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A book with more Japanese developer interviews than any other; a wealth of untold anecdotes from Japan's video game history in English
A book with more Japanese developer interviews than any other; a wealth of untold anecdotes from Japan's video game history in English
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    1. Arjan Bakker on

      Volume 1 was awesome, keep up the good work for volume 2!

    2. Matt Mayatt on

      Really enjoyed volume 1 by the way...great stuff.

    3. Matt Mayatt on

      Is there a rough eta on the 2nd volume please.

    4. Ben Wilkinson on

      I've always been interested in the DVD. Where can I purchase one?

    5. Senchaholic on

      I look forward to volume 2. I hope the funding will work out one way or another, if it's a (simpler without much addons) kickstarter or something else.

    6. John Szczepaniak Creator on

      To put all of it in Volume 1 would have required a 1'500 page book, which no one would have printed, and longer to transcribe everything.

      No conversations are "incomplete". There are no partial dialogues or "fragments". The entirety of any interview, on any given day, was printed in full. The only exception is Kouichi Yotsui, who had a second interview on a different day.

      Have a look through Volume 1, the conversations are not incomplete. You can read Vol 1 as a standalone book.

      I promised 30 interviews at 300 pages, and I provided more than this. The only reason there are extra volumes is because interviewees regularly introduced me to more contacts.

    7. Derrick Smith on

      I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that all of the info you acquired during the trip that the Kickstarter funded should have been in the first book. Fragments of interviews don't make for a good read at all. Especially if the 2nd and 3rd volumes have info that completed conversations in Vol 1.

    8. John Szczepaniak Creator on

      I don't know when volume 2 will even be available. When the book is out, Amazon always seems to put its own discount on - which they absorb fully themselves. Currently it's 17% on, and a few weeks back it was as high as 22% I seem to recall. To compete I would have to offer a much greater percentage. I can do this via my CreateSpace shop, but buyers must add postage, since CS is technically separate from the Amazon site itself, and does not provide shipping discounts.

      Everyone who backed the project got what they were promised. Over 300 pages, and more than 30 interviewees. Although I would like to give a discount, as I've explained previously, I do not think this will be possible.

    9. Matt Mayatt on

      Any chance of a reduced price for us backers for the next volume of the book.

    10. Missing avatar

      Timo Soilamaa on

      I got the book and it is very nice. Thank you for your hard work and I hope you all the best. Absolutely great work. Greetings from Finland!

    11. Missing avatar

      NoFaceNico on

      I've received my copy and made a video with my first impressions. Enjoy!

    12. RocK_M on

      @Joseph: Ermmm... John mentioned it on an earlier update ages ago that due to some circumstances the Digital Version had to be canned. Everyone on the digital tier only was refunded ages ago and everyone higher had a refund equivalent to the cost of it..

      Here's the update here -

    13. Missing avatar


      When do we get the digital edition?

    14. MS on

      I received the book yesterday (silver cover, Switzerland, undamaged). Read a bit already, like it very much so far.

    15. Missing avatar

      System11 on

      I received my book, I like it - only very minor shipping damage to report. From seeing other comments that needs to be looked at for volume 2. Speaking of vol 2 that's the only thing I'm unhappy with, some of the initial interviewee list on the basis of which I backed the book, have been bumped into another.

    16. Bjoern Boye Skjoldhammer on

      Got the book yesterday (Denmark)! Thankyou! :)

    17. Flocca Chung on

      Got my book few day ago.
      The book is just impressive.
      No doubt 10/10.

    18. Carlos Pinto on

      Got my book! Can't wait to dig in!

    19. Chun Wah Kong on

      received my copy of the book today, thanks! early impressions, despite lack of colour printing for the photos, the content is great, the stories are good. love the little teaser pages. great job, glad you finally made it!

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebion on

      Has anyone in Germany already received the book?

    21. Missing avatar

      Augustine Tay on

      Received my platinum book yesterday. There is minor damage, nicks and indents here and there, but enough to consider it not mint, more like very good. Just wanted to let you know, I don't need a follow up or anything, I know how hard it has been for you John, so its fine. I'll treasure it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jaakko Hakulinen on

      My copy arrived to Finland a couple of days ago. Must say, I think it is wonderful that these things get documented this way.

