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A fantasy tabletop game with simple, competitive rules and high quality, affordable miniatures.
A fantasy tabletop game with simple, competitive rules and high quality, affordable miniatures.
1,568 backers pledged $354,997 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. "DUMP" on

      hmm just going through my boxes of mantic mini's from this KS in anticipation of the new one and I can't find myImmortal Guard, found the command bits but not the evil stunties.... must keep searching

    2. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      I had a few shipping issues but overall am happy with my ogres and werewolves

      I'm not joining the new ks. I don't want to start a new army. And I have enough ogres to last me

    3. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Watching, waiting for Kings of War 2 - Each search just brings me back to this old one. Soon...

    4. Macrocosm on

      Ive gotten all my miniatures on time and as promised.
      I know it must be frustrating for those who did have issues. As a small company Mantic Games has grown to become one of the main miniature companies in the UK. Given that there around 20 full time staff working there the demands on the team have grown exponentially.
      Their customer service has always been very helpful in the past. I am sure that all customers will be dealt with fairly and in a very friendly (if somewhat tardy) manner.

      I look forward to the next Kings of War Kickstarter!

    5. Ierocis on

      Who ever is in charge of shipping should be removed. Mantic has my mailing address both in their own data base and several emails, plus from previous successful shipping yet they have failed a couple times now to get the final shipment to me somehow. Still waiting.

    6. phillaco on

      Its amazing how a Kickstarter can make a new company super successful. And likewise, when they don't know what they are doing, how it can turn everyone against them. For anyone coming here to check on this company before you pledge on one of their later Kickstarters, I strongly recommend against giving them a dime. Something was wrong with every package they sent me, and it always took multiple tries to even get a response out of them. My two friends who pledged are still waiting for their rewards.

    7. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Been working on all the miniatures I received and while starting with the ogres (which I am loving) turns out that when i started on my human army..I noticed I received about 200 miniatures..and about 90 bases.:(

      message sent.

    8. Josh Luich on

      i am still trying to work with them to get all my 2nd and 3rd wave models.

    9. Kieran Billings on

      Just got the last of my minis that weren't included in the main pack. Thanks mantic :)

    10. Josh Luich on

      i still have not received my package and have messaged you twice here and once through your companies email. What is going on???

    11. CakeMaker on

      Just resent my message it was unanswered. Thanks!

    12. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      Regarding the "lost messages", we had a bit of a backlog - however, this has now been cleared, as far as I know. If anyone is still awaiting a response, we're very sorry that we've missed you! Send us another message and we'll pick it up :)

    13. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Christopher and Darryl - If you check your Kickstarter messages, you should have the link to download both the artbook and the Bloodstone of Cerillion novella. :)

      Regarding any problems with orders, either send us a message through Kickstarter or contact Tim directly if you have his details - in either case, we'll answer as soon as we can!

    14. Darryl Kane on

      any news on the digital art book?

    15. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      Back in town and got my stuff which was delivered 2weeks Go

      Tommorrow to sort through see if its all there

    16. "DUMP" on

      ok another off question, did the KoW art book come out in digital yet? I can't find a link for it in either of my accounts

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Garrie on

      I emailed Tim King two weeks ago, still nothing. Perhaps I should try from another email address.

    18. Christian Reich on

      Thanks, hope this will sort out will tell what they said then...

    19. Eric Cheong on

      I communicated with regarding damages and missing stuff. Sorted out immediately.

    20. Eric Cheong on

      I have managed to sort out my issues with this KS. you may wish to contact to sort out your stuff.

    21. Christian Reich on

      No reply for my KS messages!
      They sent damaged miniatures and some parts were missing, I will not argue about five missing bases or so but the lead heroes were one of the reasons to support this kickstarter! This is a no go in business, taking the money and then no support or even contact with the customers.
      I wanted to support Mantic because they seemed to be different to other Miniatures Companies with a strict and maybe not so polite business strategy...but from GW I always got what I paid for...not so from Mantic...

    22. phillaco on

      Not really seeing this great customer service myself. Mantic seems to be kind of a black pit you toss messages into these days. Out of all the problems I've reported to them, exactly one has been corrected, one has been acknowledged but not corrected, and the rest have been ignored. This doesn't count the damaged stuff I decide to just fix myself, or the Dreadball box that literally looks like someone stomped on it. Their shipping is terrible. Things arrive damaged or destroyed simply because they were packed in large boxes loose, or they are loose and the box edges aren't taped so they fall out somewhere one their way across the ocean.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Garrie on

      Hi Mantic, No reply to KS messages for about a month and email for a week now. Sure would appreciate a response of any kind. Considering time and resources have been spent on advertising kickstarter projects that have not started yet, this is more than a little frustrating.

