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Star Saga is the tactical, story-driven science fiction dungeon crawler for 1-5 players.
Star Saga is the tactical, story-driven science fiction dungeon crawler for 1-5 players.
3,000 backers pledged $410,198 to help bring this project to life.

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Star Saga Wave Two Now Shipping!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

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Wave Two Shipping Update

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience everyone. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for the second shipping wave so we apologise it’s taken so long to organise and get all the components in, but we now the majority of the components stored in our warehouse. We have the last of the printed material to arrive (being printed locally now) and the Project Pandora counters too; these should be with us very soon.

From next week we will begin the pre-shipping bagging and assembly, getting everything together into sets and packages for picking. Our aim is to start shipping of the second wave from the 15th November. As always, we will let you know once shipping begins.

If you have any issues or need to update your address please contact

Wave Two Shipping Update

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Ronnie here, I wanted to give you an update on where we are with shipping Wave Two of Star Saga. Unfortunately we are going to (just) miss shipping this in September as planned. The issue with any second wave is that we cannot ship anything until everything has arrived, so one small snag can hold up the whole wave - and that's what has happened here. Although the good news is that we are only talking a few weeks delay, rather than months!

The delay is that although the miniatures arrived as expected (and they look great), we had several issues on the printed materials - and these have not arrived. With Wave Two, we need to send everything at once to ensure the shipping process is as smooth as possible, so until we get the final printed materials, we're unable to ship.

We're expecting delivery of the remaining printed materials at the end of October. This means delivery of Wave Two will start from October 29th and will go into early November.

I'm very sorry for the delays in delivering Wave Two. The manufacturing issues we've experienced were totally unexpected and each one has had a knock on effect on the overall delivery. However, almost everything is here - it'll be shipping in the next few weeks, and we are certain you'll love it when you get it. Thank you for your patience and support.



With the delay in mind, if you are moving soon or have moved recently, then you can update your shipping address by emailing with your updated address. This will ensure we deliver the remaining items to the correct address.

Star Saga Wave Two is on the boat...

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi there,

This is a quick update to let you know that Star Saga Wave two is currently on the boat and will be arriving in our UK warehouse in the middle of September. We've then got a couple of weeks to sort everything out ready to dispatch, so are expecting to begin shipping in late September.

What's in wave two?

  • Nameless minions
  • Nameless Goliath (aka Nameless Monstrosity)
  • The Fear in the Darkness missions
  • Character Creator Expansion
  • Mission Creator Expansion
  • Extra minions - 5 zombies, 5 3rd Gens, Plague Hound, 5 Pathfinders and D.O.G. Drone
  • Any optional buys you purchased in the pledge manager, e.g. Expansion Mega Bundle, The Devil's Betrayal Expansion, Deadzone mercenaries, Dice Tower, etc.

Need to change your address?

We realise it's been a while since the first wave was sent to backers, so you may need to change your address. If you need to change your address, please send your new shipping details to 

We're extremely sorry for the delay in delivering wave two. Unfortunately this was due to a number of problems with the manufacturing process. However, the wait is almost over and we'll be in touch again once the various products have arrived in the warehouse.

Wave two shipping update - June 27th

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

We never like giving bad news but unfortunately that’s the case today. Although we were told by the factories producing the components for Star Saga that Wave Two would be delivered to us and shipped in July, we’ve recently been told by one of the factories in China that they’re running behind on production.

What does this mean for backers? Sadly, it means that Wave Two of the Kickstarter is unlikely to arrive with backers until early September. We’ve tried to work with the factory to bring this date forward but unfortunately, they’ve said they won’t complete production until August and then it needs to be shipped to the UK ready to be sent to you.

What’s in Wave Two?

  • Nameless minions
  • Nameless Goliath (aka Nameless Monstrosity)
  • Mission Creator
  • Character Creator
  • Bonus hard plastic miniatures
  • All the Optional Buys (e.g. the expansions, Beyond Eiras book, dice tower, etc.)

Although some Wave Two items are ready to be shipped, we want to ship everything to you in one parcel to make the process as smooth as possible and avoid any shipping errors.

In the interests of transparency, the Nameless minions will be released at retail in July as part of a new Deadzone Faction Starter, so you may see them in your FLGS over the course of the next month. However, the planned July retail releases of the Star Saga Terror in the Deep expansion, Nameless Goliath and Star Saga Nameless Minion Booster have been pushed back to late August to be more in line with the Kickstarter delivery.

We’re extremely sorry that Wave Two has been delayed once more and fully understand how frustrating it is for backers (it’s frustrating for us too). We’ll update backers once the production is complete and will give a more definitive answer about the expected delivery date too. Once again, we’re very sorry about the delay and thank you for your patience while waiting for the remainder of your pledge to be delivered.