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Season 4 of the award-winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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One stretch goal down! Next up: +1

Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

Health care coverage is a go!

I was completely blown away by the response to the health care stretch goal. In no time at all, you made sure our contract workers feel safe and healthy. So many people upped their donation in response to the goal and my heart grew three sizes. Thank you so much. You are the best bosses a radio program could have.

Now for stretch goal #2.

This is also a big one. We compiled several of the suggestions we received on Facebook and boiled them all down to one major goal: we need another in-house producer. Sean Cole is in New York being a reporter. Sam and I are here at 99piHQ taking care of anything and everything else. To comfortably handle the weekly load and take on any other type of expansion, we need someone based here getting stories ready, cutting tape, and working with reporters. Want us to develop a live show? We need another producer. Want us to start a global, built-world engagement project? We need another producer. Want us to branch out into doing a video or two? We need another producer. Want me to sleep more than five hours a night and take a day off occasionally? I think you get my drift.

Think about how much better each and every episode got once Sam came on board. I’m excited by the prospect of bringing in another voice to further our mission of creating the most compelling stories about the built world.

Stretch Goal #2

Raise over 230,000- Hire a new producer. You will collectively be job creators and give a talented producer the coolest gig in public radio.

We’ve already paid for her health care, let’s pay her salary too.*

I should have news about our 10,000 backer challenge soon, but keep spreading the word so we can make it. Your investment goes even further each person we bring in. Let people know that any amount is the right amount to pledge, even $1. Twenty-two days to go! Thanks again. You guys are my heroes.


*The new hire isn’t necessarily a her, but we already have an abundance of dudes with glasses.

Here's the latest episode filed by Sean Cole:


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Cherfas on

      I'll up my donation if you promise NOT to produce more videos. I like to listen, I don't like to watch. Listening allows me to think and to do something else that does not require thought at the same time.

    2. Aimée Gillespie on

      I'd love to see a female staffer! The guys in glasses are doing great work but a hypothetical talented female producer will be a great addition. I hope you make this goal!

    3. Carl Heath on

      I would love you to be able to co-create and produce more. A great stretch goal! Lets hope you make it!

    4. Mason Donahue on

      This is why we love you, Roman. (And Sam.)

      Dumb question: are/were your family previously in high-risk pools? I know your son(s) have had some health issues.

    5. Dmitry Mazin on

      Trebling my pledge. Let's do this.