    24. Missing avatar

      William Radetzky on

      Anybody follow the Reaper Miniatures Bones 2 KS? It is crazy.... First day and almost up to $500,000!!! They achieved their funding goal in just 3 minutes of their launch! And it is a blast to just watch the pledges roll in by the minutes. And that are just making random minis that aren't really for any specific game. I just don't get it how they can have that kind of pledge support so fast. They still have 25 days to go!!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Gallahad on

      Just wanted to thank Mantic for their excellent customer service. I've gotten prompt replies and missing parts shipped promptly on multiple occasions.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ozcan Adnan Kukner on

      Hi Mantic, facing the same problem as Alex received shipment 1 and 3 but not 2. Could you help me track 2nd shipment down please.

    27. Alex Draper on

      Uk London backer here - I have not received my second shipment but my mate a mile or so away has...

    28. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      Afternoon all! Little update to say the Werewolves have arrived and we hope to get these out alongside the 3rd and final Dreadball shipment that is going on as I type!

      If you receive your package and missing items or bits have been damaged in transit please contact me at and I will do my best to get your replacements out ASAP!

      If you haven't received a package yet you can also drop me an email and I'll check whether it was dispatched or not. We are at the mercy of the global postal network but would hope that most if not all of you receive your Parcels by October 7th. If you are still without a parcel then - get in touch!



    29. Kieran Billings on

      Nothing missing either except for two sets of werewolves which have been indicated coming later. I think I may be selling off those men at arms though.

    30. Kieran Billings on

      Got mine the day I asked on here if anyone else had received theirs and when I sent mantic a message, usually the way with me! Nice stuff, ogres are absolutely awesome!

    31. Alessandro S. on

      Guys, did any of you receive any answer to recent messages? I've written for the third time yesterday, about a large number of models missing from my shipping, but they haven't answered me even once...

    32. Aaron Kingham on

      I'm here to notify that I have recieved my final package.( Central West NSW, Australia) It's been great for me to assist Mantic in Kickstarting their KOW range and for me mutually beneficial. I have kicked over $500 to these guys and am not dissapointed. Some of the quality is average, and some sculpts are not what I expected (compared to sketch art) but over all I'm quite happy. I now have 2 more fantasy armies, and have completed 3 others through this Kickstarter. (Also recieved 2 bags of 10 horses extra.?.) Thankyou Mantic. Now on to Deadzone......

    33. "DUMP" on

      have not received my 2+3 shipment but I am on the west coast plus the pond to cross. I would like to see them include the pick sheet in future orders to make it easier to reconcile the shipment when it arrives. Looking forward to being able to field a number of armies when this is all said and done.

    34. Dustin Kane on

      I am sure they have a lot of emails to go through. I had missing and/or damaged pieces in the second shipment. I recieved those with the third fine. Yes no lables on the product makes it hard to make sure you have everything. It took me almost three hours to assemble the metal models trying to figure out what piece goes to what model with no pictures of them anywhere I could find. Including the kickstarter page and thier forums. Made the task difficult. Things definately could have gone smoother. Overall I am happy with this kickstarter. Most of the scuplts are very nice and the Lion was the best metal large figure I ever put together. That sculpter needs a big thank you and a round of applause.

    35. Kieran Billings on

      Anyone else not received theirs yet?

    36. Missing avatar

      Ciaran Darcy on

      Just home from Holidays to be greeted by 2 boxes taped together.
      Everything seems in order no mispacks or missing parts so far though am a shade jetlagged so may find stuff over next week or so.
      Only one complaint like everyone else my elf mages staff has snapped in box. No big deal will convert something to make mine unique.

      would like to say noce job mantic. no complaints from me about conduct during the kickstarter

    37. phillaco on

      Good luck getting them to respond about the missing items. I had stuff missing from my second shipment. They apologized and said it would be in the third. It wasn't, as well as an additional item from the third shipment. Some of my metal figures were also demolished/lost pieces because they were packed so loosely and the box wasn't taped around the seams, but I'm not even going to try to tally and report those. Now, however, I'm just being ignored.

    38. Rex Wall on

      This was just an all around poorly executed business venture. The men at arms in particular should never have been manufactured as terrible as they are; Mantic really dropped the ball on this one. Well, at least I know not to trust them nor to spend any more of my money with them.

