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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.

Walking with Giants


Exciting stuff!

We’ve broken through our latest stretch goal, allowing us to fund the Ajax Siege Strider – a new variant on the Strider armed with a Defender Shield, extra armour and the Grav-Ram Spear. This device works a lot like a pneumatic drill, punching holes through vehicle and fortifications.

The Ajax Siege Strider – a complete miniature with all the bits to build a Corporation, Enforcer, Rebs and Plague miniature, plus the Ajax upgrade pack – is now available to add-on to your pledge for $18.

In addition, we’ll include the upgrade pack free in the Enforcer Battlegroup, and a set of Ajax Siege Strider upgrades in the Strider Formation too.

And if all that's not enough, we'll include an Iron Ancestor in the Forge Father Battlegroup. Huzzah!

Up next…

$350,000 – GCPS Troopers and GPCS Battlegroup

As we discussed yesterday, we’re tackling the GCPS Troopers now in a bid to bring in new backers to start our journey to the end.

This starts with 5-man hard plastic GCPS Troopers sprue – a set of hi-tech human soldiers with optional components. There will be both male and female troopers on the sprue too.

You can add-on the GCPS Troopers to your pledge or just for the GCPS Troopers if you want too, with our fantastic Trooper deal:

This set forms the foundation of the GCPS Battlegroup – the sixth faction on this Kickstarter.

To make the Battlegroup better value, we’ve decided to boost the contents a little more so the value is much better. With this in mind, we will include TWO extra sets of 5-mans GCPS Troopers (10 infantry figures!) AND an additional Strider for free!

Check out the improved contents:

Now is the time to start deciding which factions and add-ons you want – anything you choose now can help us towards the goal of breaking down the GCPS goal.

We will also be releasing a Warpath Alpha Play-through video with the guys from Beasts of War, an updated Warpath Alpha ruleset, and a whole heap of advertising and promotion to help us get towards the end.

Please tell your friends and club members about the Warpath Kickstarter and help us spread the word! Thank you for your support.

Next Goal: $365,000 Corporation Mule Transport and Plague Mule Transport

When we hit this stretch goal, we will produce the Corporation Mule Transport and Plague Mule Transports in resin (Note! There is a Corporation/Plague Hard Plastic flyer in the works!)

The Corporation Mule Transport will be included in the GCPS Battlegroup. Both are available to add-on for $18, or in a bundle of 3 for $40.


Until next time!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      I think I'd prefer 2 Mules and 1 Strider as well. Especially now with the extra troopers.

      Do we know what the transport capacity of Mules is? 10? So every single Battle force could use an addon of Mules.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Riddle on

      I hope there is just a Strider upgrade kit available
      also, can we have the Asterian Bombard, experimental Enforcers (Fusion, thermal gun from the DZ kickstarter), and maybe the plague enforcer as an add-on??
      I know there are many of us looking for these!

    3. badula on

      i'm a bit confused, i'll ask it straight: with the 18$ addon can i build a normal strider???

    4. MDSW on

      I think the 2 Striders and the 1 Mule in the battle group set are OK. I just thing there needs to be more variation in the set as a whole. Just one variant of trooper seems pretty lackluster, heavy weapons team not withstanding.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      @ Matt Houghton:

      Yea, and they make even less sense when you consider that:

      1) The Enforcers are a rapid strike force
      2) The game is set up to be ranged-heavy, so non-ranged loadouts like this will really struggle to have any meaningful impact in a game.

    6. Matt Houghton on

      The weapons make it look more like a warmachine jack

    7. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      can the mule in gcps group be build as plague? this would make this set more interesting to me. I will plagefy the troops for a nice plague addon.

    8. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      I think it is a good idea to add a mule and/or strider to the plague set

    9. Tony Hooper on

      I really want that Mule for Enforcers. Seems the perfect Pathfinder vehicle.

    10. Arthur Monteath-Carr on

      Thank you for mixed gender GCPS troopers! Now to buy heaps so they can get munched on by the Plague. :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      i gotta say the more i look at the mule the less i think it fits. It doesnt really scream hi-tech troop transport to me. more like pick-up with a turret

    12. Missing avatar

      Balder on

      That GCPS battlegroup looks pretty sweet. I have no doubt that the Kickstarter will make it to the 350k point. If they end up adding on more cool stuff to it like they did to the other battlegroups, making the value similar to the Enforcer battlegroup, I'll probably end adding that on top of the three for the 235 level.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim LochNESS on

      @Rebel Sam @Dimonju - picture of the scale of the Mule. In comparison to an old restic miilni

    14. William Stilwell on

      I hope they get the Orx Raptor and Bull vehicles in the Corporation list, I'l looking at them again on the Mantic site and they look really cool. I don't they should be transport vehicles though, unless they expect guys hanging off the sides...

    15. Crimson Ghost on

      Any chance of seeing a WIP shot of a Corporation Marine? I know his was thrown in late but there has to be something other than the graphic art which is impressive and quite tantilizing, but that's not enough to make me pop for any, so Mantic give a show!!!

    16. Scott Mitchell on

      The GCPS is the group that grabbed me and what I'll back for. Hoping to hit the 350k!

    17. MRiley on

      Cute, but I'm not looking forward to resin transports for the Plague - might leave my forces as senseless cannon fodder hoofing it to their doom :p

      The Ajax isn't making a ton of sense to me, either - it looks okay, but it seems like the sort of crazy you'd put into Dreadball or some Reb force (with some non-human piloting it and applying their combat style). I like the look though, so will probably grab one at some point.

    18. RebelSam on

      @Mantic, how about 2 intermediate stretch goals. One for a Plague Special Character and the other for an Asterian Special Character. This would make the next few days a bit more enticing for those of us you have already pledged for all they want.

      Also we do need an image showing the scale of the Mule to an infantry mini.

    19. ExMudgunner on

      @Mantic I'll give a +1 to the idea of doing 2 Mules, 1 Strider in the BG

    20. Dimonju on

      If the Mule cannot be used for Rebs, then I'm not getting any. Come on Mantic, just assure us it will be included in the Rebs list. And yeah, some idea of scale would be nice.

    21. euansmith

      Scale shots of the Mules would be a real help, as would be some idea of how they go together. Resin can be a tricky material to work with if the bits aren't correctly worked out. Is the chassis and wheels a single piece, or will we have to fiddle around with pinning and with making sure the wheels are properly attached to avoid wobbling? After the excellent 4x4 kit in Mars Attacks! I was hopping for a nice plastic Mule.

    22. Damon A Simms on

      Please switch out the Striders in the GCPS Battle group for more mules. Everybody already has Striders, the Mules are new!
      I suggest 0 Striders, 3 Mules. At the very least make it 1 Strider, 2 Mules.


    23. Craig McCallum on

      Ok Mantic, you got me again. Upgraded to the 3 BF pledge to add
      In some GCPS - now let's get those flyers unlocked for them :)

    24. Tamás Lehoczky on

      "This starts with 5-man hard plastic GCPS Troopers sprue – a set of hi-tech human soldiers with optional components. There will be both male and female troopers on the sprue too. "


    25. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      So... Any chance of seeing some scale shots so that we can see how big the Mule is compared to a regular human trooper please? :0)

      Also, any more special characters that can be added as smaller intermediate stretch goals? These could maybe be added to the highest-level pledges too, making them a little more appealing than they are right now (I'm at UT, and thinking of dropping to to UW as I feel it's actually better value! I can then just double-up later on in the pledge manager if I want to).

    26. Luke on

      please consider making the upgrade parts for the strider available separately for those of us who have several already