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pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
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Over 20 years ago, the Great Seas restaurant opened on Lawrence Avenue in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago. It sold many popular Korean and Chinese dishes but none more infamous than their original-recipe spicy chicken wings. These spicy chicken wings quickly began to steal the show among all their popular dishes, proving to be so popular that the sauce that they were coated in became a product in itself and was sold in bottles to eager customers. A sister restaurant, Take Me Out, eventually opened to serve the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, focusing on only a few menu items namely the chicken wings, as it was clear that they were developing a ‘cult’ following.

As a child, my family would travel nearly two hours from Rockford to Chicago to do oriental grocery shopping as it was the only one in the area at the time, and before leaving back for home, we would make it a necessity to stop by Great Seas. It was during these years that I first developed my passion for the restaurant’s famous chicken wings. Twenty years later, I noticed that the wings had such a widespread reputation from the first two restaurants that there was scope for a third restaurant. I was eager to embark upon a venture that would enable me to share the mouth-watering taste experiences that I had as a kid with more of the city’s residents, and consequently I asked the owner if I could replicate the formula that was used for Take Me Out. They agreed, but said that I would have to gain the funding myself, funding I did not have. So of course I took to Kickstarter and this is where you come in: I need your help to spread this delicious culinary experience to a new area!

I’m hoping to secure $150,000 to open a second Take Me Out in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The phenomenal demand for the wings means that it would be a huge success. There is great public backing for another restaurant that serves these infamous delicious chicken wings. With your help, we can give the people what they want.

Here are some of the many comments left on Take Me Out’s MenuPages and Yelp page about its chicken wings: -

‘Need evidence of the greatness of the wings? Sit in the restaurant any evening there's a big event, like New Year's Eve. You'll see locals walking out with several aluminum foil tins of wings for their home celebrations. This place has the best wings I've tasted in all the US-based Koreatowns I've been too, and even better than the wings in Korea.’

‘I now live in Bolingbrook & my fiancé & I trek over to Chicago just for the Spicy chicken’

‘I love Great Sea's chicken wings, and I am so glad they open this little outlet focus on their lollipop chicken wings’

‘The wings were not only the best part of the meal but also in contention for the best wing I've ever had.’

‘Some of the best wings I've had. Just go.’

‘The wings are out of this world! Just go… gooo!! Stop wasting your time reading reviews and just get them now.’

‘How did I not know of these wings until now?’

‘I don't even LIKE wings. Seriously, messy...not worth it. But these? Different. Better. Awesome.’

‘The thing that kind of pisses me off is that I've been driving up to Great Seas on Lawrence and Kedzie for the last few years to get my fix of kkampongi (korean style hot wings). Had I known that Take Me Out existed only a mile from my house, and it was the same owner/ same wings, it would have saved me about 25 miles in round trip each time.’

Risks and challenges

Challenges for this project are currently just funding.

Replicating this restaurant similar to Take Me Out would be easy but requires timely contractors and work to be executed. Risks there would be low costs and high quality delivery.

Another challenge is getting a good location. I am currently researching a good strip mall or restaurant center for an under 2000 Square Foot place.

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