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Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dan Scarfe just now

      The plague vehicles haven’t been released to KS yet have they?

    2. Maarten Devoldere 4 days ago

      any news? anything at all? even send a ticket on mantic site thats sitting there for over a week :(

    3. Missing avatar

      George on February 13

      Thank you, Mantic for releasing the FAQ document; it has been a long time coming.
      And please don't wait 28 more months to release the next one. Now that some questions have been answered, the next wave of questions is rolling in.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Scott on February 6

      Honestly, I doubt a FAQ/Errata high on their list.
      They haven't even really pushed out any real effort to Launch Warpath/Firefight, yet. So why rush for something that's just not as needed, as say get the game out in the market and get it being played.
      Warpath/Firefight isn't being played much at all, right now. No internet coverage and barely any youtube coverage.
      Everyone is still coming off the buzz of the "great" new 40k edition. So I think Mantic just said, "why rush". 8th edition 40k is only now starting to lose some of its shine. So in those regards, I can see thier point I guess.
      Just doesn't seem to be any reason to rush or push warpath/firefight.

      GW was really on the ball this time, they pushed the new edition out the door at the perfect moment to really blow a hole in Mantics plans. Perhaps a bit of payback.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Scott on February 6

      @Scott beil
      As of last month....
      "As the manufacturers make amendments to the tools, we're entering into the last leg of the process before mass production. Once we're satisfied with the finished models, we'll push the button and have production dates (and therefore shipping dates) for your vehicles. We are sorry for the delay, but the wait is almost over!"

      I get being impatient, I too am waiting for my GCPS vehicle kits.
      However they literally can not give you an update, that they do not have themselves. Its been a month since the last update. So hopefully they got through the "amendments" phase, that they mentioned, and are ready for the next phase.
      However it is now into Feb. which means Chinese new year, and all industry shuts down for them... so no chance of getting an accurate time table now.
      If you want accurate information, You gotta wait until next month. That's just how things are at this point. They wont have any accurate scheduling until after the Chinese new year.

    6. Missing avatar

      scott beil on February 4

      @Mantic I have been a huge supporter for some time. I am reaching the point in which I feel I must say, you have had my money completion dares have come and gone and we still have no idea when we'll get our stuff. Unfortunately this will be the last Mantic ķs that I will be backing. Now I know that these types of posts don't get responded to but could you at least give us a delivery date for what is left!

    7. Missing avatar

      George on February 2

      Personally, I think that an FAQ/errata document is long overdue. The campaign ended almost 28 months ago and we still have not had any official answers to the rules questions. I don't work for Mantic but I, as an outsider looking in, have a difficult time understanding how no one has gotten around to this important topic yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew on February 1

      How come dreadball has an faq already and nothing for warpath?!?! Have mantic given up?

    9. Dimonju on January 30

      Yeah, +1 to what the guys below are saying. Also a photo of the plague hornet and plague mule please.

    10. Missing avatar

      George on January 30

      Or a date for the desperately needed FAQ and errata?

    11. Capt. Dan on January 29

      Hi guy's do you have a date for the shipping of the Hornet and the Mule ??

    12. billy pistole on January 24

      Thanks! I wanted to let everyone know this issues is being resolved and seems like my ticket slipped through a crack but all is progressing now.

      Thanks to those that added their thoughts here.

    13. Mantic Games 15-time creator on January 24

      Hi @billy pistole, really sorry about you're ticket not being answered. We'll reply and get this resolved ASAP

    14. billy pistole on January 23

      My ticket, #14219, has been opened for 52 days and 21 hours? That seems pretty patient to me. I've still received no meaningful response. I've still have not received a response other than to say they are looking into it and that was over a month ago. I've replied back to the ticket asking for an update but do not get a reply.

      @Mantic, Can you please check on this ticket and get back to me? This is becoming quite frustrating.

    15. Eric
      on January 18

      @James Scott - I've had an issue with them that I had to add to a ticket after nothing was done for a month+ after a response from them. Everything got sorted in the end. You're right about not opening a new ticket but sometimes they need a reminder you are there.

