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A durable and oceanic whale stapler for all your stapling needs Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 23, 2013.

A durable and oceanic whale stapler for all your stapling needs

Ari Glogower
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Ari Glogower

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About this project

A Whale Stapler

The whale stapler is a custom designed hand cast resin whale stapler.

The kickstarter funds will be used for materials and start up costs necessary for an initial production run.

For the past year I've experimented and researched to determine the very best way to produce the whale stapler. 

Durable and Functional

The heavy weight of the resin combined with a strong spring in the stapler mechanism ensures an accurate and effortless stapling experience. I also use a stapler mechanism that doesn't have that annoying spring coming from the roof of the magazine that is superfluous and a source of many stapler malfunctions.

The whale stapler is ergonomic and compact. It holds a half strip of staples and measures approximately 5.5 inches in length and is 3 inches in height.

Ferocious (if you are sheets of paper)
Ferocious (if you are sheets of paper)

How The Whale Stapler is Made

Models of the whale stapler parts are first designed and hand carved in basswood. These models are then used to produce silicone rubber molds. The finished stapler parts are cast in the molds in durable urethane resin. These parts are then attached to a high efficiency stapler mechanism. (I wish I could make the stapler mechanism by hand too, but some things are best left to metal stamping machines). The stapler is then hand painted, the eyes are attached, and adjustments are made to ensure that the finished product is the most durable and staplerable whale stapler ever.

Species Options

Every supporter can choose among three whale stapler species:

North Atlantic Grey

Killer Orca

Sargasso Pink

Please note that Sea World Orca and Sargasso Pink are still in development and the final staplers will look better once I find the best paints for these. I just had to post this information quickly while the kickstarter project was still active. 

The Whole Pod
The Whole Pod

Believe the Hype

The video was filmed using an early wooden prototype of the whale stapler and a sort of lumpy early test version in resin. The final whale stapler for delivery is sleeker and svelter but still feels like a true handmade stapler, not some mass produced whale rolled off a conveyor belt.  

Read All About It

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A Whale Stapler Supporter: "I came for the whale and stayed because it stapled me here."

Featured on Svpply

A Reddit User: "Absolutely Essential"

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Another Savvy Tweeter: "What the fuck is going on here and why do I want one?"

Risks and challenges

I have completed all research and development for the whale stapler. The design, materials and method have been rigorously tested, and the whale stapler is ready for production.

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    A hand carved wooden whale stapler. Made from hand finished basswood. Plus a download of Sounds of the Whale Stapler. Caution: Don't set on fire.

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