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We are a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows. Let's remake public radio together.
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Stretch goal #3- Level Up

Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

$250,000 let us keep the lights on at Radiotopia; $400,000 let us expand. Thank you! Now, we're ready to "level up." The main limiting factor for production is money. With more funds we can produce more episodes, get higher quality gear, report more often in the field, pay top reporters what they deserve, and do so much more. That's what I mean by “leveling up.” Last year, 99% Invisible leveled up to weekly episodes, living wages, and higher pay for reporters. My show was made immeasurably better by your investment.

So, at $500,000 Radiotopia will “Level up”

  • Strangers will double its output to two episodes per month starting in March 2015
  • The Truth will commission a new story from Danny Rubin, writer of the film Groundhog Day
  • Theory of Everything will release three episodes a month
  • Radio Diaries will double its output to two episodes per month in 2015
  • Theory of Everything will start a paid internship program
  • Fugitive Waves will produce extra episodes especially for the podcast audience 
  • 99% Invisible will continue to publish weekly, subsidize health care, and give cost of living raises to staff

Basically, with more support, we can do more. We are radiomakers and all we want to do is make more radio. Whatever you give will ultimately serve that purpose.

Let’s keep this amazing run going on our way to 20,000 backers! We are only 6200 away. Let’s close the gap today and get that extra $25,000 from Hover.

Thanks for making this Radiotopia.


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    1. PRX, Inc 3-time creator on

      An addition to the above (didn't make it in time for the update):

      Love + Radio will commission 3 musicians to create an all-original score.

    2. Auros Harman on

      Both my spouse and housemate have come in for the $1 level, I believe. :-)