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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
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Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Well that’s a fantastic start to the day – the kickstarter exclusive variant of the Veer-myn character Hacker Half-Tail is funded and included free in the Veer-myn Battlegroup!

Up next is a doozy of a goal ;)

$200,000 UPGRADE Enforcer Persecutor Bomber PLUS Enforcer Arbiter Upgrade

Developed as a fast response ground support vehicle, the XSM-786 Persecutor excels in tasks requiring the rapid deployment of high yield explosive ordnance and termination of pre-tagged and live laser-marked targets. Range and speed are lower than similar airframed craft, but the Persecutor still packs a mean punch. Two dual-core high-density projectile weapons can be carried beneath the aircraft’s wings for bunker-busting and anti-armour missions while a payload of high-spread guided munitions has proved to be highly effective against massed infantry.

If we hit this goal, we will upgrade the hard plastic Enforcer Interceptor to include the Persecutor Bomber upgrade, giving you more choice and variety in how you build your vehicle.

The kit will include a number of missiles and missile pods.

This means that you can now build the Interceptor in either the Accuser or Persecutor variants.

Accuser Interceptor
Accuser Interceptor
Persecutor Bomber
Persecutor Bomber

You can choose to include a free Enforcer Interceptor as part of an Advanced Warfare pledge, or add on single Enforcer Interceptors for $30.

NEW! Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroup - $75 for 3 vehicles and resin Arbiter upgrade kit

As part of this stretch goal, we will put together the Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroup. It consists of three Interceptor kits that can either be built as Accuser or Persecutor variants.

Furthermore, the Interceptor Battlegroup will also contain the components to build one Enforcer Interceptor as an Arbiter - a flyer equipped for dealing with heavily armoured vehicles.

This resin upgrade kit includes components to add Polaris Cannons and grenade dispensers to the wings, as well as a decoy flare launcher.

Polaris cannons are designed for taking out heavily armoured targets, as opposed to the troop-killing burst lasers on the Accuser. In addition, the flares will protect the ship from incoming missiles, and the grenades will create a smokescreen to protect the disembarking troops as they land.

As you can imagine, this heavy gunship packs a heck of a punch. The Arbiter upgrade kit will only be available through the Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroup on this Kickstarter.

How do I get an Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroup?

You can choose the Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroup as part of a pledge of Advanced Warfare, instead of choosing the two player set or a standard Battlegroup. That means if you already have lots of infantry and elite soldiers, you can go straight in for the vehicles.

You can also add on Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroups for $75 each.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Guges on

      You just created my dream pledge. How did you know?

    2. Missing avatar

      Randy and Christy Lofton

      Any possibility of getting Hacker Half-Tail as an add on? We have Veer-myn from Pandora (seemingly unavailable now and never really updated to cover other races (opps, sorry for rant!)) and Deadzone and would like to add another character.


    3. Missing avatar

      Mr B Hollands on

      Why not put the parts in as an add on so that all can benifit from the upgrade

    4. Daniel Cassidy

      I got to agree with mantic here while i disagree with their strategy of giving the enforcers 3 new flyers when other armies don't even have proper troop formation let alone a tank to their name but 3 flyers even if they had all been the basic design is good value but you have 3 varients now 2 of which can be built on all three and hopefully that will stem the escalation as if there is no limit on arbitors except for availability then its just an arms race and pay to win.

      I do hope mantic have done their home work in regards to rapid escalation, and the pay to win culture that i feel lead to the down fall of their would be competition

    5. Missing avatar

      Mr B Hollands on

      I must say that its a bit mean that you have to buy the whole battle group to get the Arbiter conversion parts.

    6. Crimson Ghost on

      I am in love with these. Any chance of seeing interior or rear photos? I'm curious of the size opening in the rear and if there are interior details. Thanks

    7. Greg Hendry on

      Love it! what other company would give you three large flyers with upgrade options for 50 quid?

    8. "DUMP" on

      OH and @Ben B, great idea on the magnet pre drill. I have several different sizes but not the 3x1mm ones. are they pretty standard from the hobby shops?

    9. "DUMP" on

      @Mantic, will the upgrade kit be available through retail later or Mantic Points? or is it exclusive to that battlegroup (either during theKS or later at retail)

    10. Jason Brock AoUA on

      What about a Veer-min vehicle?

    11. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Spartan Baby Inspector - I'm sorry to hear that! We thought that a $15 discount on three vehicles with 2 variants, and a free set of exclusive resin upgrade parts was quite the deal!

    12. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      @webkeeper playtest rule set can be downloaded from mantic blog, will give you an idea.

      @BenB 2nd the idea of magnet holes, will save me soo much time.

      @David Smith yes you need 4 planes, where else can you get so much for so little. The question should be do I stop at 4? �

    13. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      Way to my wallet Mantic

    14. Jason McFarland on

      I'm hoping there will be a mix and match vehicle option for those of us collecting multiple armies

    15. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      Interceptor Battlegroup doesn't really seem worth it. Maybe if it includes enough parts to build three Arbiters.

    16. David Smith on

      Well that's a kick in the nuts, having to spend an extra $75 to get bits for the plane, crap move Mantic. Do we really want or need 4 planes for this game?

    17. Benjamin B on

      Any chance the Interceptor can be designed with 3mm x 1mm cylinder holes where the weapon options would go so they can be easily magnetized? Granted it's not difficult to make on our own if we want to magnetize, but a little touch like that on the vehicle design would be awesome!

    18. CK Lai on

      Very nice, but how do they work in the game?

    19. Alastair Christie on

      Fantastic! Love the look and scale of the Interceptors. Very nice indeed!