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A fantasy tabletop game with simple, competitive rules and high quality, affordable miniatures.
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    1. Graham Lloyd on

      @Matt Gilbert: Hi Matt I really liked your article in Ironwatch magazine, it is exactly what I was looking for.
      I have tweaked the undead mammoth rule to include ranged arrow attacks for the skeletons on its back as I don't have the catapult but don't want to ignore them with 'just the mammoth option'
      I think I mentioned it before but I also give the mammoth a musician due to the trumpeting of its undead trunk.
      One question relating to the undead dragon options is that they don't have a breath weapon stat, I just want to confirm this wasn't an omission.
      Anyway - great article thanks again!!!!

    2. Richard Clark on

      Its the posts (and blogs/videos) like this that I love most about Mantic, there is a real sense of community spirit that fitted in so well with how kickstarter works to make it something really special. As the first kickstarter for me as well it was a fantastic experience and it's great to hear it was the same from company-side too. I think the great job you've done here is reflected in how well Dreadball and Deadzone have done since. Was it perfect, no and you've said as much but for the size of company you are and what you've achieved I really think you're punching above your weight and I personally have no complaints.
      As for where next, filling in the gaps in the range, preferably with hard plastic, sounds good to me. Not quite as keen on large monsters etc but you know what, I bet once the concept art starts appearing more than a few will mysteriously find their way into my collection. ;)
      Now all I have to do is get more early shifts on wednesdays so I can get to the local club and get more games in with my new armies.
      Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Cardall on

      I would be cautiously in favour of some big things.

      It would be easier to go over the top, but one big monster or warmachine per army wouldn't be excessive and could be a nice centre piece.

    4. Lordlupus on

      - a big YES to big war machines and monsters
      - the Gnome army idea is great!
      - will love to see werewolves and/or trolls army lists with more sculpts!
      - will die for a dragonmen army with dragons and drakons
      - more various armies please... where are the dark knights?
      - what about a skirmish game like deadzone where warband fight over a village?

      I'm a big supporter of Mantic and can't wait to see what's next

    5. NaasterChief on

      So glad I got to be a part in all of this. And look forward to seeing what you guys (And gals) bring to us.

      As far as what I'd like to see in the future, I'm not sure if I speak for anyone else, but I definitely want to see more already existing miniatures being brought to life. And I'd absolutely love to see more books, possibly ones that expand the lore of the Mantica realms.
      And beyond that, more new miniatures is always a welcome thing. xP

    6. Scott Porter on

      Kings of War was my first Kickstarter, and to be honest I couldn't have chosen a better one to start out. Great stretch goals, everything delivered on time and more importantly it marked Mantic out as a company that actually listens.

      There were some issues with some of the 'restic' sculpts but to honest they are some of the best I have seen in this material, and if you know what you are getting isn't hard plastic then your expectations are adjusted accordingly, and for the price Mantic is putting the products out at people cant really complain.

      Although I'm now more of a Dreadball fan (great game, well done on that one too) one of our local club guys is a pathfinder and her makes sure we still get plenty of KOW games in, and it is a really fun, simple but deep system that I wouldn't have checked out without this kickstarter.

      So all in all well done everyone involved, you should all be proud of yourselves.

    7. Matt Gilbert on

      For those worried about (or looking forward too!) big stuff in KoW consider that KoW scales beautifully to huge games and it's huge games where you want to see huge stuff. In the last Ironwatch magazine I presented a whole list of large monsters and the rules for when to include them in games. Some of them we used in the massive KoW game at the last open day.

      Issue 12:

    8. Andrew Nicholson on

      Big monsters? YES PLEASE :)

      I would love to see an undead leviathan type creature/dragon.

      I really can't wait to see what you do with Abyssals, that concept art looks like it going in the right direction. The scope for a cool big demon monster abyssal would be massive too.

    9. Eric Cheong on

      Left a tear in my eye.... And loads of superglue and paint on my fingers!!

