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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.

Remaining vehicles will be on their way soon...

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Very sorry that it's taken so long to get in touch. We've been waiting for updates from the factory producing the remaining vehicles to get a date for when they'll be delivered. Thankfully we've now got the update and the good news is that they'll be with you shortly.

 Firstly, a quick reminder of what's outstanding from the Kickstarter. The following vehicles have yet to be delivered:

  • GCPS Mule
  • GCPS Hornet
  • Asterian Chira/Chroma
  • Plague Mule
  • Plague Hornet

But we're now pleased to say that we're expecting these to be finished in early April and we'll flying them over to our warehouse from China ready to ship. We're expecting to begin shipping the remaining items in the middle of April.

If you need to update your shipping address for your remaining items, please email our support team with your backer details and new shipping address. The email to use for contacting us is

The reason behind the delay for these remaining vehicles was due to some serious problems getting them tooled. The original factory who signed up to produce the vehicles came back to us very late in the process to say they couldn't make all the vehicles to the high quality we required and were only able to make the Forge Father tanks and Enforcer Interceptor.

This meant we had to find a new factory to produce the remaining items. After finding one that fitted the bill, we signed them up to produce the Veer-myn Tunneller. Once we were happy with the work they did on that, we then got them to produce the Hornet, Mule and Chira/Chroma. Of course, this all resulted in an unfortunate but unforeseen delay. We never want to compromise on quality and we're very pleased with the final results (and we hope you will be too).

As part of that effort to ensure we got the quality of finish we wanted, it does mean that a few small parts have changed from hard plastic to PVC. This was to ensure we captured the detail required and they would have been too complex to produce in hard plastic. Although the main parts of the vehicles will be hard plastic, a few elements have been changed to PVC. These include:

  • GCPS Mule - tyres and mounted weapon options
  • GCPS Hornet - weapon options
  • Asterian Chira/Chroma - weapon options, part of the cockpit and interior stabilising fins
  • Plague Mule - corpses, weapons and spiky bits
  • Plague Hornet - corpses, weapons and spiky bits

The finished articles look amazing (you'll just need some super glue, as well as plastic glue to fit the PVC bits). Once again, we're so sorry about the delay in getting these remaining vehicles to you. However, the good news is they'll be in your hands soon and ready for war! Thanks again for your support.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hoffman on

      Any Update on shipping these? As a backer I've seen people get FF Tanks and Veer-Myn Tunnelers while the huge pile of vehicles I'm still waiting on just continues to grow because these last models were not yet done.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Oh, and Sam, I'll happily take your chroma off you :)
      My Eldar can make use of it :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      @mantic - You've said many times in this update that you don't want to compromise on quality - but that looks exactly like what you've done. Skimping on hard plastic for PVC is very much a change in quality. And its likely just to bring the cost down. Most people won't mind if that's the case, but don't directly lie to them.

      Its a massive shame that you pushed the rulebooks out before they were ready and we've had to wait so long for the models. Its even more of a shame that you seem to be making a small attempt to push warpath: Firefight, when it was given a 10th of the effort that warpath proper was. The Warpath rules are pretty good even if the balance is very much at a beta stage. With a little more thought you could have competed with 40k. Its funny because you made a good game with Deadzone, but a terrible rule book, and you've done exactly the same thing again. Lets hope that you re-release the warpath books when you've had a chance to polish them, and that you remember your backers when you do. You've done such a good job with KoW. Its a massive shame that it appears to be luck. (well, actually good timing and a community who are happy to do most the work for you, free of charge).

    4. Sam Murdock on

      Well I sold all my Mantic over a year ago (except for my dreadball 2 I'm still waiting on) so feel free to throw my yet-to-be chroma into someone else's box as a freebie. If it gets to me it's going straight in the bin.

    5. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      @Mantic a word in your ear, by basically forgetting about your backers you are either on your way to losing or have lost a large portion of your customer base. I know as a company you don't want to think about it but you need to do some damage control. I know as a Mantic backer I am done! Good luck pulling you assume out of the fire, you are deeply burned.

    6. Night Haunter on

      I totally back the decision to prioritise quality over speed.
      The minis need to be good for the game to succeed.
      Players, I believe their will be more game coverage when they have the product to back it up.
      Look forward to the summer campaign, deadzone focused but with ways to link in warpath games too.

    7. Not Bob on

      I gotta admit the Adepticon deal is cheesing me a bit.

    8. Crimson Ghost on

      So do I get my Hornets before or after the folks who bought thier open days ticket?

    9. Amory Burgess on

      Oh man, saving the best for last. The Hornet and Mule are looking awesome.

    10. Missing avatar

      mark sidaway on

      This update is too little too late, the mules and hornets have been up for pre order for over 2 weeks now and the free hornets at adepticon was a real sickener.
      All people have asked for is and update when we found this out. It's not fair to keep backers in the dark like this. The people who back mantic kickstarters are generally fans of the company and have alot of faith in them.
      Warpath is a great system and I hope it succeeds but this will be my last Kickstarter, if anything else is produced for the system I will pick it up at retail (probably at the same time as any Kickstarter backers.)

    11. Scott "KillaMini's" Myers

      I've been a mantic supporter for many kickstarters/years. Sorry to say but no matter how you slice it. This performance on delivery is and will hurt their gamer cred. Even I now look twice when contemplating a Mantic product. I have resolved to just waiting til things are retail and getting them when I want it and much cheaper. The exclusive stuff doesn't matter when no ones playing the game but you.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      These where literally some of the highest quality, and cheapest vehicles I have ever purchased. They are truly awesome. So I have to agree.

    13. Duncan Garcia on

      I feel like if this project was early and exactly what some of you wanted you would still find a reason to complain?! Thanks Mantic for making another great game with affordable awesome miniatures.

      People complaining WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! you didn't get your every desire met. lets get some perspective everyone.

    14. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Im fine with the Parts being changed from hard plastic to PVC... as long as they look good, I could care less about what materials they are.
      Ive worked with everything in the genre...
      They most likely did it to save money, due to the project running later the expected. Plus Im sure it was also a time saving move, as it would be a quicker to make PVC molds for all the accessory pieces then it would be to make them all in hard plastic.
      Im fine with all the changes.
      My only concern is game coverage... there is still zero push to get Warpath/Firefight going over here in the US. Many online stores do not even stock it. WTF. Mantic push this game harder, I cant get my friends to buy in... if they cant buy from online stores.

    15. Greg Hendry on

      Seriously a hard plastic wheel was too tricky? 16 months late eith the reason you needed to find a new hard plastic provider and we get this instead. No mention pf the adepticon hornet freebies. Very disappointing, this is definitely my last mantic kickstarter I'm not forking over any money until I know what material I'm getting.

    16. Alastair Christie on

      It's been a long wait, so here's hoping! I was certainly really impressed with the Tunnelers.

    17. Dimonju on

      We have not seen any photos of the plague vehicles yet.

    18. Michael Auty on

      So will we now see some love for this game from Mantic. Not much showing so far and if you search for game content not much love out there from others too. Is this game dead in the water before we get the rest of our stuff.

    19. David Smith on

      You can't make plastic weapons but everybody else can? How have Airfix done it for the past century?

    20. Zeelobby on

      Hey, imo this is A-OK. My list of stuff to build/paint is out of control anyway. It'll be cool when this surprises me in the mail, haha.