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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
3,355 backers pledged $484,917 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bloodguard on

      Any word on those missing mules? Just wondering when they will show up seeing as I have 3 missing from the battlesets… Didn't think I needed to submit a ticket as it was a known problem. Should I be submitting a ticket?

    2. Missing avatar

      Ben Raynor on

      @james Scott thanks for the update, I did think that was the situation just wanted to check as not had any feedback regarding the situation.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      @Ben Raynor
      The missing mules from the battle group is known issue, they already have a list of everyone that was supposed to get one but didn't. It was a computer problem.
      So no you don't have to do anything else but wait patiently... no idea how long it will take though.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Raynor on

      I'm still waiting on my missing Mule from battle group. (In uk) I did open a ticket but got a message saying that the missing mules were known about and would be sorted but then got a message about setting up an account ànd then another saying that the tickets would be considered closed. Does this mean I will be sent my missing Mule or do I need to set up another ticket and an account etc etc to get my stuff?

    5. Shem on

      @Pejay: the tiny bits are propably part of the front wheels suspension, which is three parts per side.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      Mules, chira and hornets. That's it from me.

      They dry fit quite well, I think Mantic have learnt a lot of lessons about their kits (thank goodness). Most of both kits make sense but instructions are definitely needed (still can't work out what two tiny bits for the Mules are for).

      I'm happy with this kickstarter.

    7. Missing avatar

      George on

      Received my remaining Mules as well in Michigan, USA. After nearly three years, that concludes this Kickstarter for me. Maybe see some of you at the Warpath Wave 2 KS... Maybe. LOL.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on

      Coming back to this page to say I finally got my Mule, making this Kickstarter complete.
      Even with all the delays the models produced are stellar and were well worth the wait.

    9. Crimson Ghost on

      Got My Mules today KS Complete. Thank You Mantic

    10. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      ITs not an extra chain gun, its a replacement one that looks more plague like.

    11. Missing avatar

      George on

      Anyone know what the extra Hornet chin gun that is in the Plague bits bag is supposed to be?

    12. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      The Veer myn tunneller transport section upgrade is for sale on the website now, for those like me who need to get extras.
      Such an awesome kit.

    13. Capt. Dan on

      Ok i have just receive my hornet but as i can see i am not the only one that have a missing mule so now i need to open a ticket for it ha and i am in Canada for those who wonder if we start to receive our beauty

    14. Gimgamgoo on

      Well, as I said earlier, my missing Plague Mule parts came less than a week from opening a ticket. Today, my missing Mule from the GCPS battlegroup arrived.
      Nice one Mantic for sorting it out so quick.
      Also, damn you Mantic for making such awesome vehicles I'll have to put an order in for more. :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Indy on

      Anyone in Canada get their shipment yet?

    16. Missing avatar

      George on

      I was missing a Hornet from my latest shipment. Opened a ticket on May 7 and it was resolved within 24 hours. My missing Hornet showed up today. Credit where credit is due, good job Mantic.

    17. Sam Murdock on

      Well... just got my chroma... with double ups for half of the chroma only bits and missing half the chira bits. No probs though. I sold my warpath over a year ago :P

    18. Crimson Ghost on

      Damn Scott, Salty much?

    19. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      Are you serious? Or is this a troll?
      This kickstarter is in the end stages. Everything has shipped out, most of it long long ago.
      Perhaps check the update section... and do actually read them.

    20. Not Bob on


      So when will the missing Mules ship?

    21. Sardorim on

      So, like... I never did get a notice long ago about my pledge... Did it ever ship? Cuz I never received anything about it.

      Is there a place to track it?

      I did the $1 pledge than did the add on stuff at that website we were directed at while the campaign was going on.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      You asked a question, that's literally been answered hundreds of time. Not to mention if you have all the bases you need, why would you expect to get more bases? They literally came the first wave. So if you have all of them that you need, why would you be concerned if you suspose to get more. Would you not think its odd they hand out bases for models you don't have?
      You question has been answered hundreds of times in the past. Its been in updates. Perhaps, pay attention.

    23. Crimson Ghost on

      That's complaining? Really? Ha ha ha. I asked a question...

