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An award winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

We did it! At about 2:15pm PST the campaign got its 5000th backer and we got a $10,000 grant from The Design Matters Institute.

To everyone who gave generously, badgered relentlessly, and cajoled seductively, I am in your debt. It was a real team effort.

I owe a big thanks to design goddess Debbie Millman and The Design Matters Institute for believing in the show and including us in her grand mission to make design matter more to everyone. I’m honored by her support.

We put out a great new episode on Monday, about an effort to name all the invisible and overlooked public spaces that surround us. It also references one of my favorite childhood movies. Our own Sam Greenspan produced it. Sam is in rural Arkansas, I believe, on his way out to the Bay Area to work with me full time. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a short message from Sam on the side of I-40.

There are about 65 more hours remaining. I have slept very little, lost weight, grown a beard. The campaign has exceeded my wildest dreams. I can’t thank you enough for making this happen.

While we have the world’s attention, I’m going to bang the drum a little bit more and see how far we can take this. People are continuing to give at a furious pace, so I’m going to strike while the iron is hot.

Friday August 10 at 4PM PST/7PM EST is the finish line. I’m taking Saturday night off. You should too, except my sister, who is watching my kids for me.

yr fan,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Rita Daniels on

      yes, you are the god of war and radio, but we knew that already mister mars.

    2. Nathan Gebhard on

      Congrats. The program is a great work of inspiration. Be sure to share a photo of the beard. It's a good story in and of itself.

      Keep charging. Cheers!

    3. Fergus O'Reilly on

      Bravo. You're changing radio. Visibly.

    4. Missing avatar

      André Gil on

      Congratulations! I've just started listening and I love your show. Cheers, from Brazil... ;)

    5. LY on

      Congrats on the 5k backers. It's great. Does the 10k count towards the next stretch goal of 175? I'd love an app.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lyn Petrie on

      Nicely done. What a wonderful show. It makes my day whenever I hear a new episode. I'm thrilled it's receiving the recognition it deserves.

    7. Seeley James on

      Having grown up at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin (my ~90 year old parents still live there) I am thrilled to hear so many people are interested in your work. Though I did not pursue architecture/design, I did retain an eye for for form & design through osmosis and have shuddered at every indiscriminate box I've walked into. Your work will raise awareness. Knowing 5,000 people want to hear you is reassuring! Peace, Seeley

    8. Missing avatar

      Rickie C Marecek on

      Congrats, Roman. What's the next goal? 5555 ? Or, $175,000.00 with the grant from Debbie? The sky's the limit. I have really enjoyed every podcast, especially 59 and 60. Thanks for broadening my knowledge about the designs things in everyday life.

    9. Missing avatar

      John Berendzen on

      Congrats Roman - this show is one of the best things out there anywhere.

    10. Jeff (HandyGeek) Handy on

      Woohoo! Congrats, Roman - can't wait for more shows!

    11. Missing avatar

      Amy Huntington on

      I love his sleepy, awed voice over the past few weeks. So glad I could contribute to this amazing project.

    12. Alex Weiser on

      Congratulations, Roman, and all of us, too!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Wuellner on

      The worst part about these updates is that they don't begin with "This is 99% Invisible, I'm Roman Mars," which means I can't read them in Roman's voice. :(

    14. Missing avatar

      voltagex on

      The best part about these updates is reading them in Roman's voice.