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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.

Vehicles Arrive Tomorrow!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Good news backers!

The Warpath vehicles (Hornet, Mule and Chira) are due to arrive in the warehouse tomorrow (Tuesday). We wanted to give you the date only once we were sure it was accurate, rather than provide inaccurate information. We are aiming to start the shipping process before the end of the week, to be complete shortly afterwards.

As we’ve run into the retail launch date for the GCPS vehicles, these will be shipping to stores before backers, mainly because the Kickstarter shipping is a more complex operation to set up than the retail shipping. We’re very sorry about this, but they will be with you soon and they’re definitely worth the wait. However, the Asterian and Plague vehicles will be shipping out several months (or more) before they launch to retail!

If you need you update your shipping address, it is vital that you get in touch now through In a couple of days, we will start shipping so it will be too late to change your details. We have processed any changes that we have received, so it is only if you haven’t contacted us with a new address that you need to get in touch.

What is being shipped?

Just as a reminder, these are the outstanding products to ship.

  • Asterian Chira/Chroma
  • Asterian Vehicle Battlegroup
  • GCPS/Plague Hornet
  • GCPS/Plague Hornet Battlegroup
  • GCPS Mule
  • GCPS Mule Formation
  • Plague Mule
  • Plague Mule Formation

The GCPS Mule will have only the components to build the GCPS Mule. The Plague Mule can be used to build either the Plague or GCPS Mule. This was originally planned differently in the Kickstarter (when the Mules were due to be resin), so it wasn’t until we had finalised the production that we were clear on the make up of the kits.

Why did this take so long?

You might remember that the initial shipping time for the Kickstarter was 12 months from the end of the funding period. This is because that is roughly how long it takes to tool a hard plastic kit, especially something as complex as the vehicles.

However, following the Kickstarter we had some issues with the manufacturer we had planned to use for the tooling. This meant we basically had to start the process from scratch and find an entirely different manufacturer. We initially got them to only produce the Veer-myn Tunneller and once we were happy with that, we gave them the green light to make the remaining vehicles.

So, 12 months later we’re now looking at the final production models arriving imminently. We know that it hasn’t been an ideal nor easy wait, but we are very thankful for your patience (and for supporting the project originally) and couldn’t apologise more for the delay. The rewards for you patience will soon be in your hands!

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    1. Maarten Devoldere on

      @Jeff Hoffman, you should have received the forgefathers and the veer-myn by now.
      Its best to contact them for those.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hoffman on

      I haven't received anything since Wave 1 in December of 2016. I'm still expecting vehicles for both Forge Fathers and Veer-Myn, as well as all of the others mentioned in this update. Is all of this finally going to be arriving with my next shipment?

    3. Crimson Ghost on

      Interesting I guess I did misread the info hard to remember as this was funded in 2015 and we are a year late past supposed delivery of these vehicles.

      Here we are Q2 2018 - Glad you guys remembered.

    4. Missing avatar

      George on

      Do you have a rough estimate when the Plague Mules are going to hit retail? I didn't have a Plague force during the Kickstarter, but now I do. Basically, I need to know if waiting is a reasonable option or if I should convert some of my GCPS Mules over to Plague ones.

    5. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @Ezekiel Yep, the Hornet still makes both, as promised.

    6. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      By the way Mantic getting what is promised is not a reward, without our money there would be no product to begin with. The reward should be something extra for putting up with all of the crap that has happened.

    7. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      By the way Mantic getting what is promised is not a reward, without our money there would be no product to begin with. The reward should be something extra for putting up with all of the crap that has happened.

    8. MRiley on

      I don't recall the Mule ever saying it'd be a dual kit - the big move was the shift from resin to hard plastic, but even then it was still two kits.

      The Hornet was/is a dual kit - maybe that's the confusion (or I missed a comment somewhere, but it looks like Mantic didn't say anything about combining the Mules either).

    9. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      Well it's about f#$@ing time! You know Mantic send the extra Mule parts to all backers don't send everyone the extra do as you please, I'd think after the wait and lack of updates that couple of cents is just a small way to try and make backers happy.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on

      I'm not sure where the confusion regarding the Mules comes in, the way I read it was that the GCPS mules only built the GCPS, and the plague variant was an upgrade kit for the normal Mule.
      Question Mantic, is the Hornet still including the parts to make both the plague and GCPS versions of the Hornet?

    11. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      Hi Guys,

      So regarding the mules. I've spent a while trawling through updates and such, and although we have changed from the original plan in the kickstarter, it's not in the way everyone seem to be suggesting.

      The original plan was that there would be two separate kits. The GCPS Mule would build the GCPS Mule and the Plague Mule would build the Plague Mule. this was then they were to be made in resin.

      Once we made the switch to hard plastic, the plan was that there would be resin upgrade components for the Plague Mule, as we didn't know if we'd hit numbers to make both out of plastic.

      The final kits, wherein both versions are plastic features a plague upgrade kit for the Plague variant is what we will be supplying. The GCPS Mule was never promised to build both variants, and the pledge manager listed these as completely separate products.

    12. Michael Morfeld on

      I concur with Angel below... it would actually fulfill what was promised in the KS campaign.

    13. Tristan Coulson on

      I am glad that the models will be arriving, I had picked the GCPS Mule formation as thought I could always differentiate with paint schemes for Plague and GCPS. Any chance that the Hammerfist drop troops parts will be added to the store soon as I enquired about them during the kickstarter.

    14. Angel Sainz Gonzalez on

      If the Plague Mule can build either model, you should send Plague Mules to all backers who pledged for any mule model and let them build whichever they want

    15. euansmith

      I am disappointed with the length of your kickstarter campaign delay! A measly 12 months? I've had projects take more than twice as long to turn up! Really, Mantic, do try harder to miss your delivery dates by more in future. ;)

      Congratulations on getting the models to the warehouse. I'm looking forward to playing with them. The Forge Father tanks were tip top.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Again, I could care less about whether these kits hit retail before or after me... its really such a selfish mentality in my opinion.
      I backed for the huge savings, and that's what I got. So, Im more then happy to wait... as I have saved several hundred over the course of this kickstarter.
      My enforcers and Veermyn are nearly complete. Then I will start my forge fathers. GCPS and Asterians have always been on the end of my list of armies to complete.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan Scarfe on

      “Reward for patience” probably wasn’t the best use of words. It’s not a reward to get what we pledged.
      Something like complimentary Mantic points or an extra Sprue of something would be a reward.. 🙄

      I’m used to the KS taking way longer than expected, though this is the longest yet..

    18. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      What are you going to do with people who where expecting to make either versions of the Mules?

    19. Neal Barton on

      We all know those vehicles look stunning and I don't mind waiting. I know KS isn't a pre-order system, its just great to have all the armies released at the same time and make a splash.
      though my plague forces are pretty sick of walking by now :-)

    20. Crimson Ghost on

      I'm pretty disappointed with you guys. When the Mules are promised to come with both components if it was the other way around I would have pledged differently. After all this time, now this is mentioned. This was not at all how it was presented during the campaign or up to the point we had to finalize our pledges. This is Not right and very bad way to do business. Regardless of how long it took that's another issue in its entirety. Promise one thing to folks who pledge in faith that's what they are to receive only later to go back on that. Terrible business there.

    21. Jeff

      I am personally not happy about that. It should matter how difficult it is. When Ronnie say we will get stuff first and you guy keep going back on that it makes it hard to believe what you say and is a slap in the face to people who showed faith in you LONG AGO AND GAVE YOU MONEY ALREADY. You should be pushing back the retail launch date to fill backer orders.