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An award winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
An award winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.
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    1. Enrico C

      I haven't got my notebook. What should I do?

    2. Simon Lund Larsen on

      Still haven't gotten my notebooks (international backer - in Denmark)
      I'm glad I backed the project and would do it again, but I would really use the notebooks

    3. Ken Ng on

      I just received mine all the way here in Singapore and the notebooks (4 of them!!!) are awesome! Interesting note: I've just relistened the podcast episodes which was also coincidentally the same ones that the notebooks I received were based on today. Talk about coincidence!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Martin on

      Just wanted to say that my international (UK) package arrived today. The notebooks are excellent. There are 4 instead of the stated 3, so I'll be passing that on to someone who will hopefully become a fan. Really appreciate the hard work involved with all of this.

    5. PRX, Inc 3-time creator on

      Posted this comment on the last update, but reposting it here in case you missed it:
      "Hi all! The last remaining international orders are out the door. Keep an eye open over the next couple weeks. Now we're just going through and fulfilling the surveys that came in the past couple months (anything after the first round of fulfillment in late September) and dealing with the handful of pieces that were returned for one reason or another. In particular, because of a bug in the Kickstarter survey, Scandinavian letters in the addresses have been printing out erroneous characters that we have to figure out. So it's just the last little bit. Again, I'm really sorry for the delay. 1000s of customs forms had to be filled out by hand and a few domestic orders (that would have gone out in October) got sorted with the mountains of international packages. Rest assured, if we ever do any mail order again, it will all be handled by a third party. Thanks so much for your support of the show and I really hope you've enjoyed the first several episodes of the new season. -Roman"

    6. Missing avatar

      Heather Murchison on

      Hello there,

      I still have not received my backer items yet. I also have not heard a peep in response. I know you folks must be busy working on season 3; I'd also appreciate it if you take a moment to let folks know when the remaining folks who haven't received items yet can expect to receive them.

      Many thanks

    7. addedlovely on

      Any update on international shipping?

    8. Ken Ng on

      I'm also wondering if all the notebooks has been shipped... I'm located on the other side of the world at the little red dot of Singapore.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kristen Tooley on

      I'm also wondering about the notebook. I'm in Canada, but still haven't gotten anything.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Lewis on

      Hey Roman, still haven't received my notebooks. Just wondering if all orders have been sent??

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher Richard on

      I just got two notebooks, but had to go to the post office and pay $1.95 postage due.

    12. Kayte R. on

      I just got my reward- I was supposed to get just one notebook, but I got two, and they're awesome. Congrats again!

    13. Kayte R. on

      Hello, and congrats again! Do you know when we should expect to receive the rewards? I'm eagerly waiting, wondering what notebook I'll get!

    14. Bernard Trotebas on

      Hello Roman,
      just wondering if you have shipped all the t-shirts yet?
      Cool podcast on the backstage off political events.

    15. PRX, Inc 3-time creator on

      I'm pretty certain there will be a few things left over to sell after we fulfill the orders from the Kickstarter campaign. Then I think I'll be commissioning a whole new set of merchandise (an "Always Read the Plaque" t-shirt springs to mind!). I'd like to constantly have new and exciting stuff.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ben Goecke on

      Congrats Roman, you earned it! Big fan of the show, really excited about Season 3.

      I agree with Chirs, you should sell the t-shirts on the side, I'd buy at least one :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Esser on

      Awesome job! I love the podcast. Can't wait for season 3!

      You should put those shirts up for sale on your site too! I pledged for the notebooks, but I'd love to pick up both of those shirts too!

    18. Kevin on

      Well done old friend.

    19. Amy Mauritson on

      alas, we didn't make it to clone levels!

    20. Craig on

      oh man so we made it?!? I just assumed the 10k was already put into the KS

    21. Missing avatar

      Shuey Greenspan on

      Craig, you forgot to count the $10K from Design Matters!

    22. Craig on

      great work everyone, wish we would of hit 175k to get that app!

    23. Missing avatar

      Donna Solomon on

      It has been amazing and exciting watching the numbers rise as my son Sam treks westward to follow his dream and join forces with Roman. Thanks to all Invisibleurs out there with kudos to Amy for coming up with the name, thanks to Evan for making me smile with his comment, and hello and congrats to Rickie.

      We are now posted on the "Most Funded Projects in Kickstarter History" page (under Publishing)!

    24. Jeff (HandyGeek) Handy on

      Congrats, Roman!

