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Aerial Dream is to be the creation of a snowboarding movie using RC photography and without the glam of big sponsors!

Every year I make my way up to Mt Baker, one of Washington's most amazing locations for both in and out of bounds riding and skiing.  I ride the lifts, hang out with the employee's and locals, and attempt to get a few of those amazing shots that make our season memorable... Sure I'll pop out a two minute video and a few people will see it.  Just the few... 

What makes everyone want to go see that new snowboarding movie at the local theater?  Sponsor, pro riders, and a massive filming budget!  Well its time to take the sponsor, and the pro's out of the equation.  Lets do this indie style!  But wait, I've been working and researching to throw a new twist into this game.  RC heli's more specifically multi-rotor video platforms.  While redbull is out there flying their million dollar heli's dropping their pro snowboarders off on the top of the hills of Alaska we'll be in the back country of Mt baker. Hiking in the hills and flying compact heli's with a few of the local guys dropping a lost or hidden pillow top.

"Aerial Dream: A Collision of RC and snowboarding" its not just a title its a vision.  Create a Kickass snowboarding movie without all the glam while using some new tricks with RC technology.

At the current funding our goals consist of a couple things and in this order:

A: Build and stabilize the multi-rotor gear needed to do the majority of the shooting.  Doing this will make the shots we all want to see a reality.    

B: Gather, and hype up the local guys and gals to be motivated to get their style and swag out on the hill to be filmed... And then shoot, shoot and shoot some more!  The more we get out and film the better and longer this movie is going to be.

C: As often and as soon as possible we will be working our little fingers off editing and creating a fun and stylish movie!

D: Creating the movie isn't the only thing we'll be doing, while all this is going on we'll be creating our website for distribution, presentation, and marketing.

As of right now, we'll only be doing digital download.  But if we go over budget  by $1000 we'll make 1000 DVD copies!  And you all get them first!  After the first 1000 dvds we'll make more: 1 per extra dollar!  And some way distribute them!

Like I said in previous years I've put out a video or two, but due to technical difficulties they havn't been terribly amazing... 

But regardless of gear we made some fairly fun stuff!  Part of our budget is gear to make and create smooth and well edited video!   With your help we can.  

Part of the new gear is the ability to change this....

Into a stable and structured shot, no more bumping and bruising through the air like a kite!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project is planned and oriented around challenges and difficulties we have "planned" and we look forward to defeating each and every one of them. If taking all these aspects were easy everyone would be doing it, and we'd have nothing to strive for, the whole project is based around something we know how to do well and taking it to the next level for a new in innovative end product.

The biggest risks we face are in two places, first off technology, everything we're working on is fairly new. So a lot of this will be DIY by myself I'll be wiring, and building all the aerial "RC" gear... While a lot of the parts I can buy I do have to make them all work together effectively. While out on the hill especially making sure all the gear functions in the cold weather accurately is going to be a concern, but I'll be designing most of it to "seal out" the harsh envioroment.

The second challenge we face most of all is the same as every snowboarding movie, finding that perfect spot! While alot of our guys know great spots we are trying to go a little deeper, build a little higher, and make that new innovative shot.

Finally, riders, as of right now we don't have riders lined up out the door. We'll be finding all of our riders thoughout the season. We aren't the people you will be seeing on screen. We're the crew in the office and behind the camera, while we all love snowboarding we're no fifty-foot-cliff-dropping-pro... but we know Mt. Baker and the rest of Washington has the guys we're looking for!

So, after all that we definitely have our work cut out for us even in the more stable aspects of the process editing and what not, but we will drive through each and every challenge.


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