    39. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Glad mine has arrived but biggest challenge is checking and sorting with nothing labeled. As I shared order with a friend I need to work out how to correctly split it up

    40. Brian Pearsall on

      Just got mine earlier today. A few items missing (9 models and 18 bases), already emailed about them, but my Basileans are great. The Men at Arms that I got are the correct height in proportion to the Paladins and the Sisters. Actually, my Paladin bodies are about half a millimeter taller than the Men at Arms. The plastic may be a bit soft on the MaAs, but height wise they're perfect.

    41. Chris Shockey on

      I don't like the plastic used for the Basilean infantry at all. It appears to be the same plastic used by Wargames Factory, and I think their figs are absolutely abysmal. Still, everything thing else in the box is up to snuff...

    42. Rex Wall on

      Well said Paul. I'll add that I love the Ogres as well, like the werewolves and hate the despise the humans and trolls.

    43. Paul Mullis on

      Having received all my stuff, I must admit that on balance I am very happy. The restic models are on the whole well cast and worth what I paid to them. Some are a bit naff - the lady vampire for instance isn't much of a character model - doesn't stand out on the table top, and generally was poorly cast (features on the face were rather mangled, and general smooshy-ness of detail), however the Ogres and Werewolves which formed the bulk of my purchase were very fine indeed. My main problem though is the plastics. Ronnie has commented about his own disappointment with the hard plastic, and I am afraid I must echo that too. I am afraid they just aren't up to today's level of expectation. "Budget" models are all well and good, and one baulks at the prices of some of the plastics coming from The Company That Shall Not Be Named, but even so, the Basilean plastics are really not up to scratch. I appreciate there are certain economics of dealing with China that make it attractive, but if they cannot deliver a saleable product, then I don't see the point. Others have commented on the failings, but the worst for me are the hugely disproportioned shoulders and hands (the women suffer most from this they look like over-muscled men with oranges stuffed up their jumpers). I am afraid that the plastic element of the Basilean army I got is going strait to ebay. I'll take a hit I'm sure, but they are just too ugly to be worth the hassle of painting them as it just wouldn't be enjoyable. I'll be going for generic medieval men at arms and knights from a historicals manufacturer to replace them - metal historical models tend to still be within my price bracket, despite where fantasy pricing has gone.

      I don't bear Mantic any ill will in this at all. It is the nature of Kickstarter that we are taking a calculated risk by paying up front. The fact that I got a 80% or so hit rate (as well as the ogres and werewolves, the Orc chariots, angels and brock-riders I got are all pretty good, and well worth the money to me, and the Basilean Legacy and Ogre army list books are pretty nice too, even though the excellent camera work can't really hide the inherent ugliness of the placcy humans) is good enough for me, and I can remember that other companies have had the occasional duffer of a model too (why did GW's LotR elves all get hit with the ugly stick sooooo badly?)

      Will I be taking part in a potential KoW2 kickstarter? Possibly. I have took part in the Deadzone one, and it seems to be going well. Also, Mantic have managed to learn the lessons from the KoW kickstarter and Ronnie is clearly disappointed with where they are with hard plastic models at the minute (why they can't get Renedra to do it, as they did such a bang-up job with the elves and the undead, I don't know - I would hope that increased revenue from having a good quality product would more than repay the extra cost of origination of the molds, but). Soooo, if when the next kickstater comes around and we can get some cast iron promises that the quality of the hard plastics will be up to those original skeletons, ghouls and elves, then I'm in big time. Otherwise, I'll have to seriously think about it.

    44. James Jones on

      Haven't gotten mine yet. sad face!

    45. Fennek

      I nearly forgot, the mummies also look brilliant!

    46. Rex Wall on

      Received my final shipment Friday. Poor packaging resulted in the metal kits basically ramming the restic pieces around throughout the cross-pond hop and delivering; luckily no real damage except to the box itself which leads to, missing pieces; none of the metal heroes have weapons or heads. The poor packaging and resulting sliding and banging about either resulted in these pieces falling out the gaps in the box or they weren't packed to begin with.

      I'll add that I'm missing all the gun-ogres that I was supposed to get and instead received all melee ogres...whatever.

      Missing pieces in the restic packages...not surprising and happened in the second shipment as well, resulted in being unable to complete 2 fleabag riders and the chariot.

    47. Fennek

      Got mine a few days ago and I love the Ogres and Angels. The Goblin heroes are great as well. Most of the others are at least good, but unfortunately I also only received half my shipment. But previous experience with Mantic makes me confident that this will be sorted out in no time.

      All in all I don't regret a single dollar spent here!

    48. Brian Pearsall on

      I actually haven't received my package at all yet. Is anybody else in the same shoes as me, or should I be concerned? It sounds like a lot of/most people have wave 3, so I'm just hoping its running a bit late and not a postal service failure.

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