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A transmedia project engaging audiences of all ages in the story of the technology that has changed humanity.
Created by

Grady Booch

349 backers pledged $30,329 to help bring this project to life.

It is Happy Dance Time!!!!

We have blown past our goal of $25,000! We have 254 backers and are presently at $26,123!!! (And the donations are still coming in!!!!) Thank you, every one of you, who has made this possible!

And now, I really have to do that happy dance I promised; I assure you I'll put it on YouTube after our Kickstarter project closes on January 2nd. (I have been practicing, but when my wife pulled out the camera to get a picture of my practice I panicked! Perhaps you could send me ideas of music to use - music has to help doesn't it!?!) 

But moreover, our hard work really begins. Thanks to you kick starting Computing, we will deliver our first lectures, we'll dive into developing the book, we'll expand our web presence, and in particular launch the Ask Grady videos.

And, there's plenty more to do! As we've noted on our project page, we have a number of other projects we need to undertake in 2012: create a timeline app, produce a seven minute teaser, commission a composer, engage research assistants, start conducting interviews...a well as engage a producer and pursue various grants for the production of the episodes for broadcast. So, keep spreading the word to your circle of influence! The more backers we have and the greater the diversity of location, age, lifestyle, beliefs, etc. and the further we go over our goal, the better buzz we'll have as Computing moves forward, and the more confidence foundations and other major backers will have in supporting Computing: The Human Experience.

We are deeply touched and humbled by the support we've received, not only from our friends and colleagues but also from people around the world whom we've never even met. Thank you for helping us tell the story of computing, the story of the technology that has changed humanity.

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    1. Creator Radha Krishna Gorle on December 28, 2011

      congratulations! how about a leg to La Bamba (ritchie valens)

    2. Creator Amy Wohl on December 27, 2011

      Congratulations, Grady. Waiting to find out how else to help -- and to see you do the victory dance.

    3. Creator Helena on December 27, 2011