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Season 4 of the award-winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

Boom! We did it! We got an extra $20,000. We are well over $300,000. Avery has her first public radio job. Thank you, everyone! Thank you, MailChimp! I’m going to collapse for a couple hours. More news soon. You're the best.


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    1. Austin Warren on

      Your last episode has the most inspiring "pitch" ever! I liked it so much, I've listened to it multiple times. So earnest, hopeful, and appreciative. I'm happy to call myself a member of this community of supporters of you and your team's work!

    2. Missing avatar

      David Spilsbury on

      Well done & Congrats to Avery. Really looking forward to 2014 filled with a weekly dose of 99% Invisible insight and inspiration. Keep up the great work.

    3. PiratedTVPro on

      I'm assuming everyone is reading this in their best Roman Mars voice.

    4. todd wemmer on

      This has been so great to watch . . . especially after your Podcast Workshop & discussion at The Third Coast Filmless Festival.

    5. Jonathan Abramsohn on


      Is there another stretch goal? :p

    6. Katie Hawkey on

      I yelled out loud at my computer when I saw this email update come through. All my co-workers think I'm crazy, and I am... crazy in love with 99PI! So happy for you all and so excited for season 4!! (and 5 and 6...)

    7. Sierra Orr on

      Congratulations Avery! And Roman, for creating jobs and making dreams come true. Looking forward to more frequent episodes and happy to contribute!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Howard on

      Awesome job my friend. 7 Days to go too.. You can squeeze another stretch goal out of this I'm sure..

    9. Gilbert Wedam on

      Sweet - congrats to Roman & team & the 10,000 bosses.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steffen Löfvall on

      Great news! Looking forward to hear more of your excellent radio podcasts.
      Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

    11. Tom Eldridge on

      It's morning here in London so I will toast the success of the campaign with a cup of tea.

    12. Fran Friel on

      Congratulations, Roman. Well deserved!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jon Guy on

      The Kicktraq website thinks you're trending towards $400,000 in donations; more if you count the MailChimp donation.

      I'm kind of curious to know what the next stretch goal is going to be.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stefan on

      *doing the backer's victory dance*

      Just send out the T-Shirts, Roman. Since I saw the RazzleDazzle shirt, I just don't feel well dressed anymore. :-)

    15. Melissa Hellmann on

      Congratulations, Roman! I'm stoked about your success!

    16. Zepaw on

      Wow that jumped from 9 to 10 thousand in no time. So glad for your success.

    17. Susannah B on

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Well done, sir, well done.

    18. Mindfuck Math on

      Congratulations, Roman and all the talented folks at 99% Invisible!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Slome on

      Congratulations! So excited!

    20. Missing avatar

      Greg Council on

      Congratulations! You had me at "...need healthcare..."

    21. Missing avatar

      John Mitchell on


      I have enjoyed 99% Invisible since you started in your bedroom. My sincere thanks for your energy and creativity. You truly reveal and enhance the world in which we live.

      Once a week is much better, plus I think all of us want you to stay focused. Hopefully our donations will keep you on track.

      I suspect all of us wanted you to be able to afford health insurance for your employees, keeping them off of the government roles. We did it!

      Sincere thanks to you, Roman, and you all for understanding that nothing is free except your spirit.


    22. SammyJankis on

      More excitement here. Fantastic news. So glad this podcasts exists and that it will continue, without a doubt, to be excellent.
      x x

    23. Anthony Evancho on

      This update made me incredibly happy, I saw how much you wanted it. Congratulations ... to all of us.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matt White on

      Congrats !!! Great podcast, cant wait for the next!
      but who was number 10,000 ?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Viel on

      Congrats! 9,999 high-fives to all the others who backed Roman and team.

    26. Jason on

      congrats! you guys deserve it! looking forward to an awesome season.

    27. Jason Wagner on

      Congrats Roman and team.. We are the lucky ones. Keep it going!

    28. Ayla Abyad on

      Roma you have listeners/ supporters from Syria - Damascus ... Your fans are all over the globe !! That should say it all
      Kisses to Maslow and rest of your family :D

    29. Trever Yarrish on

      WOW!!! So proud to be a part of public radio history. Been listening to 99PI since midway through season 1 and it was love at first listen. Obviously word of mouth is incredibly powerful :) Happy for you Roman and team!

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Cioffi on

      That's great news! I can't wait to see the aural awesomeness that will be 2014 and 99% Invisible!

      Gratz to Avery as well! What a wonderful way to get the "You're hired!" letter! :D

    31. Justin Threlkeld on

      Eight days to go and over 200% funded—such a powerfully optimistic statement of what the future of mass media might look like. Congratulations, good luck, and thank you. Keep up all the great work.

    32. Christopher Allman on

      Roman, with this comment, I hereby congratulate you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Phillips on

      I've never donated to something like this before. I'm glad I did. I figure I'd probably pay $5 for a 99pi app if that was the only way to get this awesome show - so I should just do it.

    34. James Holland on

      Collapse. Recuperate. Record. The world needs more 99PI!

    35. Cianna Stewart on

      YES! Congratulations!!!!

    36. Mike Rothman on

      Totally stoked for you!

    37. Roger Massey on

      Yeah!! Well done. I feel very proud to have donated. What do I have to do now to come and work with you?

    38. Ben Haines on

      Congrats, Roman! You and the whole team deserve it. Thanks for making great radio.

    39. Matthew Workman on

      Congratulations. When you produce something this good, passionate people will find it and support it.

    40. Jim Younkin on

      Huge congrats! Your podcast quality is something I aspire to (after only hearing 2 episodes) and you all deserve the success!