    24. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      @Crimson Ghost
      I dont know. To give people like you something to complain about?

    25. DaveC on

      Regarding the Mule wheels to get the hubs to fit in the wheel easily put the tyre into hot (almost boiling) water - not the hub, leave it for about 30 seconds to soften then you can easily push the hub into the tyre. Once it cools down again the tyre will lock firmly around the hub - no glue needed.

    26. Gimgamgoo on

      WIthin a week, Mantic corrected my missing Plague parts for the Plague Mule.
      It's a great model. Can't wait for my GCPS Mule to come too. I know there's loads of people asking how to build Mantic vehicles all the time. They're so simple. 5 mins figuring out a dry fit is all it takes to puzzle them out. Except for the wheel hubs on the mule, every Mantic vehicle fits together so easily too. They're a joy to build. Thanks Mantic!

    27. Crimson Ghost on

      Ok so why put it on a manifest then?

    28. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      @crimson ghost
      Its been posted hundreds of times, and even been in a few updates, that all the infantry figure bases where part of the first wave shipment. So you should already have them by now.

    29. Crimson Ghost on

      I found this on YouTube Here's for anybody having trouble assembling a Hornet

      Also I got no figure bases shown on the manifest but not in package is the same for everybody else?

    30. Missing avatar

      marco messina on

      How can look at my pledge in the pledge manager?

    31. Missing avatar

      James Scott on

      @Peter Hughes
      They are super easy kits, they don't need instructions.
      However, if you need instructions... I suggest a simple youtube search. Mantic was posting videos there, as are others. Takes like six seconds.

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Hughes on

      Does anyone have instructions for hornets and mules to help assemble them?

    33. Alastair Christie on

      Just received the hornets and mules... well this one has been a long haul.

    34. james campbell on

      update for my order. they are sending me a flight stand. my order was ment to have plague parts. So I got two things bonus plague parts for the two other hornets.

    35. james campbell on

      @van raynor battle groups didn't get shipped they will be in their own wave . Mantuc said it was a system error.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ben Raynor on

      Just got my 3 hornets but no mule from battle group?

    37. Not Bob on

      Still nothing here in Kansas.

    38. james campbell on

      and no flight stand.

    39. james campbell on

      Just received missing hornet. Landing struts a little distressed and no plague parts but at least I got it. Now just one mule and it's all over.

    40. Missing avatar

      George on

      Anyone else notice that the Hornets have door gunners but the model's profile does not?

    41. Missing avatar

      George on

      The Mules and Hornets seem to be quite intimidating at first since what you literally get is a baggie full of loose parts. The tolerances on the parts is actually close enough to nearly build the whole model without glue. I think Mantic really did a good job logically thinking through how each piece would fit together.

    42. Devilmixer on

      Thanks mate
      I think I figured it out

    43. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bloodguard on

      @ Devilmixer
      Not that I know of, but it is fairly simple as far as vehicle models go. Just dry fit everything extensively and use pictures to double check it. If you need more advice, just let me know. You should be able to have almost the whole model dry fitted without glue.

    44. Devilmixer on

      So I got my mules to day, is there a place I can see a construction guide?

    45. Missing avatar

      Adrian Matthews on

      @Michael Whelan
      Plague Mules and Chira arrived yesterday in Ireland for me also. From a casual inspection, the plastic parts all look well sculpted. Looking forward to assembling them when I get time.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bloodguard on

      Caution!!! The mule wheels are directional! There is a left and a right wheel! If you wish for all the treads to face the same directions you need to make sure you have them on the correct way.

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael Whelan on

      Mule & Hornet arrived inIreland today. The Mule is a very easy kit to assemble, haven't tried the Hornet yet. The long wait for delivery doesn't bother me too much because I've so much stuff to paint!

    48. Ross 'Marquis' Lewis on

      Is the sensor panel for the front of the Asterian Chroma/Chira supposed to have four holes - I thought the sensors were supposed to be solid, like optic lenses?

    49. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Not Bob On it. Sorry about the delay, you basically hit us up on the Open Day.

    50. Not Bob on

      Mantic, please respond to my messages.

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