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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Christian Trebbien on

      ASTERIANS. We don't need more genetic humans

    2. Missing avatar

      will k on

      i have a soft spot for droid-robot armies, so id say asterians. however, id like to see some more units than just the teaser art!

      i love the GCPS look, it probably being something ill enjoy more than enforcers.

    3. Esser-Z on

      @Scott but then we couldn't make TRAINS out of it, and that'd just be NO GOOD!

    4. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      @ Mantic:

      I am a bit concerned that despite good efforts by Mantic on the miniatures front, there's still no whiff of anything like close-to-final rules or lists shown yet...

      So those of us with lots of DZ models (ahem... ) are left wondering what (if?) we need to get in model-terms to have playable forces for either version of Warpath.

      I'm also wondering if single-squad offers will be made available for those who want to top-up their pledges rather double-up on what we've got coming in this and/or other Mantic KS?

    5. jsmulan on

      ASTERIANS please I love them for deadzone and would love to see them in hard plastic!

    6. Mojomancer on

      I would prefer to see the GCPS over the Asterians mostly because the GCPS remind me a lot of ODSTs from Halo and I love ODSTs!

    7. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      I think the tunneler is a good concept but could bebetter if it would be coming up out of the ground.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jacob Antunes on

      Asterians master race!

    9. E

      Asterians baby!!

    10. Tony Hopkins on

      GCPS please!

      I want a good few troopers to help me field my existing Marauders and Rebs as new Warpath armies, and I want vehicles I can use for Plague/Rebs/Marauders too :) Oh, and any leftover GCPS trooper parts and weapons could be used to add interest to my Plague zombies too.

      I've nothing against Asterians, but I think at this point in the campaign GCPS makes a better, much more versatile choice. I'm sure Asterians will come in good time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Luc Marciguey on

      I vote for Asterians.
      While the sketch of GCPS is really interresting me, there is already lots of alternative for GCPS: Defiance games, dreamforge eisenkern stromtroopers, wargame factory greatcoat, GW catachan or cadian, Even Mantic own corporation marines (I have a lots of them...)

      Asterian would be something knew

    12. Missing avatar

      Pejay on


      Love the Asterians, excited for them, and love robots, but I want to see more GCPS!

    13. Pedwidge on

      Asterians! We didn't get the hard plastic troops in Dead Zone, so it would be great to see some here.

    14. Samuel Thrower on

      @Lautsi I've seen that kill kickstarters before. By feeding us one at a time we slowly plod through. The closer to the end they will reveal more and more.

    15. Greg Hendry on

      Seems wrong that the VeerMyns special vehicle is just twice as big, I was expecting a conversion to make a secret doomsday chemical weapon, dig up into an entrenched enemy and make them glow! That's not to say I am not planning on picking these up! ;)

    16. Lautsi on

      Asterians next please! There is big enough supply for sci-fi marines already so something unique would be nice.
      And please, would it kill you to reveal more stretch goals (like 3-5 at once) than just the next one?

    17. Ravenwing on

      GCPS please :) would be awesome!

    18. CaGeRit

      I thought I had my army decided. It was corp/peace keepers. Now you gotta pull me apart with this tunneler. Love the concept. I'd also love to see different compartments for it. Transport, a gun section, command section, one to turn it into a mobile bunker, one specialized to carry a light buggy, etc.

    19. scarletsquig on

      Really like the tunneler! The extendability is genius. :)

      And this time the upgrade is something you can make with multiples of the plastic kit anyway, which is great.

    20. Shaggy on

      GCPS please, that concept art looked incredible �

    21. Missing avatar

      Mr B Hollands on

      The tunneler looks good and will be a must have for me .Corporation next please

    22. Missing avatar

      Xaltor on

      Corporation please!

    23. euansmith

      I would like to see the Asterians coming up next as I would like to buy a nice and easy to paint army :D

      The Tunneler is great; though I think it looks more like a Forge Father contraption. The extended compartment idea if fantastic. Any chance of a scale shot of the Tunneler artwork with a mini beside it.

    24. VaultAge on

      I confess i dont dig at all the tunneler concept... Too easy as it just looks like a contemporary tunneler... Too neat and functional for veermyns
      I would expect to have something more menacing and a more scifi (like a giant Spider with grinding legs)...
      And furthermore the current design seems that it can only dig tunnels on a straight line and never able to turn or to climb to get out of the ground...

    25. David Smith on

      Astarians, as there are already too many human models on the marketmarket that look exactly the same as these new humans.

    26. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      There is enough generic marine forces out there and I want something different.

    27. Mark Cunningham

      GCPS please.

    28. Arthur Monteath-Carr on

      I need that gif of the cute Mexican girl saying "why can't we have both?"

      Failing that, GCPS first. I know other companies do near-future SF troops but 1) not at Mantics price point and quality, and 2) they're more likely to have cross-system appeal and thus bring in more backers, hopefully meaning we'll also get enough people to also fund Asterians.

      Not gonna lie tho, that Asterian flyer is damn smexay.

    29. Dan Start

      Definitely corporation marines

    30. Jason Martin on

      Asterians. i think doing something a little different before you add another human army would be a good idea. I know space elves arent a new idea I think Mantics take on them in Deadzone make them very interesting. Although if the GCPS come with some interesting vehicles that can also be coverted to plague that could be a good selling point.

    31. Zaid Fouquette on

      Love the tunneler, but any chance a future variant might have a sort of Ninja Turtles drill-vehicle head instead of the tri-grinders?

    32. Missing avatar


      I need one the variant tunnelers to have a big drill in front, like Shredder's driller

    33. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      GCPS please. With vehicles that can also be used by Rebs and Plague.

    34. Missing avatar

      MAGnum on

      I will say asterians but would love some Reb love and marauders if possible :)

    35. Missing avatar

      MAGnum on

      @Craig I'm just I've in Lakeland but work in Tampa!

    36. Capt. Dan on

      GCPS all the way for me

    37. Timmoth on

      Asterians are interesting to me, but that tunneler is freakin' awesome, and the extendability is genius! I didn't think I'd be spending too much on this but I have to have that tuneller battlegroup too now.

    38. R Stalter

      I'm changing my vote from GCPS to Asterians, I just saw a prelim rendition of a possiable vehical for them and I'm sold

    39. Missing avatar

      Craig Sniffen on

      Big stretch but does it anyone here play in the Tampa Bay / St. Pete area?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Asterians, because they look amazing
      Not as good as the veer min I will get though....

    41. R Stalter

      GCPS has my vote although I'm also interested in asterians

    42. ExMudgunner on

      Said this in the main thread, but again: GCPS first, then Asterians. But Mantic would do better if they gave the Rebs and Marauders something as well. Be creative--cross-faction vehicles would go a long way.