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Take on the Martian Menace in the fight for Earth with this brand new tabletop miniatures game from the creators of DreadBall!
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Mantic Games

2,753 backers pledged $558,076 to help bring this project to life.

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Mars Attacks Books Now Shipping!



Those of you expecting a Mars Attacks hardback compendium and Mars Attacks: World War (points battles) book will be pleased to know that these have been packaged up and will start shipping on Monday. This should be a very quick job and will be completed by the end of the week.

We’ll also be shipping out any items that we ran out of stock of on the initial dispatch and any later payers, and sorting out any missing items forms and getting them in the post as quickly as we can. Everyone with a form should have received an email indicating that they are being processed, and will receive a dispatch email once those have been sent.

Thanks for your patience whilst we complete this dispatch.

The Invasion continues in January


Great news! Mars Attacks World War (points battles book) and the Mars Attacks Compendium begin shipping at the end of the month!

Many thanks for your patience whilst we’ve got these books printed and we can’t wait to send them to you later in the month.

Also in January we’ll be sending any items that were out of stock during the initial dispatch, any orders that were paid for late, any missing items and we’ll also be dispatching any orders that didn’t make it through the post the first time around.

Once this has been completed we’ll be closing the Mars Attacks Kickstarter. We will no longer monitor the comments and messages and will instead supply a support email address for you to contact.

We will also cancel any surveys or items that have not yet been paid for (in the event that it’s not obvious which add-ons haven’t been paid for, we will pick and choose which items to cancel), and pledges that have not had a survey submitted will be treated as a contribution to the project and tooling.

Thanks for your support!

And finally…

We hope you all had a great holiday period and that plenty of Mars Attacks hobby occured. We want to hear about your games, what you like and what you don't - which is your favourite model and what are you painting next?

We want to see pictures of your games - throw us some links at our Facebook page or let us know in the comments!

Mars Attacks at Christmas


Hello Invaders!

The World War and Compendium books have now been printed and we will dispatch them to you in January. 

Also in January, we’ll send out any of the items that ran out during the initial shipment, as well as late payers and late surveys that were submitted after the deadline.

If you have not yet received your Mars Attacks pledge please contact us via the Kickstarter Messages before Monday 5th January. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

If you have received your Mars Attacks pledge and you have something missing please fill out a Missing Items Form. Please only fill it in once. Please DO NOT fill it again with the same items if you have already submitted a form. All missing items will be dispatched in January.

A very Merry Christmas to all you Invaders and a Happy New Year!


Christmas Support Notice – Please be aware that whilst it is the Christmas Holiday period and support may be reduced, we will strive to answer any messages as quickly as possible. Many thanks for your patience during this busy (and cold) period.



Hail Invaders!

We’ve just updated the Mars Attacks – World War and Mars Attacks Compendium Extras PDF’s we sent you via Wargame Vault a few weeks back. 

If you have already downloaded them previously you will receive a email from Wargame Vault containing a link to the newly update files.

If you have not yet downloaded them then you can do so using the link in your Kickstarter inbox.

Regarding the physical prints of the book, we have signed off proofs of them today and will begin printing.

We will keep you updated on progress and when we are likely able to get them sent.

Thanks for your patience – and we hope you’re enjoying all of your great toys!

Mars Attacks Shipping Complete


Great news - the picking line has been broken down and the last package we could ship has left the building!

Not even flying saucers could halt the delivery trucks

Final dispatch notifications will reach you within the next couple of days (please check your junk mail as well before messaging in!) so watch out for those – there are also just a couple of packages with addresses that need querying, and some backers have outstanding payments, so a very small number of you may get emails regarding this.

Thank you so much for your patience whilst we’ve been shipping these orders out. We hope you’ll have lots of fun playing the game, painting the miniatures and generally having a great time with it! 

Speaking of painting, our friends at TalkWargaming have put together this handy little guide on painting Martians. We recommend you check it out here!

PS: We’ll keep you updated on when the Compendium and World War books are ready to be shipped.