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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.

Alien Invasion

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

It’s been 1 week since the start of the Warpath Kickstarter, and we’re aiming to kick Week 2 off in style. What better way than with some great add-ons and a new faction in the offing?

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and many of you wanted more options to bulk up your armies, or get bits and pieces you may have missed previously. So, we’ve put some great offers together for you – here we go!


Enforcer Troopers

An Enforcer army will be made of multiple teams of Enforcer Troopers, and this can build either five Enforcers with rifles, or five Assault Enforcers with wrist blades and pistols.

The set also includes options to arm your Enforcers with an Incinerator or Burst Laser.

Enforcer Pathfinders

Enforcer Peacekeepers

Five miniatures armed with assault rifles and energy gauntlets. Includes commander options, five Defender Shields PLUS a Burst Laser and Incinerator.

Forge Fathers

Steel Warriors

Five Steel Warriors with Hailstrom Rifles. Includes commander options and heavy weapons, including Hailstorm Autocannon, Magma Cannon, Dragon's Breath flamethrowers, plus optional Stormrage Veteran heads and accessories.

Includes 1 Forge Father Huscarl in Forge Guard armour and five Forge Guard troopers armed with Forge Hammers and Hailstorm Autocannons. There are also additional Heavy Weapons to arm your figures with Magma Cannon and Mjolnir Missile Launcher.


Our next goal at $240,000 is the Veer-myn Tunneler – a new vehicle that you can choose as your free choice of vehicle in an Advanced Warfare pledge, or add-on for $30.

There’s also a Veer-myn Tunneler Battlegroup that includes 3 vehicles and an extra transport compartment – you can either include this as your one pick of Battlegroup to include with an Advanced Warfare pledge, or add it on to your pledge for $75.

Once we’ve broken the Veer-myn Tunneler, it’s time to introduce a fifth faction to the Warpath Kickstarter.

At the end of last week we asked for your feedback on which to do first: the Asterians or the GCPS – and there was some very sound reasoning as to why the Asterians should get the hard plastic treatment first.

We want to do both, and hopefully if we can get enough backers between now and the end we will do both.

First up though, are the Asterians…

NEW! $250,000 Asterian Infantry and Asterian Battlegroup

If we hit this stretch goal, we will fund a new Asterian Infantry sprue. It will include five basic figures, with options to add a unit commander.

Although they made their first appearance in Deadzone, this is first time they will have a force list for Warpath.

With this stretch goal comes the new Asterian Battlegroup. Same drill as before – you can include this as your one pick of Battlegroup in an Advanced Warfare pledge, or you can add it on to your pledge for $75.

Here’s a breakdown of what everything is:

Asterian Overseer

For all the sophistication of the Cyphers, the highly regimented training they undergo, combined with the physical distance of pilots from the combat zone, means that the Cypher teams will lack the vital spark and adrenaline that the immediacy of direct combat brings. Regardless of how well drilled they may be, each Cypher pilot is aware of their remove from direct danger. As unpredictable as they may be, the effectiveness of Kalyshi units has proven how valuable this direct contact may be. Thus, the role of ‘Overseer’ was created.

Unlike the field commanders of other races, the duties of an Overseer are actually shared equally between the ranking officers of each Clade. On the eve of battle, the ranking officers will be assembled and lots drawn to establish who will take the role of Overseer for the coming fight. Though a highly honoured and respected role, it is not one that comes naturally, placing them as it does directly into harm’s way and in danger of wasting their own life, against every doctrine which has been drilled into them from birth. However, they recognise the mutual benefit to the Clade as a whole – in the instant battle, there will be a ranking presence with the added impetus of adrenaline and real-time combat experience to motivate their decision making in the face of the enemy, and the ever-present possibility of that role coming up from battle to battle means that the officers of the Clade itself remain that bit less detached than they might otherwise become. In this way, the visceral needs of combat are met, whilst the universal balance that is so essential is preserved.

In the field, an Overseer will stay close behind the front line of the offensive, where they can observe the ebb and flow of battle and remain motivated to perform to the highest possible standard. They are usually armed for close combat, with charge gloves and energy pulses similar to those wielded by close combat Cypher variants and the Bo-Shasha – a spear-like weapon which delivers a powerful charge to the target on contact. Their armour is of light but deceptively strong construction, allowing them as much range of movement as possible, and they are equipped with a personal energy shield to bolster their chances of survival in the discharge of their hazardous duties. Such is the effect of their years of combat experience and training, they are able to remain calm even under extreme stimulus, enabling them to channel the adrenaline rush of combat to motivate their cognitive function rather than freeze it.

