99% Invisible: Season 4- Weekly!

by PRX, Inc

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      DrWex on

      I would love it if you produced an illustrated audiobook. I think the combination of audio and photography can be very powerful and would make a great tangible artifact.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Borger on

      You just allowed me to drop emails to a few more friends that are amateur (and pro) photographers who would love to have something like this to contribute to!

    3. Jacob Patton on

      What a great idea! It'd be great if your web-team could offer the photos over API, too – I'm sure folks would do neat things if they could remix the photos, put 'em on maps, etc.

    4. Brian Giese on

      Using iBooks Author to create iBook versions of each episode or season might be a need addition down the road.

    5. Mara Zepeda on

      This development is THRILLING! What better way to make the invisible visible than through sound AND vision? Thank you!