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Alex Little & Co: invited to the Capezio ACE AWARDS in NYC's video poster

A mulit-media work of art: The film plays while simultaneously, the dancers perform. The story unravels before you, in a 3D experience! Read more

Los Angeles, CA Dance
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This project was successfully funded on July 23, 2012.

A mulit-media work of art: The film plays while simultaneously, the dancers perform. The story unravels before you, in a 3D experience!

Los Angeles, CA Dance
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Hi everyone!

Thank you for visiting my KICKSTARTER page! My name is Alex Little and I am a grateful Choreographer. Please take a few minutes to view my project  "REMEMBERING BACK" (Credits listed below).

The team that helped me create this piece, namely Kenneth Prieto, Katherine Wolanske & Cody Green, and I felt strongly that we would present it again, and fortunately the opportunity has risen for us to do just that! Just one week ago I was notified that I had been chosen as one of 16 finalists from around the country to compete in the prestigious Capezio A.C.E. Awards on July 28th in NYC! This is a huge honor already, as I will be among choreographic genius as a Finalist! The top 3 winners receive a monetary reward towards the production of his/her own show! (Travis Wall was the first, 3 years ago!) It has been a dream of mine since I was young: to create and produce my own show, so this is a HUGE start towards that goal. Now, we just need to get to NYC with our film, projector, screen... oh and the DANCERS! We also need to purchase some new costume pieces and remake a portion of the film (since it can only be 5 minutes... and ours is 6).

How can you help? Well we figure the entire endeavor will cost us around $12,000 total to execute a piece of this caliber in NYC. I have vowed to raise at least $6,000 on kickstarter... in 30 days!  And if we don't make $6,000 or more, we will not get a penny and therefore, will not go. I believe in this project so much, that I know it is possible.
The money donated will cover: AIRFARE for 11 dancers and me, HOTEL for all of us (sharing rooms), PER DIEM while we are in NYC ($50 per day for 2.5 days), FILM EQUIPMENT RENTAL in Los Angeles, STUDIO SPACE RENTAL in Los Angeles, FILM RE-SHOOTS & EDITING in Los Angeles, SCREEN & PROJECTOR RENTAL while in NYC, and a few other production costs, like a few new costume pieces. Dancers will not be paid for their time in NYC or their week of rehearsal in Los Angeles. Everyone involved is doing it because they live for the arts and believe in this piece. It is important to me, however, that they are fully supported to get to the ACE Awards and room/board while they are there.

We are extremely GRATEFUL for any contributions you can donate in the next 30 days. And if you cannot donate at this time, no problem! I just ask that you please send a big prayer our way and please pass the link onto another art lover! 

Contact me with any questions,

                                             Alex Little


"Remembering Back"  The greater themes of perception and memory are explored as a couple's relationship unfolds before your eyes. Do "what if's" haunt your hindsight, too?

When I wrote this story, I was recalling a time in my life when I felt I couldn't remember back to the truth. When I was questioning my memories. That feeling was the inspiration for this piece. Questioning yourself can often times get too seductive and pull your mind from reality, you know?!? In "Remembering Back" the seduction & the questions are represented by the RED dress.

I partnered up with a friend and filmmaker, Kenneth Prieto, and wrangled in my principal dancers to collaborate on this venture: my long time assistant, Kat, and my friend since childhood, Cody. Both are tremendous talents and phenomenal storytellers. These three artists helped me bring my concept to life and create a multi media experience. My choreography has always tended to be cinematic in concept and narrative, so to actually make a film, and bring it to life on stage is becoming my favorite way to tell stories!!


Concept, Choreography, Story by: ALEX LITTLE                                                Film by: KENNETH PRIETO                                                                        Starring: CODY GREEN, KATHERINE WOLANSKE & CANDY OLSEN (Candy's role isto be performed by MALLAURI ESQUIBEL in NYC!)
Assistant Writer & Choreographer: Katherine Wolanske                               Assistant Writer, DP & Choreographer: Cody Green                            Producers: Alex & Matt Lopez
Music: "Goodbye Lenin", Yann Tiersen                                 

Video Credits:

the original cast: Cody Green, Katherine Wolanske, Candy Olsen, Natalie Reid, Seth Zibalese, Alex Blitstein, Kayla Bingham, Eve Mason, Chris Fedun, Mike Tyus, Paul Benshoof, Brette Markowitz, Danielle Snyder, Kristin Woodall & Nick Roza 

REMEMBERING BACK premiered in Los Angeles on May 31, 2011.


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