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Season 4 of the award-winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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Three stretch goals down! 10,000 backers within reach!

Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

Our ultimate goal of 10,000 backers still looms large, but the end is in sight. Whatever it is you’re doing to get the word out, keep doing it, it’s working! We need fewer than 1700 backers to get the $20,000 challenge grant from MailChimp. Thanks to all of you who have joined us in making 99% Invisible possible.

Do you recall that woman with the awesome voice you heard in the revolving doors episode? That's our paid intern Avery Trufelman--and this is the sixth public radio internship she's held. SIXTH! Anyone who has worked in media knows this story. I was a "volunteer producer" and temp for three years before I started working a regularly paid job. (And I was an awesome producer back then, I’ll have you know.)

Well, Avery is great and we want to keep her around. She's not quite experienced enough for the producer position we just created (which involves a lot of editing and broadcast mixing on tight deadlines), but I'm very excited at the prospect of her becoming the first 99% Invisible Production Assistant and making this her first real job in public radio. She has already made great contributions to the show, and I’m certain that you will hear her input in every episode from here on out.

Stretch Goal #4

Over $300,000- Hire the intern. This went really well last time. Let’s do it again.

When Avery is a broadcast star in a couple years, all 10,000 of you can walk up to her and say, “Yep, I helped you get your first job.”

In other news: a new episode is out right now! Refresh!

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      deleted on

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    2. Mason Donahue on

      Avery, enjoy your new job and health insurance. You're more than qualified.

    3. Dave Land on

      I'm tweeting and Facebooking and so forth: 10K for 20K!

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      Nathan Kwarta on

      I love your show! Thanks for every last second. Hooray for healthcare!

    5. Dorian Kernytsky on

      ugh! more people need to back this! it's so easy to just give you more money.