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€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal
By Manel Fre3men
€21,362 pledged of €40,000 goal

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    1. Manel Fre3men Creator on January 3


      First of all, Happy New Year to everyone.

      Thank you for your great interest in the project and forgive the delay in answering. At present, the project has evolved more and although it has been taken with calm and stopped for a while, it is still going ahead. However, now my approach is to try to get it out first in Spanish for Spain and if it works to look for partners to make an international campaign (although I would also like to look for solutions to make at least some small print run or material in English for those who are very interested). The biggest problem I have is the shipment and that there is a lot of material to produce but I hope to be able to solve these challenges.

      Of course, all promotional material that exists and could exist in a local campaign, in any other international campaign would be offered in the same way.

      I thank again all the people who trusted the project and I hope that this new year will bring you good things and that the MQ can also be a reality.

      Best regards.

      on December 31

      I'm begging you!! Relaunch !!!! Please

      on August 13, 2017

      please relaunch !!!

    4. Geertrui
      on March 11, 2017

      Hi, any ideas on if and when the game would be relaunched on Kickstarter or available in stores? Would love to have it

    5. Caitlin Boeing on November 29, 2016

      I was really excited for this game! If it ever relauches or becomes available to sell I would love to have it in my game library

    6. Manel Fre3men Creator on November 9, 2016

      Hi, thanks for your amazing words and the interest you have shown in the project. Of course, I will keep you up to date. I am currently looking at how to produce a short print so that I can have at least a few copies of the game in a professional quality for those that are interested.
      There are also other works. You can see how the objective cards look like (to enrich the game):… . These were intended for future expansions, but I was going to add an exclusive set for the CF Edition, during the campaign and depending on the obtained funding. Also, I was designing a system of missions and campaigns that made use of these objective cards (but this is in stand by for the moment, although I intend to retake it one day).
      I still have a quite a few private messages that I want to answer. I really apologize for the delay but I will answer all of them.
      Besides, if any of you are in Barcelona (Spain) this Saturday, I will attend an event of board games, it’s in Sabadell (24 hours of board games). I will take with me a couple of pre-release prototypes, one of them is a full Crowdfunding Edition. You are all welcome if you wish to come.
      Again, thanks a lot :)
      Hola, muchas gracias por vuestras maravillosas palabras y un interés que me sonroja :). Sí, os mantendré informados. Actualmente estoy mirando como realizar una tirada corta para poder tener al menos algunas copias del juego con calidad profesional para los que las quieran.
      También hay otros trabajos, aquí podéis (… ) ver lo que serían las cartas de objetivo (para dar más riqueza al juego) que eran para futuras expansiones pero que iba a añadir un set exclusivo de estas para la CF Edition durante la campaña según la financiación obtenida. Además, estaba diseñando un sistema de misiones y campañas que utilizaban estas cartas de objetivo (pero esto está parado, pero algún día lo retomaré).
      Tengo pendiente contestar bastantes mensajes privados, os pido perdón, pero los contestaré todos, por supuesto.
      Además, si alguno está por Barcelona (España) este sábado, estaré en un evento de juegos de mesa, concretamente es en Sabadell (24 horas de juegos de mesa), me llevaré un par de prototipos pre-release, uno de ellos un Crowdfunding Edition, y estáis todos invitados a venir, los que podáis.
      De nuevo muchas gracias a todos :)

    7. Bahnmor
      on November 9, 2016

      Like Johan said: I'd love to be contacted if the project is relaunched in any way. I love the idea and would be eager to purchase the product.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stefan Matia on November 5, 2016

      please restart the project

    9. Johan L Mattsson
      on November 4, 2016

      Makes me very sad to read your update mail. Was really looking forward to this one vs all my other megabombastic plastic boardgames. But since you seem to have plans to create it in some other way. Please send out a mail where to Sign up on a maillist of how to get it in the future and possible support your game.
      I will buy it right away after its release.

    10. Missing avatar

      Luis Martinez Garcia de Castro on November 3, 2016

      Good luck Manel!! I hope to have Meeple Quest at home very soon!!