    23. David Teo on

      From Singapore, got my copy 1 month early of what was told to me. Thick, tasty tome of a book. Can't wait to read it!

    24. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      I got it today from France (platinium edition) !! Looks superb, and no image is missing... Thank you so much for this huge work !

    25. soltree on

      I got my book and so far it's superb~ Thank you so much for making this happen through out all the hardship and stress!

    26. Jonathan Barrett on

      Ah, ok, it arrived this morning anyway.

    27. John Szczepaniak Creator on

      No. The email requesting ID is only for select countries, such as Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey. It's some kind of customs thing with i-parcel.

    28. Jonathan Barrett on

      Should I have received an email with parcel id or whatever by this point?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis Equiza on

      Thanks and congratulations, John!
      Platinum copy of the book received today in Spain.

    30. alp aziz torun

      In Turkey, I received my copy today. Thanks a lot.

    31. Missing avatar

      Veetiglik Grico on

      In Canada. received my copy earlier this week. Thanks! Excited to start reading it soon.

    32. John Szczepaniak Creator on

      Thanks. But several of the now-published interviews were interpreted by the fine high-quality professionals from Active Gaming Media, such as the Game Arts interviews and Mr Kimura, or an independent language professor I hired (dB-SOFT). Others were retranslations (by various people thanked in acknowledgements). I won't mention the name due to data mining, but without the ongoing retranslation work from one professional I hired, there would have been no book. This individual helped save the project. Said person has their work cut out for them, for volumes 2 and 3.

    33. RocK_M on

      My Gold edition just landed in Australia today! :D

      Geebus the amount of info (and interviews!) is amazing. How you managed to retranscribe some of those interviews after the translator mess is just short of insane xD

      I'll be waiting for volume 2 myself! :D

    34. Sean Renshaw on

      Received my Gold Edition in the mail yesterday. I've only just started (about half way though the Eguchi interview) but I am loving the book so far. I can't wait for the next volumes!

    35. Matt Mayatt on

      Thats cool John, looking forward to purchasing the next volumes :)

    36. Colonel Skills on

      Canada here, my Gold book arrived today.

      Absolutely nuts amount of content; thanks a lot John. Super happy with it so far.

    37. John Szczepaniak Creator on

      With this first volume I gave backers more than I originally promised in terms of page count and interviewees (526 + 36 compared to a minimum of 300 + 30). This first volume constitutes the entirety of the backer rewards. The only reason I didn't put everything in volume 1 is because it was physically impossible.

      I'm sorry if you misunderstood or I was unclear on how the book would be. I did a search of the project pages and couldn't find the specific example, but I recall someone asking about this point, prior to the campaign ending, and I spoke about the differences in CreateSpace prices for colour and black & white. I would have loved to print in colour, but it would have made the printing costs five times more expensive.

    38. Minoru TODA on

      Arrived in Japan today :)

    39. Damian Butt on

      Shame, I thought it was going to be in colour - did I miss that in the original pitch?

    40. Matt Mayatt on

      Just a quick question, what happens with the other volumes, have we bought those already or will we have to purchase them?

    41. Matt Mayatt on

      Sorry cheers John, Chris was another Kickstarter entirely :)

    42. Matt Mayatt on

      Got my book the other day, cheers Chris.

    43. Missing avatar

      Gourdcaptain on

      Recieved book, somewhat unimpressed with print quality and layout.

    44. Mike Jones on

      Got mine yesterday. Looks awesome. I've only had a chance to skim read a few pages so far. Looking forward to getting deep in to it over a coffee.

      Nice work John.

    45. JS on

      Got my book today.

    46. Matt Mayatt on

      Still no show for mine or my nephews, you would have thought living in the UK we would have got ours a bit quicker than this.

    47. John Szczepaniak Creator on

      The DVD is available here:

      The book itself will be available to everyone, via Amazon, towards the end of August.

    48. Fabio Santana on

      Hey John! Got mine today and, upon publishing about it in my social profiles, people got very interested in buying the book. Do you have plans to make it available (and the DVDs too) for the general public? Could you detail?

      Thanks and congratulations on the amazing work!

    49. Missing avatar

      Kyle M on

      Got my book today, sadly it was damaged in shipping, could've used much better packaging imo.

    50. Zeon

      Yeah!!! got my book today, minor dent in it from shipping but everything else is good

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