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Take on the Martian Menace in the fight for Earth with this brand new tabletop miniatures game from the creators of DreadBall!
Take on the Martian Menace in the fight for Earth with this brand new tabletop miniatures game from the creators of DreadBall!
2,753 backers pledged $558,076 to help bring this project to life.

Take me to your leader!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Well just 55 hours to go before Mars Att-acks fun… and we always save a few surprises for the end!

Firstly, we've upgraded our 2D Card Counters to 3D Card Counters! As pointed out to us by Chaoskickstarter and a couple of others, 2D counters for the Civilians, Burning Cattle etc in a game that uses True Line of Sight doesn’t quite work, so we’re going to make the card counters stand up and offer cover for better game play! Thanks for the push guys.

Next, we recognise that Kickstarters are a big ask - we ask you to help with the considerable costs of tooling new products – and while we try to offer a great deal in exchange I realise this is still a good spend from your hobby budget. Thank you for backing us and supporting us getting this fantastic product made. From the basic game pledge, right up to the uber-deluxe completionist Blood on the Battlefield you are going to get an exciting 'seat of your pants' gaming experience with the finest assembled and ready to game minis you will find.

As we head into the last days we want to finish on a big high. It has been an amazing ride so far. It is clear that with the holidays around the corner the last few days have been tough, but heck we are still at 900% of the goal, and in that time we have funded the game, lots of wacky martians and tough US soldiers, there have been heroes and new characters, tons of new scenarios, flying saucers, Robots and so nearly giant bugs!  - soon, soon ;)

However, we are slightly behind the high point that we hit earlier this week, and we do feel that treading the same ground can be dull!

So here is what we think is fair – any stretch goal that has already been hit is locked in. We will sculpt, tool it, make it and supply it. It hurts a bit, but nothing as much as seeing the campaign not have an amazing finish!

For clarity that means:

$465,000 – Patriot M7 Military Flatbed Upgrade (Although it looks like we just hit this one!)

$470,000 – Edwyn, Knight of Hoo

$475,000 – Co-operative Play, Solo Play and A.I. Deck

$485,000 – Intact Scenery Tiles

are all now available and do not need to be hit again!

So what do we have to aim for?

Well the high point was $485,000 – so that is the new $500,000!

At $485,000 we will fund the Giant Mutated Bug and Handler, and the Supreme Regent and Martian Army Standard Bearer.

This means we will:

- Add a FREE Supreme Regent to all pledges of $100 and up (including Early Bird The Will of Man).

- Add 1 FREE Giant Mutated Bug to all pledges of $150 or more (including Early Bird The Invaders Arrive).

- Add a FREE Martian Army Standard Bearer to a pledge of $300 and up.

- Add a total of 3 FREE Giant Mutated Bugs to the 1-click $300 Pledge.

- Add 2 FREE Giant Mutated Bugs to the $100 Apocalypse Bundle (included above), which can also be added to other pledges using your credit. So to be clear, if you're at Alien Abduction or Bloodshed on the Battlefield and include Apocalypse in your credit, you'll get a total of 3 bugs, just like the 1-click package!

Let's look at what we need to do over the next 3 days. In maths terms:

- if we can just add $10 per pledge we will be back at $490,000! (I know many of you have pledged all you can, so I am not asking for $10 more, I am just showing how close you are - and what we can do with one final push!)

Combine that with getting back to the 2500 backers we have had already - we will be over the $500,000 mark – and that is just 50 away - so everything is hit-able.

To make sure we have some sweet goals for the weekend and cool things to spend $10 on ;), we have a few extra toys and goodies…

- We have now produced a Robot Conversion with a Shrink Ray! We’ve also got 5 shrunk US Marines - and we have now included a complete Robot with Shrink Ray AND five shrunk US Marines as a Special Gift to all pledges of Alien Abduction and Bloodshed on the Battlefield – totally free of charge. This will be included in the 1-click package, and included in the Build Your Own without using any of your credit. We’ll also make the new weapon and the marines for just $10 as a Core Add-on!

- We have created a Limited Edition Mars Attacks Hardback Rules Compilation – only available to Kickstarter Backers with a few available to round out the print quantity. This will be available as a $30 Core Add-on – but it will be included free with all pledges of $200 or more!

- We know a few people may have left their pledges over the last few days, but did have one earlier – and we want them back! On Monday morning this week we were on 2500 backers and have reserved that number of Tiger Corps. So, for the benefit of the total (which benefits us all) the 5 Tiger Corps heroes will added again to any pledges we recieve before we hit 2500.

That means all those that have it already keep it – but so will the next 50 backers if they are at Will of Man or higher! If you are on the fence get back in now and get another 5 fantastic Tiger Corp sculpts totally free of charge!

And finally…

Right then folks, we hope you like all of the great new stuff - let's get to it and get those Giant Bugs. Thanks for your support.

Best wishes



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    1. Andy McCormick on

      Maybe some storage solutions eh mantic?