    11. mrblackkat
      on November 3, 2016

      I hope Goal your kickstarter´s project soon.
      I love your game!!!

      Hugs from Ibiza,Spain.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Körbis
      on November 3, 2016

      I still love the game. Pleeeaaaaaaaaaase come back!

    13. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on November 3, 2016

      @Javier As Felix said, I want this game to succeed. I have not backed nearly as many projects as others, but I have only been on KS since June and have late backed several. The game has a lot of potential and there are some interesting gameplay dynamics to it, but the fact is (as with all products) there are areas to improve. This isn't bad, but it means that this KS can/should utilize this time to adapt the game. Unsurprisingly this was true of this game as well - especially with how it was being promoted. The key is flexibility and reaching out to the consumer. Assuming that a product will succeed without any adaptation is wrong, particularly in a platform like KS where the goal is to recruit people to invest before a product is created. If the assumption is that the product will sell itself on its own merits, then you have to at least put full force into showing those traits you believe the game to have (play through videos, reviews by others, etc). If you expect for the product to be tweaked and developed during the campaign, that's fine as well but you can't be upset when someone offers concerns. Either way, criticism during development is one of the things that makes games better.

    14. Ferran on November 3, 2016

      Animos Manel, seguro que todos juntos ganaremos a Lord Maligno! Se suele decir que lo bueno se hace esperar. Pues esperaremos!!! Mucha suerte!!

    15. Joeri Vranckx on November 3, 2016

      2 bad you canselled , it was loking to become an amazing game .
      i hope you trie again later .

      cheers Backer 351

    16. Felix Chu
      on November 3, 2016

      @javier sorry you feel that the suggestions others were giving were wrong. I can assure you that having a game play video done properly does amazing things to the campaign. Since September I have backed 36 projects And almost all of them I was won over by the play thru videos. i have either cancelled pledges or put on pledges based on the videos. Why you ask? It's because it's as close to a hands on experience as we can get.

      When I saw this game I immediately pledged. For me in Canada the shipping is harsh and I decided to back out when I realized this game was just not getting traction. I still kept my eye on it and when the creator changed some things to make the shipping easier to swallow I bit again. This is how much I liked the theme of this game. Even without a video I could see that this was a great game. Just like yourself. Just like everyone who has stuck till the end, hoping this wouldn't end. Just like @(not) Paul I and @the cepparian.

      Both of them were making suggestions because they want this project to succeed. And both of them were giving them based on their knowledge of KS. Cepparian at least has backed over 160 projects.

      You are right that negative comments can hinder a project but theirs were not negative. Like any business you have to be flexible and also cater to the customers. The creator did that and I came back. If he was not willing to be flexible and be customer oriented then he would just sit on a sinking ship, scratching his head wondering what's wrong and not see the problem.

      Anyways, my 2 cents.

    17. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on November 3, 2016

      Another way to make some money would be to sell a print and play version of the game on KS. Its a quick recoup of some cash with no additional cost to you at this point since graphics are made.

    18. Micheloncio on November 3, 2016

      Manel, a esa enana le falta barba! jijij, Suerte con el futuro del proyecto, lo seguiré de cerca, tarde o temprano será mío. :)

      on November 3, 2016

      Suerte Manel!!! Yo tb espero tenerlo en mis manos algún día.

      And by the way, I totally agree with @Nixitro.

    20. Missing avatar

      Antonio Fernández-Gimenez on November 3, 2016

      Lamento mucho que hayas tenido que cancelar el proyecto. Como ya escribi en algun foro, el hecho de que en tu trayectoria haya un fallo, en estados unidos se valora mucho. Aqui no tanto. Planteatelo. Desde luego, yo sigo con la intencion de adquirir todo lo que saques para este juego, empezando por la base del mismo... siempre que los precios no se disparaten, que no esta la economia para hacer todos los esfuerzos.
      Animo, Manel, mucha suerte con el futuro y nos vemos seguro por ahi.

