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An award winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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Changing public radio and other stretch goals!

Posted by PRX, Inc (Creator)

Since the last update we’ve achieved two amazing stretch goals:

The $80,000 mark is long gone, so Sam Greenspan is moving to Oakland to come work for 99% Invisible 3 days per week. This allows me to put out at least 35 episodes in Season #3. Sam is behind a couple of 99% Invisible’s most popular shows:

The $90,000 mile marker is also in the rearview, so the brilliant guys who made my Kickstarter video (and really, isn’t it the best Kickstarter video you’ve ever seen?), ZeroOne Productions, are now officially commissioned to work on a video episode with me to be released in season #3! Here is their 2012 “Show Reel” to give you an idea of all the cool things they do. I’m pretty sure my next video will have at least one Star Wars Storm Trooper.

Plus, as of today, we’re over half way to the 5000 backer goal and that extra $10,000 from Debbie Millman and the Design Matters Institute!

Also, we've been getting nice coverage in the press. This one from Wired, "This Podcast is Kicking Ass." Indeed!

Thanks everyone! This has been amazing.



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    1. Missing avatar

      John Pagendarm on

      It is hard for me to lament the upgrade of noisy escalators. The noise is a sign of an impending failure. While escalators have a particularly elegant failure mode (they become stairs) ... it is still a failure.

    2. Glenn Fleishman on

      I was in D.C. recently, and they've sadly been replacing and fixing the escalators. Less noise.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Pagendarm on

      Go Roman, Go Roman, Go Roman ...

    4. Doug LeMesurier on

      Beyond awesome! Can't wait for more audio goodness.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin McKenna on

      Congratulations Roman! It's a great show and its clear how much heart you put into it. All the best in the future!

    6. PRX, Inc 3-time creator on

      *Editor's Note: Promise of "Storm Trooper" should not be interpreted as a new stretch goal.

    7. Zak Zebrowski on

      Welcome! Thanks for the hard work!