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A 28mm tabletop fantasy skirmish game. Create a warband of elite fighters, develop their abilities and fight to the bitter end.
A 28mm tabletop fantasy skirmish game. Create a warband of elite fighters, develop their abilities and fight to the bitter end.
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Shipping Update - 30th October

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Ho! Vanguardians,

It’s great to see so many packages arriving and people excited to be gluing models together and playing some games! The game has been really well received and is looking like it’s making a huge splash in the Kings of War universe.

We know some of you are still feverishly awaiting notice of shipping and are super keen to get the new goodies in your hands to join in the fun. Shipping is taking longer than we planned – the team is working through it and we should be done by the end of this week. Join the Vanguard pledges are now going out the door and the casting crew are working flat out to get the last resin bits done. The dispatch team have been battling IT issues and all sorts – none of which has helped us go any faster!

Rest assured, the boxes we have piled up are clearing away and we have room to move around – which means more and more is leaving the building and finding its way to you guys. There’s a lot more space than there was this time last week!

If you have had your delivery but have spotted something wrong (blame the pesky packing goblins that lurk in the shadows), please contact and we will sort it out for you as soon as we can.


The Mantic Team

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    1. Paul Azhocar on

      @Eriochrome thanks for the info. That does relieve my anxiety a bit.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eriochrome on

      Matt said last week that they expected to have everything shipped out by this Wednesday (7th). People are still get notifications today Monday (5th) so shipping is still very much an ongoing process.

    3. Paul Azhocar on

      @Silas Voelckr Benson
      Agreed! Does anyone know if there is any place to contact Mantic regarding this? I've tried through Instagram, Facebook, and the website. I have received no response.

    4. Missing avatar

      Silas Voelcker Benson on

      Any word on an update, given we've now gone beyond the extended deadline. Don't get me wrong, I'm massively impressed with what I'm seeing so far, and the original KS did say November delivery. I'm just getting jealous of all those people who've already had their stuff delivered

    5. Missing avatar

      Timothy Mullen on

      Still nothing on my end. Every Mantic KS, I go in big and get mine last. All the time. There are people who have theirs painted and are playing long before I get mine. It's getting old. I don't think I'll continue to support Mantic's efforts going forward when they continually have a policy of "the more you back - the longer you wait." Especially when I see photo's of them selling product at shows well before I get my KS even shipped.

    6. Paul Azhocar on

      When you say finished by the end of the week, do you mean Friday or Saturday? I did not order the Dwarves but I still have not gotten a shipping conformation. I have to admit I'm am now getting a little nervous.

    7. Ivan Cano Martinez on

      Backer 247

      All my friend around me already received the packged.

      Im still waiting the email.


    8. Heath on

      Got my package and wow, other than the ruined buildings everything blew me away. The ruined building pieces had areas were detail was too soft, however I can fix that with vines and the like.

      The giant and frost giant conversion kits are absolutely amazing though. It towers over everything! You guys nailed that!

    9. Isaac Alexander

      I got mine today, and it looks great! Sadly I got dinged by customs, but that’s the luck of the draw.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eriochrome on

      @DaveC Someone did post alternative ice elemental face. Have not seen the alternative Frostfangs. It seems they did a small to big packing scheme so people who were interested in those (as they are KOW) probably had bigger orders than Vanguard focused people.

    11. DaveC on

      I assume the alt. Frostfangs and Ice Elementals are in this casting backlog as I haven't seen a single image of them and as I didn't get Dwarfs they can't be whats holding up my pledge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Larsson on

      it's not just dwarfs... I didn't get them and my pledge is no where in sight.

    13. Edu Pascual on

      So the Dwarves seem to be bogging down everyone else in the pledges that include them. They are living up to the stereotypes then!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mathiasv on

      Thx, looking forward to it!

    15. Alexander Lucard

      Where is my Giant pledge? Shouldn’t that have been sent a while ago? Come on Mantic. Every time I give you a chance, you let me down.

    16. Missing avatar

      Silas Voelcker Benson on

      Awwww, I knew I shouldn't have ordered the dwarves

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris Larsson on

      Why the heck didn't you simply say in the beginning that you hadn't finished production ! Yeesh. Now things make a bit more sense. Honesty and openness are the best policy. And I'll bet this is also holding up Star Saga, so I guess we won't see that for at least another 2 months...

      Mantic, you still have a long way to go with your customer relations!

    18. "DUMP" on

      @Jon Robson I think you were under the impression that this was a board game or something similar. It is a Wargame pure and simple. Most wargame models are not pre assembled, allowing you to create more variety amongst the figures in your armies. They do not come with storage boxes as the size and shapes of the models will vary too much to make that practical. As for this being full price, you should add up all the component parts once they are up on retail shelves and I think you will find it quite the bargain. One of the ways they achieve that is to forgo retail packaging.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jon Robson on

      Really well received.....really..poorly finished models you have to put together game box just plastic bags and small brown boxes and told by Mantic customer services you got what we apology or explanation why the game doesn't have a box .. almost treat like an idiot for asking why it doesn't have a box...if I had paid half the price I wouldn't be complaining but as it is a half finished game for full price costs

    20. Mike LaHay on

      I would just ask for an email to say when everything is shipped so I will then know when to panic if my stuff hasn’t shown up. 😀

    21. Puggimer ( Michael Carter )

      I wish they would give at least a percentage of how many pledges are left to ship (since the last update said they should have been done last week). Also it seems a bit frustrating that they are still casting (probably the dwarves).