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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.


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      @ Dennis. Exactly. Your robot army looks nice to me.

    2. Mike Tittensor on

      The wondrous tunnellers. Can we buy the rear extension units separately please. If I want a formation of tunnellers, I'd want the option to have three big ones.

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      Dennis Browning-Saunders on

      @recrispi Like my soul-infused robots led by alien star gods? I know there used to be some fan-made lists on Mantic's forums to use in the meantime.
      It has just occurred to me I may have a robot addiction.

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      With all of this wonderful armies out there, I can't decide what to choose! I want everything, but I can't afford it all :-( This Kickstarters turn me mad!
      I have some questions:
      Will the Warpath and WP:F rules have all of the armies we can see in DZ included? We already know of the Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Veer-myn, Plague and Asterians. Soon to come are the GCPS. But what about the Marauders and Rebels? Other armies from Dreadball?
      Another question. KoW is coming up with some army lists for armies not created by mantic (yet), like the Ratmen and Salamanders. Will WP do the same for armies not yet created by Mantic?
      Thank you!

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      Michael Denham on

      Congratulations on the success of the kickstarter.

      I myself cannot wait till next September! In fact I want to start collecting an Enforcer force
      now and have it painted up ready once the game and reinforcements are dispatched next year.

      With this in mind, is it possible to shed some light on some elements to help planning:

      Will Warpath and Warpath Firefight be released at the same time?

      Also, how will squads be made up in the different games?

      For example, I guess by looking at the recently published rules that squads for Warpath
      (Enforcers and Forgeguard) will roughly number 5-10 and will be strictly composed as determined
      by the published army list.

      With regards to Warpath Firefight, will the squads be strictly composed as in Warpath e.g.
      5-10 Enforcers with a Burst Laser with other weapons put in different units? Or like Deadzone
      You can have more freedom and flexability about what goes into a squad? E.g. would you be able
      to mix and match standard Enforcers with combats ones?

      In terms of wish list:

      I'd like to see plastic Plague Stage 2s and plastic Asterian Cypers with a look/style similar to the new infantry design.

    6. Daniel Meilleur on

      Yuppers, really happy about these...I had soooo much faith in you Mantic (My Pledge was already upped for them!!!) Now I can't wait to see their Tank/Vehicle & Character!
      Don't worry folks, the Corp will get done and the'll be awesome!

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim LochNESS on

      Now let's get a Asterian tank

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim LochNESS on

      I now know where my second EB will be going to �Love three cyber elves

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt B on

      @ Mantic - +1 to Gilbear's suggestion... I'd like to be able to pick a combination of 'any 3 for $75'...

    10. Missing avatar

      Dennis Browning-Saunders on

      Guess I'll update my pledge; I love the new infantry droids. I was wavering between the rodents and the robots, but these knocked me off the fence.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      @ Mantic:

      Thank you for listening! I can add a few extras now.

      If I may ask for another favour please? Can you offer a Battlegroup set of any three mix and match vehicles for $75? I appreciate that you won't be able to include metal add-ons in such a set, but I'd think the flexibility would compensate for that. I would love to get one of each vehicle as I have most factions, but I don't know if want *three* of each (as it's quite a lot of cash to do that for each faction). ;0)

    12. Nick on

      MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA Asterians! With the stuff I've already got for Deadzone I'm looking forward to having quite a sizable army.