    2. Franklin Roberts III on

      Happy to say I'm back on board. I had to drop due to problems w/ my unemployment payments( they owed me six weeks pay).

      Now that things are cleared up I've re-upped to Will of Man.

    3. Michael Schultz on

      Awesome on the rulebook. I have been wanting all teh rule in book form and you did that plus made it hardcover. Win Win

    4. Bidge Graham on

      @Mantic I am currently at $500 with 3xEB1 IA's and add-on's, will I qualify for the free robot and mini troops, as I am way above the BotB and AA levels. Cheers.

      Please it was my idea for the shrunken troops after all. ;) PLLLLeeeeaaaaaassse!

    5. Tony Hooper on

      Will the mini marines be usable in DZ?

      And to be 100% I can still build my own with credits, and get a bug on top of whatever I pick?

      Sweet update too Mantic - well done

    6. Peter Sandbeck Nielsen

      Couldn't resist upgrading from my EB1 IA to BotB, as the last BotB are most likely to get snatched away once the 48hour notification goes out. And my martian army should at least match the size of my other DZ factions. :)

    7. CHALAND Anthony on

      @Mantic, I pledge 350$ for the Regent, does it mean I'm gonna have one supreme Regent for the 350$ and an alternative supreme Regent ?

    8. Siygess on

      Finally got off the fence and backed at a $100 level that I like to call "I heart Antenocitis"

    9. Jonathan Dibblee on

      Sorry, but I am a bit lost with the new revamp of the front page. Were the Martian Attack Force and Human Attack Force both deleted, only reason I was asking was because of the additional figures. I am quite thrilled with the easier lay out.

    10. Nick AKA Help needed on

      @Davis whack $50 dollar in and get the free rulebook. Could use it on some sexy scenery

    11. rollntider on

      hard cover rule book sold me too. I think Mantic made the tiger corps to the first 2500 if not mistaken

    12. ✩Don E✩

      +1 on $200 pledge with $600 worth of credit. ;p

    13. A Davies on

      Mantic how about puting together a $200 pledge level? It seems that there's quite a jump from TIA to BotB/AA pledge level. $200 would be a logical point to put another level in at. It would be great for me as I can't stretch to $300 but I could up my pledge from TIA to a $200 level.

    14. ✩Don E✩

      Thanks for the update Mantic, try not to worry to much past history shows Mantic always closes a K.S. spectacularly. :)

    15. JJ on

      @Michael, if you dont drop your pledge in the next 52 hours, you'll get free tiger corps!

    16. Traiden on

      I want to say, first of all, I'm not complaining. I backed at BotB, have been very happy with mantic and haven't even considered dropping. I just want to be clear on something. I didn't back in time for the timed goal and obviously I'm not going to be one of the next 50 backers. So does this mean I won't get the tiger corps, or I will since 2500 have been reserved? Thanks.

    17. JJ on

      so, wait, if i'm on triple EB IA and pick apocalypse i get a total of 5 free bugs? 1 for each IA and 2 in Apo?

    18. Nick AKA Help needed on

      I don't think they can fit everything you get in one place. It's just to good now. Have to up my pledge towards them bugs. And those crashed cars seriously need a fifty thrown at them

    19. MDSW on

      I am sure we will see an updated Pledge Calculator and a recap of what comes for all of the Early Birds, as there were a few special goodies.

      I can search through to recap what I will be getting, but it would be nice to have it all spelled out upon the close of the KS so I know what to expect!

    20. James Anderson on

      Believe it or not, hardcover rules is a big thing for me. Rock on last few hours! Oh, and I bumped my pledge a bit, why not!? ;)

    21. Joseph Le May

      Also, is the graphic for the Shrunken Soldiers to scale with the non-shrunken one on the left?

    22. Joseph Le May

      Derp, Regent I mean, not Standard Bearer.

    23. Joseph Le May

      @Mantic: Can pledgers below the $350 level purchase the alt Standard Bearer? I'm at BotB, but I'm in for circa $455.

    24. MDSW on

      C'mon everybody!! I upped my pledge, as we need to get up to $485k to get the giant bugs - WE WANT GIANT BUGS!!!

    25. Joseph Le May

      Hah! I'd already pledged for 2 shrink rays (so I could get ten shrunken marines) and an extra robot, so this is ten more credit to spend! Hmmm...maybe some more scenery pieces. Fun surprise, Mantic! Thanks!

    26. Adam Fair on

      Yeah, I'm getting the second game + set of bonuses as a present for a friend - but he's only interested in boardgames, so wouldn't have much use for the extra credit! I worked it out as:

      $280 gets me 2 games and $250 of credit, so I can add on $50 of pledge money (total=$330) to get $300 credit and get my "one-click wargamer" level. The extra box and bonuses effectively only costs an extra $55.

      The extra $30 is for a Regent, cards and anything else shiny I see... I'll email Mantic when I have the time though.

