them the same too. You are the KS Paladin!

    37. Missing avatar

      Luis Martinez Garcia de Castro on

      Paul, you are talking about the lack of communication of the creator, but he is here and in forums answering everybody.

      Please read carefully the campaing before comment. As Orco said and you can read everywere in the campaing, the authors era material and the halloween extra is free material. And a few comments before you asked about the rules, when you have them for download in spanish english and italian since the first day of the campaing.

    38. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      I have not seen CMON use movie characters to sell their games.

    39. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      You can create new images, but the idea behind them may be copyrighted for sale.

    40. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      The content of the images (beholder, for instance) is a copyrighted thing. It is owned by wizard of the coast. He is selling a product.. thus this Kickstarter. He can call it a "floating eye" but some of the terms he uses are owned. Image likeness lawsuits happen as well though. And when you call them the same thing (xenomorph alien from the movie) this is more likely. He is making money on someone else's creativity and so they want their cut. Not all images are copyrighted, but sale in the US would likely be harder if they noticed this and wanted money

    41. Missing avatar

      orco on

      Paul, what are you saying? copyrights? grammars? can you tell this to CMON too? they use images of film characters to sell miniatures. These cards of this game are free, he doesn't sell, he told this more times. And he indicates that the images are illustrated by his illustrators. And if you don't see this clear, you can wait for the game to be in stores if this campaign succeeds, well without the material that you are so worried about.

    42. George Young

      Marco is right below... You need something unique and good kickstarter goals if you are going to make this work. Why not explore the possibility to print graphic on the meeples, like other games have done for dice.

      That would give it a very different look and feel...

    43. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      @orco My concerns are legit. Sorry
      - grammar makes the gameplay more difficult to appreciate
      - lack of communication from a first time producer
      - no details on shipping or production
      - no clarity about the copyright images.

    44. Missing avatar

      Marco Montanari on

      A good game but some problems with the campaign..
      It is a good game. Relaunch it!
      And try..
      - with less expensive total price and shipping cost (if possible)
      - early bird for the first 24 hours for a quick founded (so everyone will be attracted by a "great" game)
      - little but easy stretch gol
      - some kickstarter exclusive (you have to prefer kickstarter, not retail)
      - stickers for meeple. You need them. Wooden simple meeple are ugly for this kind of game
      - clear gameply immediately in homepage
      - more languages

    45. Missing avatar

      orco on

      I think paul that you are a troll that only want to speak bad bad bad about this game. You told that you are now with an euro, it's ridiculous that you told that you put an euro so that you can write only. You can leave and let us enjoy the campaign.
      Se te ve muy de lejos tu intencion y pareces un troll, ya he visto tus otros comentarios y si estas con un euro, para ello, la verdad es que es penoso. Deja que los demas que estamos en el proyecto podamos disfrutar del juego tranquilamente.

    46. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      I think it is also worthwhile to address concerns I have seen about the legal use rights to some of the images on the SGs. It seems that there is a lot of reliance on copyrighted creatures (beholder, Halloween cards, predator, alien, etc etc). That may be a barrier to production if not properly addressed and it seems unlike that the game was able to obtain fair use agreements for all of those trademarks.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rudee Wongsa

      I'll be honest--I don't think this project is going to reach its funding targets. I'm a backer because I think the game is interesting (especially the dungeon set up cards) and I want to own a dungeon crawler board game without spending money on expensive minis.

      I agree with (NOT) Paul I. The project does not have game play videos or independent reviews or actual pictures of the components. It's nice that a rule book was provided, but I had to read through it multiple times to get past the grammar mistakes and unclear wording and actually figure out how the game is played. Most people aren't going to go through all of that effort and they won't back a board game without knowing how the game is played or what the component quality is like.

      For instance, take the combat section of the rulebook:
      "A hero that shares a square with other meeples (villains or rival heroes) or these are at the reach of his type of attack, then he will be in a position to choose whether to attack this square."

      I think this means: "A hero meeple may choose whether to attack the square that it is on, or any square within range." To figure out what "within range" means, you have to go to the Game Components section (!!) under "Equipment." In fact, it looks like most of the rules are in the Game Components section. Also confusing is the fact that this combat section was labeled "Fighting" but I think it's the same thing as the "Attack" action mentioned in the "Hero Phase" section. Nowhere in the rules does it say that you can only attack/fight one square per attack action used, but I assume this is the case.

      It does seem like a lot of effort was put into the updates to show how the game is played, but honestly, I couldn't understand what was going on. Reading the updates felt like listening to the last 15 minutes of a 30 minute rules explanation.

      I would suggest restarting the campaign with the following improvements to help get more US backers:
      - a revised English rule book
      - reach out to board game reviewers (especially video reviewers) and send them a prototype to review

    48. The Cepparian

      +1 @Paul words. The price is also a barrier for this game, it's a light one with common materials that costs as much as a retail boardgame with miniatures and "seems" more as a filler. I still read about more unreachable SGs, this is not the right way to promote or push a KS. Probably it will barely funded in the end, but it will leave a sense of incomplete and a big missing chances. Consider to relaunch it next year after xmas, too many good ks going on or will go in the next months, you will have time to plan a better strategy, do some more video review, more promotions and a way to lower the costs of everything

    49. Jens Riisom Schultz on

      How can I help spread awareness? I really want this KS to succeed! :)

    50. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      @Manel I appreciate your openness about the KS platform, but I think part of the trouble you are encountering (daily kicktraq numbers show it) as a designer is that it is easy for money to move around and there are so many products. There are a lot of details that aren't provided with this project (gameplay video, reviews from outside sources, production details ahead of time, etc.). People want to back a game that they know what they're getting and that offers something new. It looks like you have high hopes for the money the game can generate, but (in my opinion) you need to do more to promote the hype of how this game offers something new beyond other games. Its far too easy to compare this game to AQ/MD and not see any new gameplay dynamics. It looks like an easier platform for a younger / less complex gaming group audience, but again.. you need to promote this game by showing you have a plan, that you can produce it (your previous answer that production details are confidential led me to drop from a full pledge to a 1 dollar pledge), and that it offers something new in terms of gameplay and experience.

      Just food for thought. I hope the game funds.

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