    21. Preacher on November 3, 2016

      Pues una mala noticia lo de ésta última actualizacion,... mi más sentido apoyo a Manel por todo lo que ha tenido que pasar,... se de buena tinta que ha tomado nota de todo lo que puede cambiar en la campaña y de que antes o despues tendremos nuestro MEEPLE QUEST en casa. Un gran abrazo y como dices en el título de la actualizacion, el bien siempre gana,... te estaremos esperando. Un saludo desde Elche

    22. Rodney Leary
      on November 3, 2016

      I am still very interested in getting this game on the table. Please keep us updated. Love the art style! Don't give up.

    23. Felix Chu
      on November 3, 2016

      @manel. Good luck and I hope which ever path you take the game will be able to make it to Canada one day.

    24. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on November 3, 2016

      Best of luck. I'm still disappointed that you are not relaunching. Many first time campaigns fail while trying to figure out how to balance all the aspects of KS. I think the product is a good one that would be interesting to see brought to life.

    25. Mark van der Upwich
      on November 3, 2016

      Sad to see this being cancelled, I wish you the best for the Future.

    26. Missing avatar

      JAVIER MIGUEL on November 3, 2016

      @Nixitro. Nada más lejos de mi intención. Lo que comenta que ha subido un poco la recaudación lo dice de modo irónico, ya que han sido ciento y pico euros, por eso le he contestado. Tienes razón que lo podía haber dicho de forma más respetuosa y si he ofendido pido perdón por ello, pero toca mucha las narices que estas dos personas estén continuamente criticando el proyecto. Es tan sencillo como apoyarlo si te gusta, y no hacerlo en caso contrario. El estar una y otra vez diciendo lo mismo en mensajes sucesivos, que si no hay video, que si no hay reglas en inglés cuando llevan colgadas desde el primer día, que si no tenía que haber descubierto todos los tramos.... etc, y lo repiten una y otra vez, al final te hartas y respondes de modo altivo. He contribuido a apoyar el proyecto todo lo que he podido y por eso lo defiendo de este tipo de gente. Y lamento que no lo veas desde mi punto de vista, pero si, sus comentarios denotan mala intención, pero esto es como todo, para opiniones los colores.

    27. Nixitro - on November 3, 2016

      @JAVIER MIGUEL, que quieres que te diga, pero aquí al que veo metiendo mas cizaña eres tu. Están preguntando si el autor se ha pensado mejor no cancelar la campaña y ha decidido continuarla viendo que ahora ha subido un poco mas la recaudación... y su lenguaje no es precisamente ofensivo o denota mala intención, el cambio el tuyo sí. Con esa actitud continua de estar a la defensiva no ayudas mucho al proyecto.

    28. Chucky5 on November 3, 2016

      @Cepharian & Paul. What Javier said, as he has been rude enough to answer you in a language you don't speak, can be translated as:
      The project is not beeing relaunched because it's perfect as it is. And any of us who like the game but think that it could be improved somehow are nothing but haters.

    29. Missing avatar

      JAVIER MIGUEL on November 3, 2016

      @The Cepparian and @Paul I. No va a haber relanzamiento de la campaña, lo ha dicho por activa y por pasiva. Puede que aún no lo cancele para que así tengais tiempo de seguir metiendo cizaña, de esta forma estáis entretenidos y no os aburrís, al menos hasta que encontréis otro proyecto con el que disfrutar hacer daño.

    30. The Cepparian
      on November 3, 2016

      I think he changed his mind when he saw the total increased by few hundreds these days, maybe he desperately hope to reach a barely funded KS instead of work hard to a better relaunch

    31. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on November 2, 2016

      Has there been any further word anywhere from the creator about if he is rethinking his plan not to relaunch? Last I saw was a few days ago he was going to cancel it shortly and not tweak/relaunch the game. I'm hoping he has reconsidered that.

      on November 1, 2016

      @Micheloncio. Ya dije eso en un comentario anterior. Igual se enteró por mi pq hasta ese momento si q lo había pillado.
      Oye, pues poco a poco va habiendo más mecenas XD

    33. Evan McCoy
      on November 1, 2016

      People are always talking about whether or not to "reveal all stretch goals", but personally I get super annoyed when campaigns parse them out like we're rats pushing a lever for treats. For my part, I'm always much more willing to back when I know what ALL of the goals are that we're working towards.

