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Star Saga is the tactical, story-driven science fiction dungeon crawler for 1-5 players.
Star Saga is the tactical, story-driven science fiction dungeon crawler for 1-5 players.
3,000 backers pledged $410,198 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. lee mahon on wondering when you guys are going to fess up that there is NO WAY on earth this is going to be out this year?????

    2. Onyx

      Hi Mantic!

      This is looking awesome, and I cannot wait to get this to my table (and my painting table)!

      How are we tracking against release dates?

    3. Temo Tugun DeGaunza on

      Or perhaps Nameless Monitor. Cos if its really tough, it's probably going to have a good view of the combat as it pinches mercenaries in half.

    4. Temo Tugun DeGaunza on

      Maybe Nameless Ganbaru or Gambaru? Supposedly Japanese for 'Toughing it Out' or 'Stand Firm'. Something a little different from saying 'Oh its a Nameless big thing that kills you/looks like a crab monster.' Just an idea.

    5. Temo Tugun DeGaunza on

      Calling the model "Nameless Ogre" might be a bit confusing, as you now have a Deadzone Ogre with Minigun as well as that Grak Dreadball MVP. Surely there's a better working name for this *cough* Nameless beastie.

    6. Temo Tugun DeGaunza on

      I really like these Nameless. Is the second pic down one going to be done like the Crystallan Dreadball Team models? That semi transparent blue plastic looks like it would suit the round part on top.

      And those pistols on the Gunslinger remind me of the goop guns (Bio-Rifle) from Unreal Tournament.

      Maybe that could be a Deadzone mechanic unique to the Nameless... Assign the HIT target Only one action for their next activation.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tyler Schulz on

      So @mantic are we looking on time for release?

    8. Alastair Christie on

      Wow... compliments to the sculpting/design team - those new miniatures are a step above!

    9. Frederic Ramirez on

      I am seeing some nice models for Kings of War, both Neretica and the Nightstalkers could make some very nice use of some of those.

    10. Jeff N

      Wow Mantic, incredible -- those renders are a step (or 3) beyond what we've seen before!! Do you have a new digital sculpting partner or pipeline?? Really, really nice job on those.

      And yes, we need them as a Deadzone faction.

      And some Nameless vehicles (or creature-vehicles) to go with those models to make a full Warpath faction!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tyler Schulz on

      I love it all. Excuse me while I clean up the drool from my screen.

    12. Sebastian on

      Liking the Gunslinger and Rifleman! Although it doesn't quite make sense for the Gunslinger to be bipedal. The Rifleman probably has way too many tentacles. Some kind of consistency would be nice since they're all supposed to belong to the same species. Or at least have some in-universe explanation for why one is bipedal and the other has loads of tentacles.

    13. euansmith

      Any word on what the scale of these minis is going to be? I presume they will be made to fit in with the most recent plastic minis from the Warpath Kickstarter?

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      The tiles look a lot better than they did during the campaign. Are these the final bases for the miniatures? I was hoping they would be consistent with Deadzone bases. If so are they a part of the model or can I still use DZ bases without having to cut the model from the base?

    15. Dalton Calford on

      Hmmm, time for some warpath nameless styled vehicles - plus warpath stats, plus deadzone stats, plus extra deadzone gribbly bits such as nameless terrain. Plus......well, sounds like another kickstarter is in order to finish another warpath faction or four.....

    16. Brian Selya on

      The nameless look even better than I was hoping for. Great work guys!

    17. Matt Ballert


      Those look amazing. Well done!

    18. Daniel on

      The nameless just looks stunning. Love the sci-fi cthulhu style. Really looking forward to painting them.