    27. Francesco Caruso

      i've just switched from invaders arrive early bird 7 to invaders arrive early bird 2 (as one spot was left avaible by someone who dropped), and to celebrate this.. i've added another 20$ to my pledge.. in the hope to help reaching new goals.. but i've a question.. i'm still eligible tu have the freebyes for pledging earlier than a certain date ( i pledged the very furst hour!!) or i've lost, by changing my pledge level?

    28. jeremy dowdy on

      Well, I just upped my pledge by 10 bucks. Just to be sure, at the BOTB level, i will now get 335 in credit to spend however I want? I am super glad I hung in here, and did not let all the trash talk deter me away. Bottom line is its Mars Attacks! And will be an awsome game. Even with out every ones dream list.

    29. Chainbreaker on

      Well for me it's exactly the same as for Adam and Scott :)
      I always kept my 2x IA EB1 because I want a second game and not only save $20 from the EB compared to BotB but also get 2x the per pledge extras ... now with that free robot I guess I have a lot of re-evaluation to do ;)
      Nevertheless a great update ... Mantic U rock !

    30. Scott Lang on

      @Mantic My wife an I are in a similar situation to Adam. I will message you about it...

    31. Andy McCormick on

      Bravo mantic!!! Bravo!!!

    32. Enrique Requena

      @Adam: I'd suggest moving to BotB. I'm assuming you're increasing your pledge to get the extra base game, but it's more cost-effective to move to BotB, look:
      Invaders Arrive (360):
      Base Game
      + 125 core add ons
      + 220 you added to pledge

      Botb (360):
      Base Game
      325 core add ons
      60 extra pledge

      So you'd end up with extra $40 credit for more stuff or Pledge Boosters (and would make sure of getting all the extra sweet freebies that BotB and AA get, like an extra Stompy (worth over $20)

    33. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      (Diana Ross is a pledge booster, though.)

    34. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Mark - Yes indeed!

    35. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Adam - I'm afraid the free robot is only for those pledge levels, but drop us a message and we'll see what we can sort out!

    36. Tris Moran on

      @Kickstarter Crazy that is just disturbing lol

    37. Adam Fair on

      @Mantic - I'm currently pledged at $360, but am on the pledge level for EB1 Invaders Arrive (I wanted two copies of the base game). Would I qualify for the extra free Robot at Alien Abduction/BOTB or higher, or is that only for those pledge levels specifically? Thanks!

    38. Mark Bulmer on

      Anyone know if people who have pledged $350 if we get two supremes? The one they showed a few updates ago based on the art work and the new alt posed one??

    39. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Fred - You're not wrong ;)
      @Mark - Yes indeed! Two different variant poses.
      @Enrique - Hooray! Glad you like it!
      @John - the one-click pledge gets one bug from this:
      - Add 1 FREE Giant Mutated Bug to all pledges of $150 or more
      and one bug from this:
      - Add 2 FREE Giant Mutated Bugs to the $100 Apocalypse Bundle
      so if you want to create your own pledge, make sure you pick the Apocalypse bundle! Drop us a message if you're unsure :)
      @Richard - Yes indeed!

    40. Enrique Requena

      @John: Invaders arrive and the 300 pledges get 1 free bug by default. The other two come from the Apocalypse bundle. If you choose the 1-click or add the apocalypse bundle to your credit use, then you'll have a total of 3 bugs, if you DON'T choose the Apocalypse bundle, then no extra 2 bugs for you

    41. Mark Bulmer on

      @john.... I still think u get the free bugs if u build your own. I hope so coz ive got that pledge lol
      I think u get them regardless of the reward you've picked as long as you've pledged the relevant amounts.
      Could be wrong tho

    42. Richard Clyne

      I'm thinking of changing the level I have pledged at. If I do will I keep the free minis that were available for people who pledged before a given date?

    43. Missing avatar

      John Weier on

      I'm a little confused by this: "Add a total of 3 FREE Giant Mutated Bugs to the 1-click $300 Pledge."

      Does this mean that a $300 Bloodshed pledge that chooses to do a build-your-own with the credit will not get the free bugs? This is a very generous offer, so I applaud your generosity, but I'm just trying to sort out what will be included in my pledge and what won't, and the 1-click thing has been a bit confusing to me.

    44. Enrique Requena

      @Mantic: Awesome guys! This update was enough to have me sell some old Warmaster minis to afford jumping from WoM to TIA, You'll see that the magic word FREE will bring great results!

    45. Mark Bulmer on

      So will the $350 pledge get two supremes??

    46. Big Fat Fred

      Wow. Have had my wobbles over the last few days but that update was actually really very good (classic brit understatement).

      Nice one mantic. I'm staying. Real Aliens come from Mars :-)

    47. Mark Bulmer on

      Amazing update!!
      So pleased I stayed till the end!

    48. rollntider on

      @mantic you win... just upped my pledge

    49. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Charlie - yep, he's $8 :)

      @ Rollntider - yep :)