    34. Micheloncio on November 1, 2016 el Tiny Epic saldrá en castellano por Devir, está confirmado, habrá salido por esa razón.

      on November 1, 2016

      Y mira, acabo de ver que @Manel Fre3man (@Creator) también apoyó Mint Works, así que él tb sabe de lo que hablo en el ejemplo que te he puesto.
      Por cierto @Manel, pq has dejado de apoyar el proecto de Tiny Epic? Sólo e curiosidad

      on November 1, 2016

      @tonijor. No me parece justo lo que dices com respecto a KS. Sigue funcionando. Algunos lo aprovechan para conseguir pedidos de un juego ya hecho y empaquetado como quién dice. Pero hay muchos que buscan el crearlo, fundarlo y mejorarlo. Un ejemplo claro de hace bien poco es el juego mint works. "Sólo" un padre de familia, con una idea de juego y una forma de presentarlo. Entre todos sacamos un juego 10, mejorandolo, creando un modo para 1 jugador y dando vueltas a la forma, envase, tamaño de cartas, etc. Pedía 10.000 para poder crearlo. Ha conseguido casi 95.000$. Todo un éxito. Y como este hay muchos más. No pongamos como escusa del no logro de este proyecto a la plataforma. Hay que mirarse uno el ombligo.
      One more time, im so sorry for don't write in English.

    37. Missing avatar

      on November 1, 2016

      He estado fuera estos días y leo ahora las (malas) noticias.
      Pues lo siento mucho, de verdad, el proyecto era muy atrayente y para el que te conozca no creo que hubiese dudas de ningún tipo (ni calidad, ni compromiso, ni cariño en el proyecto). Quizá no haya habido la difusión suficiente o quizá hay gente que no ha entendido bien el proyecto (como tu recalcas, una persona, no una editorial). El tema de los gastos lo has explicado una y mil veces y yo al menos lo entiendo. Este proyecto es una muestra clara de para qué debería serbir un crowfounding, pero eso es algo que ya ha degenerado totalmente.
      En fin, por mi parte, todo mi apoyo y todo el ánimo.

    38. Missing avatar

      jACE on October 31, 2016

      (NOT) Paul I is right, I think, about the funding goal of 40.000€. Maybe you should find a way to lower the funding goal, and work with add-ons which cost extra.

    39. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on October 31, 2016

      As they've said, you should relaunch. I like a lot about the game but there are things you can do to increase hype:
      - gameplay video
      - get people to review it. That would be the perfect use of those sample productions.. gives a chance for outside balancing if needed
      -more involvement in the campaign. Watch TEQ as an example of involvement. It pumps people up
      -dont show all stretch goals
      -expecting 45000to fund is a big ask. You'll get more supporters once it's funded. Hit the goal quick and people like that. Don't count on recouping all expense before funding if you invested that much up front.
      -partner with someone (even informally) to help with the English. So much of the . market is American that it's important to make sure your creation is clear
      -production details up front. This is huge for a first time creator. It increases confidence in the product

      Again, great ideas and I think a relaunch will work if you tweak how.

    40. Chucky5 on October 31, 2016

      Totally agree, I think the @Creator has a very good product, but he has to find the way to sell it.
      All the good things he did developing the game weren't enough to overrun this disaster of crowdfunding campaign.
      If he learns about the mistakes he made, he still has a great game to launch, and why not make a great crowdfunding.

      on October 31, 2016

      @Creator haz un relaunch. Y mira varias cosas... Entre ellas los gastos de envío. Spy coherente con lo que digo; el Tiny epic quest tiene unos gastos de envío que son el 60% de lo que cuesta el juego. Absurdo. Y más por una caja de ese tamaño y peso. No es EU friendly y parece q a la gente le da igual. Bien. Yo lo compraré cuando salga por Devir en español por, en el peor de los casos, el mismo precio y a la vez o un mes después. Él tiene una "historia" con los otros epic, y por eso creo que le funciona. Ya está. Vosotros no os podéis permitir ese lujo.