      @Billy Pistole - I would suggest you close the new ticket and just add to the original one so that they can see you've been waiting to have your issue resolved for a long time and raise its priority.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Scott on January 18

      @billy pistole
      Be careful with opening multiple tickets, or spamming emails. It never seems to help, and in fact always seems to muck things up for the people that do it.

      When ever I have an issue, I send in a single ticket. Then its a waiting. They rarely if ever have contacted me back. My missing items just show up at my door, eventually. Back during deadzone one KS I waited for three months, before stuff just showed up one day.
      THey have gotten a lot better these days, I think the longest I waited with the my last missing item ticket was a month.

      I know saying be patient and wait, isn't much of a helpful remark. But honestly its all I have ever done, and its always worked for me.

    17. billy pistole on January 17

      I have, I just opened a second one though. Maybe that will help.

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Bloodguard on January 16

      Should of had those months ago. Open a support ticket for them, letting them know you have not received your tunnelers yet.

    19. billy pistole on January 16

      Has anyone received their vermyn tunnerlers? I got an email saying they were shipped but I have not received them and I have had no luck getting an answer from Mantic if they have actually been shipped to me.


    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew on January 10

      @Mantic - It would be nice if you could state for good whether the Plague Mule kits allows you to build a GCPS mule... I've been told via email you can, but that was before your update that suggests the opposite...

    21. Eric
      on January 8

      @Riptide X-7 - I'm wondering the same, and if the Mule can still be made as GCPS or Plague. Initially the Mule was resin with extra Plague bits for the Plague, don't remember seeing anything about specific faction kits when they announced it was going hard plastic but the latest update has me wondering about these kits now...

    22. Crimson Ghost on January 4

      @ James Scott- I called it didn't I? ;)

    23. Riptide X-7 on January 4

      I still want to know - like the hornet, is the mule's plage parts included, or are they an optional add on? Obviously you could only build one, but I find myself wishing I'd purchased the plague versions, and I want to be sure.

    24. George Adsett-Knutsen on January 4

      @mantic Nice update

    25. Mantic Games 15-time creator on January 4

      Update out with pics of test shots!

    26. Alastair Christie on January 4

      @Mantic - could I request an update on the Mules and Hornets please?

    27. Missing avatar

      Alistair Austin on January 2

      Good news...Mantic blog says Hornet will be available in 2018... (sigh...)

    28. Dave Rini on December 31

      Any new updates from the kickstarter? I’m still waiting on my Hornets, just like to get a sense of when they might be coming. If things like the Chira are available in the store, too, are we going to get a preview of them here?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hoffman on December 31

      New pics hit the Mantic Blog last week, but no updates for backers.

    30. Missing avatar

      James Scott on December 21

      @ George
      It just boggles my mind. How can US players build clubs and community, with out products in US stores and US online stores.
      You think that would be your number one concern, as a miniature wargame company in a crowded market. Get your products into stores.

      FAQ/Errata would be great, for sure. A must for tournaments, no doubt. Without players though, theres little point in that.

      My friends are cheap. So with out online discounts, there is little chance I can get them to drop other games and start warpath or firefight in any serious fashion. Which is just disheartening. I truly love both games.

      I wonder if its cause of 40k 8th edition? Did they get blind sighted by it, and just decided to cut their loses early?

    31. Missing avatar

      George on December 18

      I share your frustrations James Scott. It has been an uphill battle around here too. I literally called every game store I could find online in Michigan within 150 miles of me and only my FLGS carried any Deadzone or Warpath products. Not having product available makes starting a community exceedingly difficult.
      Also, we're this far into the game's lifespan and we're still lacking FAQ/errata documents for both games. I'm playing in the tournament at Adepticon in a few months and I'm really scratching my head because the game is nearly unplayable in a competitive event because the rules need updating so that each table is playing the same game.
      I am excited to play, but I'm not really expecting until after the model line is completed and the rules get updated. Most of us have picked up other games that are more supported and available while we wait.

