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Enter Loka, the world of fantasy chess - it's both the chess set you've always dreamed of and a new game by Alessio Cavatore!
745 backers pledged $104,172 to help bring this project to life.

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Rage of the Elements

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hey guys – we hope you have had lots of fun playing with your LOKA pieces. So much so in fact, we wanted to invite you to attend the first Mantic LOKA tournament.

Every year we hold an Open Day and this year we’re invading the Marcus Garvey Centre in Nottingham on the 17th May - and we want to see you there!! It’s going to be an action packed games day full of things to do – including the tournament, which will be run by Games Designer Alessio Cavatore.

It is a team-based event, where you and your partner will engage other teams for victory. You can read all the rules for the tournament in the Tournament Pack here.

It’s set to be a great event and the perfect opportunity for you to put all those lovely models you got from the Kickstarter into use, as well as attend the show and see what’s offer.

Mantic events are light-hearted affairs designed to be fun, so don’t worry if the competitive aspects doesn’t grab you – at worst you’ll be getting to play some great games against some great people ;) And hey, you'll get to meet the games designer as well!

The LOKA tournament is held on the 17th May – we hope to see you there!!

January Progress Update!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)
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TL: DR - US and Canadian Battle Foam bags shipped and we’re processing missing bits surveys.

Good news!

Battle Foam has now shipped all of the LOKA Carry Bags to any US or Canadian backers who ordered one. The rest are coming to Mantic on a boat and will be dispatched thereafter.

Missing Bits survey

We’ve begun processing any Missing Survey requests and will be sending components out in an organized fashion as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your patience!

LOKA: Complete!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)
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Wow – what a crazy 10 months!

In collaboration with Alessio Cavatore and River Horse, we’ve designed, manufactured and shipped our 3rd Kickstarter in its entirety - Battle Foam bags withstanding, which are being shipped separately in the new year. It was a great experience and a beautiful product, and we hope you’re happy with what you received.

Alessio has even added to the stable of LOKA games with Tarot of LOKA, expanding the universe further. Congratulations to him for the Tarot Kickstarter and thanks to you for helping us fund LOKA – it’s proving very popular with retailers this Christmas period!

The reason for us writing is this: the LOKA Kickstarter is complete!

What this means is, unless we’re currently in discussion with you already, we will no longer be monitoring the LOKA Kickstarter messages. If you do have a query please direct it through our website’s Contact us page. If you have filled out the Missing Bits survey, we will be processing them in the New Year.

If you’re painting your chess sets, playing games of LOKA or hosting an event, we want to know about it, and welcome you to post pictures on our Facebook page – we’d love to see what LOKA-related stuff you’re up too!

And finally, once again, thank you for your support and participation. It’s made a great game possible!

Tarot of LOKA ends this weekend!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)
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Alessio Cavatore’s Tarot of LOKA is in its final weekend – at the time of writing there are just 52 hours to go!

Watch more about the Tarot of LOKA in Alessio's video with Warren from Beasts of War

Not only has Alessio announced his first stretch goal (a lovely design book crammed with art), but he has also added Shuuro and Turanga to his growing range of add-ons!

Pop on over to the Tarot of LOKA Kickstarter and grab yourself this family friendly four-player card game at a lovely Kickstarter price!

LOKA at the Open Day

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)
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With a couple of exceptions, we’re all done shipping LOKA!

We hope you’re very happy with what you’ve received, we had a great response at our open day this last weekend and we can’t wait to see more pictures of your games. Here’s Alessio with more…

I was at the Mantic Open Day today and I spent the entire event doing one demo after the other of the freshly arrived Loka boardgame. Here's a video from Essen toy fair showing the game off:

The amount of people, from kids to their dads & mums, to grizzled wargamer, that wanted to have a go at Loka was astonishing - I ended up doing demos non-stop all day (I took ten minutes off for a sandwich in all!). It was great, people really enjoyed themselves and showered me in positive comments... and then (most importantly, as that proved they were not just being nice!), they went and bought a vast amount of Loka boardgames. At about mid-day, the Mantic guys come over to tell me that they had run out of the stock they brought to the Game Day venue!!! Luckily the main warehouse was only a short drive away, so they re-stocked straight away - fantastic!

Ronnie even told he'd take the Kings of War seminars that I was supposed to do with him, so that I could stay on the Loka demo table... and at certain point during the day we considered trying to set up a second table, as there were too many people waiting to play... but finding the space proved impossible.

And we also talked about the Tarot quite a lot and how the fact that both Loka the boardgame and the Tarot are four player games made of two teams of two players sitting in a cross-shaped disposition around a table... which lead us to wish we had the tarot there, so that the teams could play Loka first, to test their team-work on a chessy-type game, and then remain in the same position, against the same opponents, and engage in a trick-taking card game, still in the same elemental war IP, and still with all-important team work...

The idea of this kind of mini mind-olympiad was quite alluring and several people told me there and then they'd get the Tarot too... It was very exciting, the day (though very tiring) filled me with energy and positive feel about the quality of the Loka-Tarot of Loka combo... so much so that I could not wait to come over and share this with you all - i'm still buzzing with pure geek joy.

The Tarot of LOKA

Speaking of Tarot, there’s just time to remind you that the Tarot of LOKA – Alessio Cavatore’s brand new kickstarter – has just 9 days to go and is in shouting distance of it’s funding goal.

This great new card game was recently featured on Beasts of War’s On The Table…

.. and has had plenty of goodies such as the Leather Case which is now just £20.

If Tarot has caught your eye, please head on over and support Alessio in his second LOKA offering.