      Sorry for don't write in English, I can't know how to say this.

    42. The Cepparian
      on October 31, 2016

      Please, don't give up! The game is there, you just need to create an appealing offer in a smart and "ks style" way. I just see the images you linked with the comparison with tiny epic galaxies: of course, MQ is massive, but I feel there is the problem: you are creating a light dungeoncrawler that isn't portable so the same "size" as the ones with miniature but without miniature at a price, for the full package with expansion, of a base pledge of any other DC on ks with miniature. What I try to say is tiny epic series, just to follow your example, is a blockbuster because they packet in a small box a big game and you pay the right price, make a light game with so many components in a big box without be a miniature game and with a comparable price is a problem. You could try to thin the base game (material wise too, there is no need of 2mm cardboard tiles in a portable light game for example) to reach a nice price (like tinies, $25) and then, using the SGs, you could beef it up (but next time don't show all the SGs all together!! Just 2 or 3 with the right gap, that way you can always show the next based on how the project is going) and play the expanion card the right time. You can do as CMON: plan to make a base game and a series of expansions with the rest of the stuff and use each as SGs so backers will unlock the SGs and whole expansion feeling a much better value.
      If you have time, do some reasearch on the other successful KS to learn strategies, KS is a tool you need to know, sometimes it's more toward advertice, nice images and know the mind of the backers than to have a good game (sad, but it's the truth)

    43. Missing avatar

      John Silveira
      on October 31, 2016

      Gamelyn isn't a big company, and they use KS the "right" way. If it wasn't for KS I doubt they would be able to produce even one game in the Tiny Epic series, let alone with them being so high quality. CMOT... well I back a lot of their stuff, but with the more recent games I'd say they might be real close to going over the KS loophole line in the sand.

      Back to Meeple Quest, we all need to help out and get the world on this game out. It looks amazing and it deserve to see the chance to be played on everyone's table!

    44. Missing avatar

      John Silveira
      on October 31, 2016

      Let me PM you tomorrow and we can talk about a few things. I may be a SUPERBACKER, but to be honest only like maybe 5-8 of those projects I had my heart behind 100%!

      Call me crazy, but I still feel confident this project has a chance to fund.

      Let's not pull the plug on the patient before they're dead!

    45. Missing avatar

      John Silveira
      on October 30, 2016

      Please don't say you're not going to relaunch this project! This is a game that has so much promise!

    46. Missing avatar

      Luis Martinez Garcia de Castro on October 30, 2016

      Como ya te he expresado por otras vías, tienes todo mi apoyo y ánimo. También soy de los que espera poder jugar con mis hijas al Meeple Quest más pronto que tarde.

    47. Ferran on October 30, 2016

      Una pena. Pero igualmente espero que, aunque sea tarde, pueda disfrutar de este (estoy seguro)gran juego. Manel, todo mi apoyo y adelante!!!!

    48. Jens Riisom Schultz on October 30, 2016

      :( Aww bummer... I was really looking forward to playing this with my kids.

      Manel, you have done a great ONE MAN job. People are WAY to used to the big companies who just use Kickstarter as another sales platform (CMON, Tiny Epic Quest, and SO many others).
      It is truly a shame that the projects which actually NEED the platform cannot succeed because the projects which do not have made peoples expectations to a project WAY too high.

      That being said, I am also a part of the problem as I have backed Massive Darkness and Tiny Epic Quest :( I am STRONGLY considering dropping my pledge for TEQ for the reasons given above.

      Anyways, good luck Manel! I hope you get the game out there! It, and you, deserve it!

    49. Kickstarter Addict
      on October 30, 2016

      Yes, please relaunch

    50. Missing avatar

      jACE on October 30, 2016

      I really would like to own this game, just like many other backers. I like the fact that the accessability the game has for younger and/or starting players, and still be interesting enough for the regular gamer. The theme, the artwork, I genuinely love it all.
      Could you in some way keep us informed if and when Meeple Quest will be available?

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