    10. Arthur K on

      This is my first kickstarter and I had so much fun with this kickstarter, I am glad to see you guys are having as much fun as I did.

    11. Matthew Wilkinson on

      Wow great time! I am glad I could back this game!

    12. Nick Dodds on

      "We have lived with this project for the last 16 months" apart from the dreadball and loka kickstarters which obviously did not distract from the KoW kickstarter at all...

      but in all seriousness, congrats to mantic for a great project!

    13. scarletsquig on

      A nice honest writeup, don't stress too much over the men-at-arms plastics, keep trying until you find something that works, I'm mainly just pleased that you went to the extra effort to make them more affordable, and will soon own over 200 of them. :)

      I'll definitely send a more detailed feedback email, but overall it's been great to see Mantic really expanding and starting to go places with the help of kickstarter.

      I remember rambling on forums for months on end before this launched saying "mantic should really do a kickstarter, this thing is huge".. and to your credit, you were pretty quick at getting in on the crowdfunding idea despite not being sure about it; and then being very quick on your feet to react to it and make snowball upwards when it was clear it had potential to be huge.

      Then, the order fulfilment itself was fantastic too. The CNN article is very important, there have been so many kickstarters (and especially wargaming ones) that haven't been anywhere near their delivery estimate, often with stuff arriving years overdue in the worst case. So, the extra work put in there is definitely appreciated.

      As for what I'd like to see in the next KoW kickstarter... unicorns. Lots of unicorns.

      For the nature army of course!

    14. Richard Anderson on

      a great write up Ronnie, its always a pleasure to see how much you truly enjoy what you do and what you bring to the world of gaming. I would like to see more hard plastic kits as well! I would think it might be worth also removing hybrid kits (Metal and hard plastic or restic kits like the Abyssal Dwarf Decimators for example) and replacing with full restic, hard plastic, full metal kits.

      This was also my first kickstarter that I participated in and it was super exciting as well, I remember most though the reveal of the Goblin Mincer and how fantastic the thought was of getting a couple of those. now shortly I will have them in my hands WAHAHAHAHAHHAAH.. ahem...

      Keep up the fine work!

      p.s. My wallet hates you. : )

    15. Just Dave on

      And BTW Ronnie, my Grandson has D8s, D10,S so he is ready for any future games

    16. Just Dave on

      While I play undead, and I gave my son in law the elves, we both await are first game of KOW after all this time. He is waiting for the final shipment of calvary. We have based, built and worked together on our armies. Even if I never play a full game somewhere beside my kitchen table this has been great bonding, even his son/my grandson has known Kings of War, well at least tasted/broken/ spilled our armies...Thank you Mantic

    17. Darklord on

      Good work guys! Yeah I would love to see some huge stuff like ancient Dragons and such that every army could take, but they'd need to be well balanced. Also, can't wait for next years Clash of Kings!

    18. David Johansen on

      Well done indeed. Now back to the grind stone! *cracks the whip*

      I think an abyssal army would be awesome. But I'd also like to see something new or different. Gnomes or halfings might be okay but fishmen or an evil human army might be good too.

      I'm a bit hesitant about big monsters and warmachines. A certain other game I used to play has gone right off its rocker with them. Personally I want a game about armies fighting rather than a game that's dominated by big ridiculous centerpiece monstrosities that can't be harmed or remotely threatened by troops.

    19. Ben Clapperton on

      A massive well done, Ronnie. From tiny acorns to a huge oak tree in just four years. Thoroughly deserved.

    20. Bill Redford on

      On the message boards at Mantic some one proposed a Gnome army... I would love that... Lots of little spear but on the side of good... the natural enemies on Goblins... Knights on wolves, Gomish trebuchets... Gnome illusionists... GNOME

    21. Tommy Fransgaard on

      And me who thought the wait was over soon, now I have to wait for the abyssals to get released. Love the sketch of the abyssals. Cheers