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An animated short film about a man's collapsing sanity, featuring the voices of Paul Giamatti, Jason Mantzoukas, and Kate McKinnon.
An animated short film about a man's collapsing sanity, featuring the voices of Paul Giamatti, Jason Mantzoukas, and Kate McKinnon.
489 backers pledged $35,500 to help bring this project to life.

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Giant Sloth invades New York!

Posted by Paul Hornschemeier (Creator)

I've been itching to post this all day: We just wrapped the first recording with Paul Giamatti! Tomorrow we're recording with Kate McKinnon!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of this! PLEASE keep spreading the word about the campaign. There are 4 days left to pledge or increase your pledge... and this incredible cast is signed on to do as much as we can fund. Let's make more! Let's expand this weird world.

Go Benchley! Go Giant Sloth! -Paul H

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The Giant Sloth Figurine!

Posted by Paul Hornschemeier (Creator)

HERE IT IS! The Giant Sloth figurine, straight from The Benchley Museum gift shop! Paul Giamatti's character melts into one with the prehistoric Giant Sloth, THE WAY GOD INTENDED.

If we can reach $45,000, everyone at the $100 (or above) pledge level will receive this limited edition figurine! AND it will be unlocked as a reward for everyone else to snag.

Share the image!

Tell your grandma to get you this (and all the other rewards?) for an early Christmas present. Then explain to your grandma how the internet works.

Thanks for spreading the word and thanks for being a part of this weird world we're creating!



Posted by Paul Hornschemeier (Creator)

Word (and art) is spreading! Head over to The Nerdist to get an exclusive look at some art from GIANT SLOTH and read an interview with me about how the whole project came to be.


We’ve only got 8 days left to get PART II funded! I’ll be revealing another one of the stretch rewards veeeeerrry soon…

Back flip into a high five,

Jessica St. Clair joins the cast!

Posted by Paul Hornschemeier (Creator)
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Want more exciting cast news? Womp it up! The inimitable Jessica St. Clair (Marissa Wompler on Comedy Bang! Bang! and co-star of the new hit show Playing House) has joined the cast of GIANT SLOTH!

Jessica will be playing Gordon's wife, Edie, who leaves him in part 1. And in part 2 (BENCHLEY MORNINGS) things go even more sour. If we reach our stretch goal of $50,000, Jessica St. Clair and Paul Giamatti can finally have the loveless, disintegrating marriage we've always dreamed of. Who could ask for anything more?

There are tons more rewards to unlock as we keep climbing to our ultimate goal: to make both of these films! Keep spreading the word! The short link for the campaign is:

Have a friend who is into independent projects like this? Send them an e-mail! Have an aunt who isn't sure what to get you for your birthday? Tell her to pledge on your behalf! Got a cousin who has a stinky butt? Look, that's terrible. I'm really sorry. I hope your cousin's feeling better soon. Maybe try some kale?



Brian Stack from CONAN joins the cast! New incentives!

Posted by Paul Hornschemeier (Creator)

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend (And a happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there). There are now only 11 days left in our campaign!

And today I'm super excited about a new addition to the cast! BRIAN STACK from CONAN! WHOO HOOO! Brian has long been one of my favorite comedic performers, so I couldn't be any more honored to have him in these films. Brian will be playing a role described in the script as a "sad-eyed pseudo hippy" named Terrence. Come on, who doesn't want to see that happen?

Terrence is Gordon Boonewell's (Paul Giamatti's character) boss before the corporate takeover of the museum. Unfortunately, Terrance isn't much of a player in GIANT SLOTH, but he plays a HUGE role in part 2: BENCHLEY MORNINGS. Let's get this second film funded so we can get even more Brian Stack genius!


To help keep us moving toward the second film goal, the next 18 people who pledge (or raise their existing pledge) $50 or more will be entered to win signed, original art from the Comedy Bang! Bang! title sequence!

We already hit our first stretch goal, which means that HUNDREDS of you are now getting post card sets!
Just like that. Boom! Stretch goal magic! Now we're moving toward our second goal. Let's get everyone above $15 a bonus catalog of the crazy exhibits in the Benchley Museum! And after that we'll be gunning for more and more great animation. Animated bloopers! Fake TED talks! And of course an entire second short film starring this amazing cast!

Keep talking about these films! Send e-mails to friends, tweet about it, share it, spread the word. It all makes a huge difference! Let people know that you believe in making independent productions like this. We're proving every day that we can make what we want, the way we want.

Group hug,