    32. Missing avatar

      James Scott on December 16

      Why isn't warpath being pushed harder in the US?
      Why isn't it in more online stores?

      I've been trying hard to get it going amongst my wargaming group, but not having in online stores like miniature market is hampering me.
      There are those that see that it's not there, and take it as a sign of a bad wargame or a wargame that's on its last legs. Non of which should be true.
      So what's the deal mantic, I shouldn't have to convince people to order overseas for your wargame. TWD is in most online stores, but warpath, dreadball, deadzone and even Kings of war are very hit or miss.
      This needs to change.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on December 6

      Got any updates Mantic? It's a been a while and I would expect you'd have some tooling shots at least.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Scott on November 24

      Don't bother with the mantic black Friday sales, if in the US. Looks like they added an "american" tax to thier USD tables. The mark up is stupid high and not at all tied to current dollar values

    35. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on November 18

      Any news for us Mantic? It's been a while and test shots of the Mule would be nice.

    36. George Adsett-Knutsen on November 12

      ...unlooked after... its past my bedtime!

    37. George Adsett-Knutsen on November 12

      If I recall correctly, from last OpenDay, Mule/Plague Mule are sane kit plus Plague additions so can make either. Same for Hornet. I asked because I do not intend to as spikey bits but merely make Hornets rusty and unlocked after. Sadly I didn’t order any miles as I didn’t like the line drawings but having seen and held one I wish I had...

    38. Missing avatar

      Ezekiel on November 11

      So if I remember the updates right (can't be bothered to dig through and check so take my comment with a grain of salt) I remember Mantic saying the GCPS Mule is in hard plastic, and the Plague Mule is a stock Mule+resin bits to convert it into a plague mule.
      Same thing with the Hornet as well, if I recall right. Like I said, take it with a grain of salt.

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew on November 11

      @Riptide X-7
      Mantic confirmed that the plague mule would be based off of the plastic GCPS mule. They haven't said whether the plague mule will let you build a complete GCPS mule though, and they haven't said whether the plague components will be hard plastic or something else. Would be really nice to know! I changed my mules to GCPS ones on the risk that the plague ones couldn't be built into GCPS mules, but really I want two plague mules and one GCPS.

      There is a thread on the mantic forum for the FAQ. No official response but there are a lot of questions. Someone had said that the FAQ was started but has been postponed to an unknown time in the future.

    40. Missing avatar

      Leoncoeur on November 8

      Help, my computer's HD fried and I've lost all my wargames rulebook PDF's
      I've contacted Mantic about it, since the download links for the Warpath KS expired but no response.
      Would anyone be so kind and help me out?
      I've backed this KS in order to have the rules (I wouldn't be able to post here if I wasn't a backer).

    41. Missing avatar

      George on November 8

      Anyone heard anything about FAQ documents?

    42. Riptide X-7 on November 7

      Does anyone know yet if the plague mule is the same kit as the regular version? Is the mule resin or did they switch to plastic?

    43. Missing avatar

      James Scott on November 6

      Justed received my second package of Tunnelers yesterday, so that's all caught up with everything to date.

    44. Anthony on November 6

      Came back from a con and the tunnelers were waiting for me! Which means I can finally check the "got it" box. Always a good feeling!

    45. Missing avatar

      James Scott on November 3

      Yeah, my waves have been broken up into two packages each.
      I think it has to do with when the reopened the pledgemanager to allow you to purchase more vehicles. Which I did, and quite heavily.
      Since then my waves have been split into two packages.

    46. Ryan Thompson on November 1

      @Anthony: Yeah, I emailed them about the missing battlegroup and thats what they told me.

    47. Anthony on October 30

      @Ryan Thompson: Was that in regard to the Tunneler? If so I am in the same boat (got the free Tunneler and the Runners, but not the Tunneler battlegroup). If that is the case I will have to email them as well.

    48. Ryan Thompson on October 30

      Just got an email update about my missing items. Do to an error I've got stuff shipping in two different boxes. I should be seeing the other box show up in the next 2 weeks.

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