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A fantasy tabletop game with simple, competitive rules and high quality, affordable miniatures.
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Goblin Mincer is in - now get Cat Cavalry!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)
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This is beyond bonkers!

The Goblin Mincer is now in and you can now add one to your swag in the Buy One Get One Free!

Do you think we've got time for one more?

Let's do it!

$350,000 - Celestian Cat Cavalry

We will produce a unit of Celestian Big Cat Cavalry.

This monstrous cavalry unit will consist of three models, and ties in nicely with the Big Cat mounted Celestian Hero one of our Living Legends will be creating (and of course, if you've pledged over $225, you'll be getting).

If we break this stretch goal we’ll include a unit of 3 plastic models in all pledges of $225 or more and the unit will also be included in the Buy One Get One Free section!

This is going to be the final on surely. Well, we'll find out soon enough - just under 2 hours left!

Thanks again!


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    1. Matthew Fontana on

      Paladins on giant cats?

      And it's too late to increase my pledge?! :O

    2. Missing avatar

      Carl Walmsley on

      A great success all-round. Shows how popular wargaming is at the moment - and the appetite for an alternative to Warhammer. Played and enjoyed the game for years, but the prices are becoming ludicrous. More power for Mantic's elbow for coming up with Kings of War - which should be given a real lift by this.

    3. Missing avatar

      mvi on

      Huge congratulations guys. Following this project's funding was incredible.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mikko on


    5. moozaad on

      gratz mantic!

    6. Darsc Zacal on

      Checked in with just minutes to spare in time to add enough for a couple of these.
      Seriously. I'm overwhelmed, my credit card is overwhelmed, my miniature shelves will be overwhelmed...

    7. Missing avatar

      Valerie North on

      Next goal please!! :)

    8. Norb on

      Big cats - check!

    9. Scott Porter on

      20 minutes left, anything else? I'm ready to go again if need be!

    10. Synoiz on

      I've increased my pledge so I can get buy one get one free Mummies (after seeing the artwork!) hopefully this will contribute to these Big Cat Cavalry.
      So, who's gonna name theirs Cringer or Battlecat? :P

    11. Missing avatar

      Xarlaxas on

      Gah, made my comment appear twice. . . .

    12. Missing avatar

      Xarlaxas on

      Aye, Anthony has a good idea there, if it's possible to have the sisters and paladins able to change mounts that would be funky, would allow for different special rules, stat-lines, etc. and adds more units to the Celestian army with little cost to yourselves!

      Would also allow people to head in the direction of having an all Battle sister army/all Paladin army that would be less restricted!

    13. Darklord on

      Yeah Sisters on cats please! Lets make those units a little different!

    14. moozaad on

      free the kitties!

    15. Rick

      For big cat cavalry, I'll up it again. Nice job mantic!

    16. Icarus Miniatures on

      Sisters on cats would be cool. If possible, try and make it so the sister mounts will fit on the paladin horses and vice versa, for even more variety!

    17. Shaun Rowe on

      Sisters on cats would be awesome! Ahh I really am going to have to up my pledge again to get a celestial starter force.

    18. Heiner on

      Cats and girls, I like that.

    19. Matt Gilbert on

      I like the idea of the sisters on cats option so you can choose how the unit behaves.

    20. Missing avatar

      Guillaume DAVID on

      Waow, those Mantic's guys practice mind reading overseas... I was thinking this morning that if they did some kind of Catvalery (either tiger, sabertooth, lion, cerberus) it would be terrific. I dreamed, Mantic did it!

      Oh Yeah!

    21. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Garrett - that's a really really good idea. I'll put it to the designers.

    22. LH on

      Paladins on Cats are much more awesome than Sisters on Cats!

    23. Missing avatar

      William cassey on

      Bonus I knew there was another good reason to pledge that much

    24. Icarus Miniatures on

      @ William Cassey,

      Mantic have said it's going to be one of the hero and legends models. So the $225 guys will be getting one :D

    25. Bolognesus on

      as long as you pledge $225 or over you're set for the $225 bonuses.
      where you spend the $51 you have remaining is up to you; there's a long list of available extras :)

    26. Missing avatar

      William cassey on

      Did I miss somthing I dont remember a celestial hero on cat being mentioned before?

    27. Aaron on

      so, I pledged $226, can i get the 225 rewards w/ the non-elite orc army instead? I was going to just get 6 werewolfs and 6 ogres, but I really don't need dupes and rather have the other items instead...

    28. Missing avatar

      Xarlaxas on

      Yeah, I think that the sisters on the cats would be cool, get some more female representation in the army!

      Will the Living Legend heroes be available to buy from your site eventually or are they exclusive to the Kick-starter?

    29. Julian Chan

      Armoured cats ok? Nice little sabby cats, with cool armour

    30. Tristan Coulson on

      What was the one that was promised?

    31. Garrett Crissup on

      Can we put celestial sisters on these instead of the paladins? If you're going to have two awesome calvary units, it'd be cool to have them take two different combat roles. The sisters could be more lightly armored scouts/flankers to contrast with the heavily armored flankers.

    32. On The Lamb Games on

      hey now, that's not the 350k Goal you promised me :(

    33. André on

      Dang, as a cat-owner I can´t resist.... Celestians are going to be my second army!

    34. Kuba Sawicki on

      Damn! I was wrong! They are already working hard! I am seriously out of cash, already gave up on my WH40k army for you! SO LET'S PUSH IT GUYS! Everyone who pledged 175 do the same as me, and change it to 225. If everyone does that, we will get the job done!

    35. Orcsbain on

      Nice one people, we gotta hit this for a decent starter army.


    36. Matthew in Yuma on

      That's the same picture as the Paladin Knights... Is this because you do not have a sketch of the Cats? Otherwise, Awesome and Congratulations!...

    37. MRiley on

      The one Celestian thing I _don't_ want doubles of :p

      Awesome, though - go Mantic!

    38. Icarus Miniatures on

      Yes! I was hoping for another celestial unit. This takes us to five units and a hero, which is very respectable for a starting force.