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We are a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows. Let's remake public radio together.
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21,808 backers pledged $620,412 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Dominick Brady on

      $600,000 soon come.

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      iain m on

      Yay! So happy for you guys!

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      Susan lewis on

      I have the kickstart app on my iPhone

      I do not see where I can contribute money?

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      Vadim Ogievetsky on

      Congrats on the 20k!!

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      Tarek on

      Absolutely over the moon to see you guys achieve the 20,000 backers goal. I love the Radiotopia podcasts and tell everyone I know about them. Thank you for making me excited to listen and learn about the world around me.

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      Diego Mejia on

      Congratulations! I would love to hear a podcast about mindfulness, positivity, happiness, gratitude, and all the things that scientists tell us can really improve our lives.

    7. Richard Farr on

      Count me in: it's well-deserved. You had me at '99% Invisible', and I'm looking forward to trying some of the new shows. As I write this there are 19,366 backers... and rising. Excellent.

    8. Missing avatar

      Robert Curry on

      These shows have given me so much sanity in my new post-grad world. I'm so happy to give back to them.

    9. Eliot Landrum on

      Cool idea! If I may be so bold is to recommend a subject area that I think public radio is pretty poor in.... The stories behind technology. There's so many rich stories and interesting modern things going on and public radio barely even mentions any of it. There's a lot of great podcasts out there by tech guys, but they are chat podcasts without good storytelling (and a lot without good editing). People like Dan Benjamin at 5by5 network are doing a great job at producing high quality discussion podcasts with people who are involved in the tech entrepreneural world, but that's not the same as storytelling that y'all do so well.

    10. Aaron Straus on

      WOOOOOOOOOOOO i mean. Nice show good sire i will be happy to help fund your good and creative work. Pushes glasses up on nose and swigs brandy. MUSTACHE

    11. Missing avatar

      Terry rolon on

      Vocabulary word: Jinx.
      Well known karmic phenomenon: If you say it and it's bad it happens, if it's good it doesn't.
      Not sure how "Break a leg fits." Must be a New York thing.

    12. Marijn van der Waa on

      My goodness. You are actually going to reach 20.000. I almost feel giddy with excitement. And I'm the one who is *giving* you money. I can only imagine what it's like to be at the receiving end :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      phph on

      Oh no! This is awful! There are seven shows on Radiotopia already, they will increase their output, three new shows will be added, and another one … and now you are suggesting to add even more!?

      When, my friend, am I supposed to listen to all this radio goodness? I will have to change jobs for a longer commute.


      Thank you for your unspeakably great work, Radiotopia! It’s nice to be part of something BIG like this. You’ll make 20,000 backers, I’m sure!

    14. Ken Gagne

      You're going to hit 20,000 backers! Wow! ^_^