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An award winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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Rewards update + new podcast feed URL + new 5000 challenge

Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

Invisibleurs! Hope you’re doing well. It's been a busy couple months at 99PIHQ.

Rewards update: The international orders are taking a little longer to get in the mail because I didn’t quite realize how much US customs does not want people to send things to other countries. We have to fill out a little triplicate form for each package, but we’re working through them. I’m so sorry for the delay.

If you’re in the US and haven’t received anything yet, we are still going through a few orders (couple dozen) that responded to the survey after we began packing the first 2000 rewards. They’ll also be out soon.

If you haven’t responded to the survey that collects you address and pertinent info (e.g. T-shirt size), now’s the time!

If you have your rewards, be sure to post pictures of your 99% Invisible stuff on twitter and Facebook. I love seeing 99% Invisible out in the wild!

Season 3 started on September 19. We’ve had to switch the podcast feed to a new server and we’ve tried every trick to make sure that everyone was forwarded automatically, but I know there are a few people that got left behind. If you didn’t get the new episode about Dazzle Camouflage (#65) on Monday (11/5) then you need to update the feed URL manually to

Here’s the latest episode about crazy camouflage from WWI:

The new 5000 challenge: We're trying to make the show the #1 podcast on iTunes by getting 5000 ratings and reviews! If you don't use iTunes, don't sweat it, it's not worth signing up just to review the show. But, if you do use iTunes, please take a minute to give a 5-star review of the show and that is the best way you can help raise the ranking and make us the #1 podcast on iTunes. We've already received over 400 new reviews in the last four days (because the 99% Invisible audience is the best audience in the world) and we've rocketed up the rankings by over 70 spots! You rule.

Thanks again for your generous support of the show. We have all kinds of great things in store for you this season. Stay tuned!



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    1. Missing avatar

      jraff on

      Finally received my notebook in Montreal, Canada today. Was pleasantly surprised to find two of them in the envelope instead of the 1 I ordered!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tamara Urben-Imbeault on

      Update: I got my books today in Canada! They even gave me an extra one! Thank you PRX and Roman Mars, you guys are awesome!

    3. Enrico C

      Still nothing here up in Canada. What should I do?

    4. Mauricio Mastropiero on

      No notebook here, in Texas....any news? the Kickstarter status says "collected"

    5. PRX, Inc 3-time creator on

      Hi all! The last remaining international orders are out the door. Keep an eye open over the next couple weeks. Now we're just going through and fulfilling the surveys that came in the last two months and dealing with the handful of pieces that were returned for one reason or another. In particular, because of a bug in the Kickstarter survey, Scandinavian letters in the addresses have been printing out erroneous characters that we have to figure out. So it's just the last little bit. Again, I'm really sorry for the delay. 1000s of customs forms had to be filled out by hand and a few domestic orders (that would have gone out in October) got sorted with the mountains of international packages. Rest assured, if we ever do any mail order again, it will all be handled by a third party. Thanks so much for your support of the show and I really hope you've enjoyed the first several episodes of the new season. -Roman

    6. Missing avatar

      Tamara Urben-Imbeault on

      Also missing notebooks... :( I'm in Canada, and I know USPS often takes a while to ship here, but it's been quite a while now!

    7. Missing avatar

      Rob Sinclair on

      No notebooks here either. How are the international orders coming along?

    8. Missing avatar

      Joe Martin on

      Likewise - no notebooks here. Any chance of an update, Roman?

    9. Missing avatar

      James Davison on

      I sent my survey on the 27th of August but I'm yet to receive anything. Any info on when it might arrive (Architecture Alphabet poster).

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Heather Murchison on

      Hello there! Like many others, I filled the survey out a bit late but that would have been a couple of weeks ago now at least - any word for the folks who filled the survey out late? I know you all must be busy with new episodes - can't wait to get my fanpack!


    12. Missing avatar

      Mike Saunders on

      I filled in the survey at the time, but due to new plans my postal address is going to be different (I'm in the UK, so I assume it hasn't been sent out yet). Who do I contact about changing it?

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan Shafer on

      Sorry, I also missed the survey and can't locate it. Help?

    14. Vergentino Robles on

      Don't remember getting anything in my e-mail about the survey. (Help?)

    15. Missing avatar

      James Weddell on

      Due to a hard drive crash and my travel schedule I was not able to repond to the survey until 2 weeks after the final request. Hopefully my Architecture Alphabet poster is enroute. I would have responded to the Kickstarter appeal regardless, but I do covet the poster.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ian Joyce on

      I didn't see the survey in my e-mail either! I've been searching all sorts of ways trying to find it. Glad I looked here! Looks like the link is at the top of the page.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nancy on

      Tried to vote on podcast on Itunes and can't find it anywhere on Itunes. Strange because I subscribe to the podcast through my Itunes - but can't find it on the Itunes store site. Still loving the show. Looking forward to receiving my backer "prize". Keep up the great work!!

    18. Markus Dolic on

      Hmm... you might want to post a short (audio) notice to the old feed URL - I just learned through this kickstarter update that there already are new episodes.

    19. Missing avatar

      jude ammar on

      I want more lil notebooks. Is it too late to ransom a few more?

    20. Benjamin Jancewicz on

      Totally missed the form. Where do I find that?

    21. Zak Zebrowski on

      Got the poster I ordered a little while ago. Looks great. :)