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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.

Tunnelers incoming! New production update!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi backers,

Sorry for the radio silence in the past couple of months. We have been holding off sending out an update until we had some concrete dates and news before getting in touch with backers.

First off, the good news is that the Tunneler is arriving on September 19th and they'll be in the post within a few days of being delivered to our warehouse. This means that if you’ve got a Tunneler as part of your pledge, you’ll be receiving it shortly! We can’t wait to see some painted examples - make sure you send them in to our Facebook page.

To clarify a few details about wave two shipping:

  • If you just had a Forge Father Sturnhammer/APC, Forge Father Hultr or Veer-myn Tunnel Runner in your pledge, you should have received them by now. If you haven’t please contact
  • If you had any of the above AND a Tunneler in your pledge, then we’ll be sending all your vehicles once the Tunnelers arrive next week. Delivery can take up to 28 days and we’ll post an update once the shipping is complete so you know when to expect delivery

The outstanding vehicles to be delivered are the following:

  • GCPS Mule
  • GCPS Hornet
  • Plague Mule
  • Asterian Chira Transport

As mentioned in the previous update, these are at the prototype stage and you can see some photographs below. We’re delighted with the examples we’ve seen and can’t wait to get these into your hands. Again, sorry for the delay in getting these to you but we didn’t want to rush them and compromise on quality. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results!


We’ve just got a few more comments on the prototypes, which shouldn’t take long to sort out, and then we’ll fly those in from the factory and get them out to you. We'll be in touch soon with a delivery date.

Hope you’re all enjoying playing Warpath. Please continue to share your pictures on Facebook, upload battle reports to YouTube and hold demo games at your local store/club!

Best wishes and thanks again for helping make this happen,


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    1. zbv500 on

      @Rick, thanks, at least i know I am not the onlyone missing the Hultr, making it more unlikley that I am a sad single case.. :-)
      I can also confirm having received the FF Tank:)
      Although I am not 100% sure, I think there was some message about the Hultr Production/delivery some while ago, but cant remeber and it is very hard getting through all the mails and updates (and I am not even a Superbacker!).. Well, welcome in the 21st century (we've come a long way baby...)... :P

    2. euansmith

      The Hornet and Mule are looking pretty great; but now I'm kicking myself for not getting some Chira.

    3. Rick

      So do the tunnelers hit the webstore on the 19th, or that's just when their sent out to backers who ordered. I'm interested in getting a tunneler now, but I didn't order initially.

      @zbv500 - I have a hultr on order too, but have not received yet. I got all the FF tanks though.

    4. zbv500 on

      Ok, so I am still missing 1x Forge Father Hultr and 1x Plague Mule Transport.
      Plague Mule is clear, but should have the Hultr has been delivered already?? Or shall I contact Mantic Support?

    5. David Wolf on

      Is it me or the pictures.. do those models look really soft in their detail? Its very disheartening that this has really taken this long. I have done a lot of kickstarters.. including Mantic.. and I expect delays but this has been exceptional especially since I am waiting on the vehicles still in prototype. So much so that my game group has abandoned the system I am sorry to say. I know the stuff will arrive but unfortunately it will probably not get any use. I am not trying to be that guy I have always had good things to say about Mantic and their systems.. just frustrated I suppose.

    6. Chris Oeffinger on

      What a sick model!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Gerry mcCabe on

      really wish I'd had the funds to get some of the tunnelers when the PM was out, but I guess I've plenty of other stuff to work on until they hit retail.