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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      @ Mantic:

      I agree that the ration of Zombies to 3Gen in the battlegoup force needs to be evened up or swapped round from what it is now. I have something like fifty Zombies already from DZ, and I don't personally see the appeal of playing an army that is 80% chaff.

      Also, given that there are likely to be lots of 3Gen models in a typical Plague army, any chance that the new sprue can be upped to ten models rather than five? Allowing for parts-swapping, this would provide *so* much more variation, especially when mixed selectively with Zombie parts, and would help make them more desirable I feel.

      Anyway, good work on the new 3Gen design too - I actually liked the DZ ones, but the new plastic ones you've shown have picked up all the niggles I had about them. Well done! :0)

    2. Brad Fuhrmann on

      @Mantic I noticed the FF Battlegroup doesn't include the Hammerfist team on the main page.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kumquat on

      Before it was revealed I had wanted to get a plague battlegroup, but that is way more zombies than I would ever want or need when I consider the amount that I already have. Really hope they do something to make this battlegroup more attractive (swap zombies and gen 3s, reduce zombies and add dogs, gen 2s, plague strider, etc)

    4. MRiley on

      @Brad, if you're referencing the Plague army set, that doesn't become available until after the plastic 3rd gens are funded. Ergo, it won't be on the main page of options until it's actually available

    5. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Brad - as far as I can tell, the main campaign page is fully up to date.

    6. Brad Fuhrmann on

      Any chance of updating the main campaign page?

    7. Jan Goldbeck on

      Nice, might get a Plague starter :)

    8. Jérôme Lambert on


      I updated the pledge calculator on King pledger with the following addons:
      -Plastic Warpath Counter Set
      -Warpath Command Dice (8)
      -Black D6 Dice Set (50)
      -Enforcer Lt. Roca
      -Forge Lord Ingulf Krestürsson and Padd
      -Hacker Hail-Tail
      -Jetbike Squadron (10)
      -Strider Formation (3)
      -Iron Ancestor Formation (3)
      -Battlegroups - Plague
      -1 Box of Plague 3rd Gens (5 by box)
      -2 Box of Plague 3rd Gens (5 by box)
      -4 Box of Plague 3rd Gens (5 by box)

      Have fun :)

    9. Devilmixer on

      looks good Mantic

    10. Matthew Wilkinson on

      Not going to pick up the plauge as an army yet.....BUT those 3rd gens look grate!

    11. MRiley on

      Well, I don't need any more Plague Zombies, so thanks for giving a price break on the 3rd gens! They look great!

    12. Matt Price on

      Wow, wait a minute! Those look like you're moving away from the horrible huge-shoulder, tiny-feet art style you ill-advisedly have been using the past few kickstarters...! Are those plague dudes slightly more "naturally" (whatever that means...) proportioned?

      I may just have to pick some up! I want to see some close ups please! Those look WAY better than the deadzone plaguers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Brandon Johns on

      I would really like to see Mantic squeeze a plague dog on the sprue.

    14. Missing avatar

      Steven Bach on

      Hmm, if the zombies attack everything not themselves including the Plagued, why would they be in an army with the Plagued?

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin Riddle on

      hmm, thinking about it, could there be a new Plague Hero too?
      a new Stage 1 ???
      a Vehicle? maybe a converted Technical truck the Civilians had put together, great against infantry, but not armor (or can be switched to a Recoiless Rifle for mining, I mean, to take on hard targets)

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Riddle on

      Thanks for doing the Add-ons for each faction Hero!
      New Stage 3's look awesome!!
      I can't wait to get them

    17. Jason Brock AoUA on

      Yessss! Veer-myn Tunneler! Can't wait to see more!

    18. The D of D&E on

      the new 3rd gens look so much better than the old ones, thank you Mantic!

    19. Arthur Monteath-Carr on

      Is the new sprue compatible with the zombie sprues? I'd like to mix some of the female torsos into the Stage 3s for some variety.

    20. "DUMP" on

      I think you are correct on the ratios being backwards I think they will be a lot more Plague BZ's sold if it is 40 3rd to 20 zombies.

    21. "DUMP" on

      I'm getting 2 of the $20 sets, I have all the rest from DZ and DZI. BOOM! Plague army. Done.

    22. Marcin AKA schizoferret on

      No! Not the zombies please! Seems like I'm out of luck this time. I'll be certainly getting new 3rds, but hope that zombies aren't required for competitive play as I don't want to paint any more before retirement...

    23. William Stilwell on

      @DR, I agree, I though they had that reversed. I'm just getting the plastic 3rd gems since I have everything else.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tyler Schulz on

      This is the one I have been waiting for. That stage 2 concept art is amazing, and the new Stage 3's are fantastic! Keep it up!

    25. "DUMP" on

      and that is another $40

    26. D R

      I have so many plague zombies from the Deadzone kickstarter that I would like the battlegroup to contain 40 3rd Gens and 20 zombies instead.