Unlike other races, the death of a commander will not render the force useless, as all of the senior Cypher pilots will have adequate experience to assume control of the mission. It will however inevitably reduce the purity and effectiveness of the team in their mission, and it is for this reason that Cypher teams will protect their overseer with great ferocity, even at the tactical cost of their own function.

Asterian Infantry

Simple robotic constructs in comparison to the elite Cyphers, these droids are nonetheless highly effective, commanded as they are by Asterian pilots no less disciplined than those in the clades. Junior ranks might each take control of a whole team, while more experienced officers can simultaneously operate one or more whole units. This multiplication of battlefield presence means huge numbers of warriors can be commanded by a much smaller cadre of pilots from the safety of a command vessel. Massed waves of Asterian firepower, unified and unstoppable, can then be turned on an enemy, washing them away while preserving the Balance and, most importantly, Asterian lives.

Asterian Cyphers

The Cyphers represent the ultimate solution to the question of enabling the Asterians to have eyes on the ground without having to put lives at risk. It is a solution that was developed over a long period of time, beginning with the earliest form of battlefield drone – mechanical puppets controlled by remote from orbit.

Cyphers allow the skills of an Asterian warrior to be utilised to their fullest extent, without the need for placing that warrior directly in harm’s way. They are the pinnacle of Asterian symbiotic technology, and one of the most potent weapons seen by the GCPS.

A Cypher is a biomechanical construct – a sophisticated combat chassis with certain biological components which assist with the interface process required for its operation. Each cypher is remotely controlled – usually from low orbit - by a pilot through a total immersion interface which allows the pilot to see, hear and act through the Cypher as if it were his or her own body. The Asterians’ natural affinity for technology is such that Cyphers themselves are very easy to reproduce, though the process of bonding between pilot and Cypher – known as the Sokuru – is one that takes time and patience if it is to be truly effective.

The Cypher is a flexible and adaptable unit, capable of being armed for a variety of purposes, from simple ‘Noh’ energy pulse rifles to missile launchers and exotic gauntlet based weaponry. It allows the pilot to practice swift and deadly warfare with vastly reduced risk to their actual person, though the violent disconnect that occurs upon the ‘death’ of a Cypher in the field can still cause neurological damage or even death dependent on the circumstances. In the event of the functional destruction of a Cypher in the field, the units are fitted with a sophisticated self-destruct mechanism which will literally dissolve the various biological and mechanical components into a fine dust within moments, leaving behind no physical trace. Combined with the Drone units which can be configured to carry heavy support weaponry or defensive energy shields, Cyphers form an incisive and fast moving strike force.

The set includes 15 Cyphers, with enough options to add 2 Cypher Primes and a variety of special weapons including Fission Beamer, Force Rifle and a Missile Launcher.

Note that unlike normal teams, Cyphers are taken in Triads of 3 soldiers in a team.

Asterian Kalyshi

The Kalyshi go to war in traditional warpaint and armed with bows and glaives, but only a fool would mistake them for simple savages - the Kalyshi are no less technologically advanced than any other Asterian. The bows and blades are powered by noh energy and quite capable of penetrating the toughest forged armour. Known for shocking charges, their lightness and speed means their chosen target is often cut to pieces before it has a chance to react.

5 metal miniatures armed with Bows and Glaives.

Asterian Shield Drone/Weapon Drones

Requiring a Cypher or a trooper to deploy support weaponry sufficient to deal with larger enemy targets and armour would be a waste of resources within a Cypher Clade. Heavy weaponry or shield generator technology would slow these elements down, introducing a dissonant note into the song of the Cyphers. The solution is the Drone – a sophisticated, semi –autonomous robotic unit which operates in support of Cypher teams.

The drone is an adaptable base unit, operating on an anti-grav propulsion system and able to be fitted with a range of different options to suit the mission. Mostly, they will be armed with either heavy support weaponry such as the Noh-energy cannon or the Force Cannon or a defensive shield generator which produces an energy shield capable of protecting an entire squad of Cyphers from incoming projectile fire.