    25. Missing avatar

      Nikki on

      Congratulations! And thanks for my new favorite podcast!!! Looking forward to many more.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Greene on

      Congrats, really looking forward to session 3.

    27. Jennifer Jerrett on

      pretty. darn. cool.
      ...think you can still call it a "tiny" radio show?

    28. Missing avatar

      Shuey Greenspan on

      Well my friends all good things must come to an end,

      Nothing is more appropriate than my favorite band ...RUSH


      Begin the day with a friendly voice,
      A companion unobtrusive
      Plays that song that's so elusive
      And the magic music makes your morning mood.

      Off on your way, hit the open road,
      There is magic at your fingers
      For the Spirit ever lingers,
      Undemanding contact in your happy solitude.

      Invisibleurs airwaves crackle with life
      Bright antenna bristle with the energy
      Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
      Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

      All this machinery making modern music
      Can still be open-hearted.
      Not so coldly charted, it's really just a question
      Of your honesty, yeah, your honesty.

      One likes to believe in the freedom of music,
      But glittering prizes and endless compromises
      Shatter the illusion of integrity.

      For the words of the prophets were written on the studio wall,
      Concert hall
      And echoes with the sounds of salesmen. Of salesmen. Of salesmen.


      Good shabbos!!


    29. Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren on

      We made 5600 backers to!
      We The Invisibleurs are great!
      This is the start of something amazing!
      Thank you all again!

    30. Missing avatar

      Nicki on

      This is brilliant - glad to be a backer for such a great podcast! Wonder if we can hit 5600 in the next hour...

    31. Amy Mauritson on

      minutes left to go! i upped my pledge and can't wait to wear my t-shirt. can this new website have a forum? just look at all the cool people that are supporters! :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Rickie C Marecek on

      Only 3 hours to go and all goals have been met. Now Roman can take a well deserved break and take his wife, Mae for a night on the town. Amazing support from all the invisibleurs. I know that Roman is feeling pretty good about this KickStarter project. He can devote his time to creating more entertaining and inspiring podcasts. I can't wait !!!!!!

    33. Patrick Reding on

      I would just like to say thank you, Roman and company, for making my new favourite podcast.

    34. Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren on

      Thank you Shuey Greenspan for your kind words.

    35. Missing avatar

      Holleyanne McDaniel on

      Typed the question as the answer was being posted! :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Helen Hao Wen Huang on

      With the bonus he Design Matters Institute, isn't 99% Invisible smart phone app within our reach?

    37. Missing avatar

      Holleyanne McDaniel on

      Was it Joakim who pushed it over 168K? I screenshot it at 5555 & 167,900... then we jumped to 5556 & $168,014!

    38. Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren on

      We made it! 5555 backers and counting. 400% and counting. I have honored my plage and incresed by $109. Thank you all Invisibleurs!

    39. PRX, Inc 3-time creator on

      There's your 5555 and 400%! Nice. I'm so pleased by your continued enthusiasm and encouragement.

    40. Missing avatar

      Shuey Greenspan on

      I have nudged, pestered, annoyed and bothered friends acquaintances and relatives for their support. I don't know about you but I want 5555 backers so Joakim in Sweden ( who by the way he should be the Invisiblers official cheerleader ) can give another $109 bucks.
      C'mon put on your rally hats and start getting everyone we know to get on board. There are only 4 hours left!!
      GET BUSY!!

    41. Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren on

      if we reach 5555 backers I will increase my backing by $109

    42. Missing avatar

      Ken Baldwin on

      Congratulations, Roman! According to the KickStarter stats page , as of Aug 10 2012 12:10am EDT, only 224 of 27,732 completed, successfully funded projects have raised more than $100K (not to mention another 35,281 unsuccessful projects).

    43. Chris Smith on

      If we are looking for additional targets- $168,000 pledged would be 400% of the original goal...

    44. Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren on

      Lets se if we can make it 5 555 backers or at lest 5 500

    45. Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren on

      So proud to be an Invisibleur! Thank you all!

    46. Missing avatar

      Rickie C Marecek on

      Since Shuey and Donna have left their thank yous here, I feel like I should say thank you, too. All you "invisibleurs" out there, I as Roman's mom wish to say how impressed I am with your support of Roman's and now Sam's dream. I have watched and listened as Roman's show got more and more notice. I am very proud of Roman for following his dream. I know that season 3 will be great. Sam, I can't wait to meet you next time I make it out to California. Thanks again.

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