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Take on the Martian Menace in the fight for Earth with this brand new tabletop miniatures game from the creators of DreadBall!
Take on the Martian Menace in the fight for Earth with this brand new tabletop miniatures game from the creators of DreadBall!
2,753 backers pledged $558,076 to help bring this project to life.

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Final Days of Mars Attacks Occupation



The Final Days of Topps’ First-Ever Kickstarter Campaign are Here!

Mars Attacks: Occupation is officially funded, and will go into production this summer.

The time to get in your pledge in is NOW— once the campaign closes, there will only

be a limited “post-campaign” window to make any changes.

This set will NOT be available in stores after the campaign closes!


Mars Attacks: Occupation now on Kickstarter!


Our friends over at Topps have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their Mars Attacks: Occupation set of trading cards. It has quite possibly the best Kickstarter video. Ever.

After just 7 hours, the funding goal of $50,000 was achieved and several stretch goals were met, including a new subset featuring the long-awaited return of the 1980's card series Dinosaurs Attack!, in a crossover with the dastardly Martians.

On Kickstarter, fans and collectors can pledge at a variety of levels to pre-order boxes, complete sets, bundles of items or even unique rewards such as the opportunity to have their likeness appear in the series! Add-on items include: “hot packs” guaranteed to contain sought-after super-rare "hit” cards; chase cards and parallel variants; plus collector binders and more! Stretch goals will add new cards, bonus items and special features.

The initial funding goal will create a 72 base card set with 18 chase cards (now 24 with Dinosaurs Attack!), 3 levels of parallels and incredible hits like sketch cards, metal cards, autographs and letter-press cards.

But that's not all! Backers who get in early will have access to limited-edition bundle pledges that include large master collections-- and other valuable reward levels-- so fans should be encouraged to act quickly. More stretch goals, new add-on items and additional features will be unveiled as the campaign builds steam. Once the campaign concludes on June 1, Mars Attacks: Occupation will go into production, with a scheduled ship-date of December 15th.

Go here to check out Mars Attacks: Occupation!

Mantic May Open Day


The Mantic Open Day is back!

Based at our Nottingham UK HQ on the 16th May we will open the doors to all our Mantic fans for an epic day of gaming and fun!

The open day will be rammed full of awesome demo games of every Mantic system with some great participation games for you to enjoy. As always you’ll get the opportunity to see behind the scenes and even enjoy one of Ronnie’s famous seminars!

Not only that, but the Mantic team will be there to answer all your questions. Sit down and have a chat with the Mantic studio painter to see how he achieves all the great paint schemes you see in our photography or have a chat with the studio manager about how we come up with the concept of everything we create.

So what do we have going on for Mars Attacks? 

Well not only will you be able to expand your current Mars Attacks collection by taking advantage of some great deals and offers on the day, but you will also have the opportunity to play in our Mars Attacks participation game Mars Attacks Kill Streak. In this participation game you will be able to take the Mars Attacks rules and use them in a deathmatch style similar to those in a first person shooter game online! May the player with the longest kill streak win!

If you have picked up the game but aren’t too sure how to play it, the open day is a great way to take advantage of our experts, the Pathfinders, who will give you a mind blowing intro game and get you fully up to speed so that you can play your own games at home or at your local club.

Tickets to the Open Day are only £4.99 per person, or pick up a family/group ticket for 4 people at £14.99. We have parking onsite and you will even get the legendary Mantic open day goodie bag worth more than the price of your ticket completely free of charge!

Tickets are available on our website now, so make sure you grab yours today!

Mars Attacks Books Now Shipping!



Those of you expecting a Mars Attacks hardback compendium and Mars Attacks: World War (points battles) book will be pleased to know that these have been packaged up and will start shipping on Monday. This should be a very quick job and will be completed by the end of the week.

We’ll also be shipping out any items that we ran out of stock of on the initial dispatch and any later payers, and sorting out any missing items forms and getting them in the post as quickly as we can. Everyone with a form should have received an email indicating that they are being processed, and will receive a dispatch email once those have been sent.

Thanks for your patience whilst we complete this dispatch.

The Invasion continues in January


Great news! Mars Attacks World War (points battles book) and the Mars Attacks Compendium begin shipping at the end of the month!

Many thanks for your patience whilst we’ve got these books printed and we can’t wait to send them to you later in the month.

Also in January we’ll be sending any items that were out of stock during the initial dispatch, any orders that were paid for late, any missing items and we’ll also be dispatching any orders that didn’t make it through the post the first time around.

Once this has been completed we’ll be closing the Mars Attacks Kickstarter. We will no longer monitor the comments and messages and will instead supply a support email address for you to contact.

We will also cancel any surveys or items that have not yet been paid for (in the event that it’s not obvious which add-ons haven’t been paid for, we will pick and choose which items to cancel), and pledges that have not had a survey submitted will be treated as a contribution to the project and tooling.

Thanks for your support!

And finally…

We hope you all had a great holiday period and that plenty of Mars Attacks hobby occured. We want to hear about your games, what you like and what you don't - which is your favourite model and what are you painting next?

We want to see pictures of your games - throw us some links at our Facebook page or let us know in the comments!