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Debut album by Louisville based songwriter. Eclectic mix of folk-rock, bluegrass, and influenced by all manner of musical oddities. Read more

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Debut album by Louisville based songwriter. Eclectic mix of folk-rock, bluegrass, and influenced by all manner of musical oddities.

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SONGS YOU COULD PLAY... were you so inclined

This album is an autobiography of the last 12 years of my life, written in snap shots that capture the different phases that brought me to now.  I have found that certain songs often carry me back to the exact feeling I had for a particular time in my life.  These songs are a timeline for where I was from 18 until the present.  I have rallied the support of a group of loving friends who I have come to admire throughout my adult life and with whom I shared the experiences that founded these songs.  I tell you what, I've got an all-star cast of Lexington and Louisville musicians too!  Phil Carlson, Aaron Crace, Jon Hampton, Colin Kellogg, and Daniel Mohler have all agreed to collaborate on this album and I am awaiting the response of a couple more folks that will be sure to knock your socks off!  (Quite frankly, I can't believe I have gotten this crew.  They are my dream team band!) They have graciously agreed to lend me their musical expertise, to enrich my songs, and document this ride for all the world to hear (or at least anyone who cares to listen).

This entire effort is going to be orchestrated through electronic development.  What I mean by that is that I will be using Kickstater to fund the effort, using my iphone to film and voice memo record all of the demos to distribute to my band for development and rehersal, youtube to show the songs to supporters and collaborators alike, and e-mail, MMS, and phone calls to develop ideas with my band as we put some flesh on the bones of my simple acoustic songs.  Its as plugged as unplugged gets!  This aspect is done out of necessity.  My work has me occupied in northern Pennsylvania for long periods of time without ever seeing my home in Louisville.  This had largely defeated my aspiration to even get a band together due to the lack of reherssal that I am available to do.... until it occured to me that I am living in (as Paul Simon would say), " The age of miracles and wonders".  

I started contacting old friends to ask them if they would be interested in participating in this long distance musical experiment and they hopped right on board with much enthusiasm.  So, we will use every tool at our disposal to make a great record in the little time we have available to come together for the sake of art!  This project is going to be spontaneous and almost impressionistic because we are going to gather our ideas about the songs individuall and then designate two consecutive weekends of development, rehearssal, and recording.  That way the album doesn't stretch out into an unfinishable project.  What is done, is done by the second weekend (due to recording studio scheduling conflicts this will not be until October).  Then the tapes get mixed and mastered, and released to all our supporters!  Sounds like fun, eh? 

Your money will go strictly toward reserving and purchasing studio time, paying someone to master the album, and producing CD versions/album art, and flyers for promotional purposes.  $2,500 is a bare bone sum to make this happen, but if we can beat the goal.....yay!  I'll make more promotional material.

I think you, as a supporter, will be able to identify with the joy, heartache, and wonder that will come through in this unconventional folk rock record.  It would be my pleasure to have your support in this endeavor.  Thank you for making this dream a reality for me!

Risks and challenges

Most of the challenges I will face in making this record or at least the challenges that I most anticipate might arise come from scheduling. I am a transient laborer by trade. I test natural gas wells in the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania. In order to make a living for my wife, my daughter, and myself, I work 15 hours every day for 30 to 90 day stretches in Pennsylvania before flying back to my old Kentucky home for 12 consecutive days off. That being the case, I have recorded rough demos of all of my songs and presented them to my friends so they can practice them and develop their own ideas and embellishments in my absence. We will then all come together when I get days off to reherse and record. They have already presented some really beautiful ideas to enhance the music! As we all have "day jobs" it will be crucial for us to make sure that our schedules are clear to record our parts when the time comes. The beauty of recording though is that I can schedule all of the like instrumented songs on one day, then get the other players that are needed for other songs lined up for another day. I have prepared a packet of lyrics, song notes, and complete instrumentation for each song and sent an electronic copy of the notes to each person who will be playing on the album. We will schedule accordingly so that we can reherse before recording and get everyone playing on the album scheduled to record their contribution on one day, excepting some touch ups by certain players.

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