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An animated short film about a man's collapsing sanity, featuring the voices of Paul Giamatti, Jason Mantzoukas, and Kate McKinnon.
An animated short film about a man's collapsing sanity, featuring the voices of Paul Giamatti, Jason Mantzoukas, and Kate McKinnon.
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Progression and Typewriters

Posted by Paul Hornschemeier (Creator)

It's yet again been a few months since I've posted. It’s clearly time for me to own up to the fact that these "I don't have any progress that I can publicly share" messages don’t serve much purpose beyond redundancy and discouragement. I want to always err on the side of communication with you, but saying the same thing over and over again isn’t a great use of anyone’s time. I will of course absolutely update you, the beyond patient backers of Giant Sloth, on any significant progress, but trust me that no one is more maddeningly aware of the lack of progression than I am. And as always, if anyone ever, ever wants to reach out and ask questions, I'm happy to bring you up to date individually in whatever way I can.

To at least update you on what's happened in the last few months: I have pushed as much as possible on the lawyers, agents, managers, and networks involved to make this thing break one way or another. The major issue now is whether we can take this out and pitch it to networks as a TV show or not. If that final answer is no, we can't do that because of the infinitely complicated contractual obligations of the cast, then this will be the short film we had originally planned on, and I will return to that pipeline and hopefully bring on people to speed that to completion.

There are a couple parties involved in this that are being particularly uncommunicative and I won't dig into that any further here, but... this happens in these kinds of talks and there's a limit, a very small limit, that I can do about it. But I'm certainly doing what I can.

I am in communication with my manger and legal team to push on this every week. My hope is that we will very soon have an answer on the legal and contractual issues, but that's frankly been my hope for the better part of three months. I am constantly trying new angles at pressing on this, and I can at least say that we've now basically exhausted all the possible angles. Even not having an answer soon will, in and of itself, be an answer. And I'm fine with that. Any progress, this long delayed, is good progress.

While all of this has dragged on, I've of course doing many other things to pay my bills and live my life and I wanted to pass along a couple of those for people who are interested. One is that in December I will be having a new book coming out, Forlorn Funnies issue 1, from Fantagraphics. The book is packed with comics, the first chapter of my first prose novel, scripts, a link to a recent short (live action) film, and more. I'll be debuting that at Comic Arts LA in December. If you're in the area then, stop by, get a copy, and say hi.

The other project to mention is that I've teamed up with an amazing producer and a great creative team to provide art direction for a new theater in Los Angeles. It's called Dynasty Typewriter, stemming from a fictitious Los Angeles Typewriter company on which (in this fake history) hundreds of the most famous plays, television shows, films, and comedy acts were typed. Needless to say, I was signed on from the minute the founder, Jamie Flam (former booker of the Hollywood Improv) said "fictitious Typewriter company." I designed the logo and all of the branding for this place and couldn't be more excited about how it's all turning out. There's a kickstarter running for that theater right now. If you love live events, comedy, film and especially if you're in the LA area, back the campaign and spread the word!

Oh, and I released another sticker pack for your iPhone:

If you want to download that and text angry Benny Schellfisch faces to any executives you know in Hollywood, who knows, it might work?

That's it for now. As always, I'll hope to have more news for you soon. We'll keep fighting the Giant Sloth fight here, and I appreciate your patience and support.

All my best,


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    1. Douglas Kent

      This is NOT the project I have been waiting the longest period of time for. At least you keep in touch, which is admirable...especially when you think you have nothing positive to say.

    2. Willem van der Horst on

      Thank you for the update!