Because these drones are entirely automated, they are considered as disposable, and a common tactic for Asterian Cypher teams who are exiting the battlefield under heavy fire is to set the Drones to perform a final frontal attack on the enemy which culminates in the overload and detonation of the on-board miniature fusion power cell. Though this is a waste of a resource, it is seen as an acceptable cost in return for the retrieval of Cyphers and any live Asterian troops in the area.

Includes 2 Drone platforms, 1 Fission Beamer, 1 Force Cannon and 1 Shield Generator.

Asterian Sky Razor

The Sky Razor is a sleek vehicle specially constructed to be piloted by a Cypher Unit on the battlefield. A pair of high energy jet propulsion units enable it to travel at high speed, while a sophisticated sensor suite fitted in the front cowling and hooked directly to the main senor suite of the Cypher unit gives it unparalleled battlefield awareness, which feeds back to the rest of the Clade in the field. It is utilised as a rapid response scout unit, able to respond to any emergent threat with ruthless speed and efficiency. Operating as mobile fire-suppression units, twinned Noh-energy blasters provide a rapid weight of fire to keep the enemy heads down while the rest of the force reacts as necessary.

More durable than a Black Talon, Sky Razors are still vulnerable if caught by a lucky shot, using their speed and armament to stay out of harm’s way as much as possible. Cypher pilots relish the additional mobility and firepower which a Sky Razor grants them, which they feel more than offsets the additional risk involved in their battlefield role. They are an invaluable part of a Cypher strike force, especially when facing superior enemy numbers, and a good Sky Razor pilot is a highly respected member of his Clade.

The Asterian Battlegroup is a powerful entity on the tabletop and our fifth faction on the Warpath Kickstarter.

If you want to see them get made please tell all of your friends about the Warpath Kickstarter. You can also add on the Asterian Battlegroup to your pledge now to help us fund the new kit.

Thanks – and lets get them unlocked!

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    1. Clam on

      @Mantic Quick question, will the hard plastic Veer-Myn Night Crawlers/Stalkers from the Deadzone Infestation campaign become available as an individual infantry add-on in this campaign, too ? (Now that the pathfinders and steel warriors have been added?)

    2. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      @kyle you mean the round bit on the drones faces the cyphers are the ones nicely painted

    3. Jérôme Lambert on

      Pledge calculator updated with the following addons:

      -1 Box of Enforcer Troopers (5 by box)
      -2 Box of Enforcer Troopers (5 by box)
      -4 Box of Enforcer Troopers (5 by box)
      -1 Box of Enforcer Pathfinders + D.O.G Drone (6 by box)
      -2 Box of Enforcer Pathfinders + D.O.G Drone (6 by box)
      -4 Box of Enforcer Pathfinders + D.O.G Drone (6 by box)
      -Enforcer Peacekeepers (5)
      -1 Box of Steel Warriors (5 by box)
      -2 Box of Steel Warriors (5 by box)
      -4 Box of Steel Warriors (5 by box)
      -Forge Guard (6)
      -Battlegroup - Asterian

    4. Kyle Gibson on

      Love the Asterian look except the faces on the Cyphers... ouch that's one ugly face - robot or not :/; the rest of the model looks so detailed and contoured. The round hole doesn't fit.

    5. Fomorian on

      Woah those Asterians look really awesome!

      But i go with the Heracles Set instead. Could you please make the Strider Walker available as an Addon, but only one model instead of 3. Want to add one to my pledge please :).

      Best regards

    6. Arthur Monteath-Carr on

      Kalyashi are awesome. IRL we have people who go bow hunting when we have perfectly serviceable shotguns, why wouldn't we have nutter survivalists In Space!?

    7. Jonathan Haythornthwaite on

      Glad to see the Asterians!
      Any chance of a Veer-Myn infantry add-on like the Enforcers and Forge Fathers get? Have a feeling we will need LOTS of these guys...

    8. VaultAge on

      yup. and the poses have also been critized along with the lack of scifi style of their weapons and outfit.
      they could be played in a fantasy set but in a scifi ?
      i really think mantic has to review the design here, it is out of place in a scifi set, even if these are embodying the tradition of the asterians

    9. Zaid Fouquette on

      Vicious. Are these the same Kalyshi from DZ2?

    10. Missing avatar

      Kumquat on

      I think the Asterian infantry poses could be improved. I know it's the angle but one looks like it's scratching its ass out of boredom

    11. Not Bob on

      Paint the Kaleshi blue and they're Yondu from the classic GOTG comic...which is what I'll be doing. =D

    12. Vegabond on

      Instead of bows they could have wrist firing darts or explosives. Come on get futuristic!

    13. "DUMP" on

      That being said, I'm not sure they will find there way into my Sci-Fi armies either. But I know my wife will love them.

    14. "DUMP" on

      If you don't like the Kaleshi as they are, sell them and proxy something that you like better.
      They will not be going to go down a different route with them as they are already in production for the DZ:I fulfillment. If KoW is any indication even in tournaments you can field 25% of your forces with non-mantic mini's so it is no big deal.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alexander Callos

      Yeah, what pcalvi said. "I'll never understand the appeal of a super future, hi tech race that has something like that."

      Exactly; it takes away from the whole setting. Please consider going down a different route.

    16. MRiley on

      @pcalvi - there's something to be said for tradition - especially if that particular sect of a race is effective at their jobs XD

      Also, the Kalyshi are units from Deadzone, so the background and such is already there (but not finalized with publishing).

    17. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      Pledge increased as promised :) Fund me those droids I am looking for!

    18. Esser-Z on

      @Brad the Huscarl in the battlegroup/starter is on the Forge Guard sprue, so you get 6, one of which is a leader sculpt.

    19. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      I like the new infantry but I beg you guys to get rid of the bows and arrows. I'll never understand the appeal of a super future, hi tech race that then has something like that.

    20. MRiley on

      Asterians are delightfully doofy. Hopefully some hard plastic Cyphers are on the roadmap (though a considerable way down the road - vehicles first!).

    21. Missing avatar

      Dennis Browning-Saunders on

      Got to say, even though they are (fluff-wise) a poor man's cypher, the infantry rock. I'll be getting more than just the twenty to start off with (if it is secured, of course).

    22. VaultAge on

      same assumption, just need mantic to confirm drop team has the same weapons options as forge guards (which they are basically) with extra metal weapons

    23. euansmith

      @VaultAge, I think that the Hammerfist Forge Fathers have extra metal bits to make the orbital insertion packs.

    24. Nick on

      I wish I was rich enough right now to donate $14000 to get the Asterians going.

    25. VaultAge on

      same question :
      @mantic : what's the difference between the forge guards addon and the hammerfist drop team, plasticwise ?
      do they come with the same plastic weapons options ?

    26. Brad Fuhrmann on

      Do we get 5 or 6 members in the drop squad tho? Battlegroup has 5 in it, yet the Forge Guard have 6.

    27. E

      +1 to Tristan, is the difference between the Forge Guard and drop squad the addition of the metal bits for the drop squad?

    28. Missing avatar

      Dale Holton on

      Whats the chances of getting the enforcers with the shields as part of an add on rather than just the peacekeepers with shields

    29. Missing avatar

      Tyler Schulz on

      The droids are definitely handsome! Breath of fresh air in the warpath universe!

    30. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Arch + Jason - Should be two Sky Razors. Good spot!

    31. David Smith on

      Thumbs up for the Asterians, they will now keep me with my pledge - now need a orbat for them so we know what add on's to buy.

    32. Honking Weasel on

      The asterism models look awesome

    33. PCS Dane on

      Really like the renders for the plastic drone infantry. Hope they will be available as add-on :-)

    34. Sean Jamison

      Thanks team!

    35. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      Jason just beat me too ot.
      Sky razor missing from battlegroup graphic.
      Time to work out how much I can get away with increasing my pledge by

    36. Tristan Coulson on

      Is there any reason to get Forge Guard for $15 if the Hammerfest Drop squad made from them is the same price?

    37. Jason Martin on

      The Asterian battlegroup says you get 3 Sky Razors but the picture only shows two. I assume Sky Razors are like jet bikes and are used in teams of two.
      Im really excited about the Asterians and I think Ill have to find a way to budget it in.
      Thanks Mantic

    38. PCS Dane on

      Hmmm.... Asterians entering the battlefield in numbers, and in sort-of light armour...?

      Not too keen on the idea...

    39. E

      Sweet!! Asterians and Steel Warriors!! Yes!!

    40. Sielle

      ~throws more money at the screen~ Damn you Mantic! I just hope this doesn't cost me as much as the first DZ KS did! Oh well, at least I have plenty to keep me busy painting for probably years to come.

    41. Sergent Zimm on

      I really want marauders!

    42. Jan Goldbeck on

      Guess this will make alot of money :)