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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

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The Pledge Manager is here!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

It’s finally here!

We’ve been working really hard on getting the pledge manager together and it’s here, it’s ready to go. The new system has been developed from the ground-up, just for you.

You’ll be able to access all Mantic Kickstarter's from the same user profile, manage your addresses and keep track of what you ordered.

It's taken a while to iron out the bugs, but the new system should offer an enhanced user experience, whilst giving us greater degrees of flexibility and control over the store, as well as greater back-end process like creating orders and managing stock, thus improving accuracy and hopefully quicker!

Pledge Manager Invitations

As the system is brand new, and despite extensive user testing, we will not be sending out all the invites in one go.

Instead we are going to send invites out to Early Bird God of War backers first.

From Wednesday we will start importing data for other pledge levels as well as the details of anyone who has expressed an interested in joining the project after it finished.

An invite will have been sent via email, to the email address you signed up to the Kickstarter with. Please do not email in to tell us you haven't received an invite until we've released an update to say that we've sent them all out. If you do not think you’ve received it by Friday 20th March please check your junk or spam filter before contacting us.

The Pledge Manager must be completed by midnight GMT Monday 30th March. This will give us enough time to place all of our orders. If you do not complete the pledge manager by this date we may not be able to guarantee your order ships on time, or we'll have enough stock!

The Pledge Manager Wizard

Once you've got your invite, click the link in the email to take you to the Pledge Manager.

The first part of the Pledge Manager is the wizard. You will only fill the wizard out once.

Step 1 - Welcome

On the wizard, you will be told which pledge level you have got.

Step 2 - Backer Details

Next, enter your shipping address:

Step 3 - Upgrade Pledge

You can change your current Pledge Level to a higher one if you want to. Note that you cannot change this back. Click Skip and Proceed to Summary Page if you want to keep your current Pledge Level.

Step 4 - Summary

You will be shown how much you have left to spend before proceeding to the Add-on Store.

Choosing Add-ons

Once you enter the Add-on store you will notice that your pledge level will be included in your cart, displayed in the top right of the page.

From there you have the remainder of your Pledge Amount left to spend. If you add more than your remaining Pledge Amount you will purchase these items by PayPal or Credit Card when you check out.

On the Add-on Store you can pick and choose the extras you want to spend your pledge credit on by adding products to your cart. You can do this in two ways:

1. On the Store, hover over the price with your cursor and click the cart icon.

2. Click the product and select “Add to cart.” Once added to the cart you can click Continue Shopping in the top right corner to go back to the store.

Adding additional pledge levels

You can add additional pledge levels of the same type by:

1. Going to the Cart

2. Clicking the + sign or entering a value in the input box next to the pledge level:

Note that you cannot add additional pledge levels of a different type.


Once you have selected everything you want for your pledge (or added more!), proceed to the check-out.

1. Enter Billing Details

The Billing Details will be autofilled according to your Shipping Details you entered in the wizard. You can change them here if your billing details are different to your shipping address.

2a. If you've not added any extra add-ons over your Pledge Amount then you will have nothing extra to pay. The Place Order button will be present. Click it to lock in your order.

2b. if you have added more items than your initial pledge amount is worth, you can pay either by Credit Card or Paypal.

Please note that once you go through the checkout you will not be able to reallocate your credit to other products - so make your mind up carefully!

Returning to the store

If you've completed the wizard, you can return to the store at any time by clicking the link in the invite email. This is useful if:

a) You've not yet checked out and need to complete your order

b) You want to review an order. To do this, click My Account, find your last order and select View. You can also change either your shipping address or billing address in the My Account page:

c) You want to add more to your pledge

If you decide you want to add more items at a later date, you can return to the store by clicking the invite link in your email. In the store simply add the products you want to add to your cart and then go through the checkout. This will create a new order.

And finally...

The Pledge Manager is now live and the first backers have been invited. We will have sent out all invites by Monday next week.

Remember that you have until midnight GMT Monday 30th March to complete the pledge manager!

Thanks for your support, and look out for fresh updates and more information soon!

Pledge Manager Update

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hey folks!

I’m really sorry it’s been a little while since the last update. We try and do one a month to let you know how everything’s going.

Well, we’ve been flat out designing and building the Pledge Manager for Kings of War.

The Pledge Manager is an entirely new piece of software, launched recently for our Dungeon Saga Kickstarter. 3500 out of 5900 backers have completed that so far, and as you can imagine with a new system, we’ve had a few things to sort out.

For Kings of War, the base platform has required some additional development to cater for the option that allows you to choose your Army Sets. On the boring back-end side of things, we’ve uploaded a full list of contents for each army set, and working out just how many sprues and bases (and then checking – and then checking again!) has also taken a little time.

That being said, the first pass has been done and we will be loading the products and testing the system this week, with a view to launch the pledge manager before the end of February.

We’ll only launch it when it’s ready because of the sheer number of things that can – and occasionally do – go wrong is not worth the deluge of messages that follows it. I’m sure you agree it’s better to wait until it’s done than receive something that doesn’t do the job quite as well as it should.

Once this is out there will be a fairly quick turnaround to get everyone’s pledges locked in for any item that qualifies for early shipping – essentially the models that already exist like skeletons and elf spearmen.

With the pledgemanager out we are then free to concentrate on bringing you great updates on how the rules are progressing and how the sculpts are coming along - we may even have a few new additions to make to the pm too ;)

Thanks for your patience whilst we get this built and out, and we’ll have another update for you soon.

Kings at Christmas

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Well, it’s been a few weeks since the Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter concluded – and what a journey it was!

In the New Year we’ll be releasing the Pledge Manager.

On the Pledge Manager you can tell us your name, address, contact details and what you want for your pledge. You’ll be able to select which armies you want if the pledge level you chose had that option.

You’ll also be able to purchase more add-ons above the value you pledged for on the Kickstarter. You can do this either via paypal or credit card.

We'll have this and progress updates in the New Year.

Until then, we wanted to wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


Well it looks like Kings of War has a very bright future!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Through all your hard work and support we have managed to attract over 2700 backers. This means that the KoW community continues to grow. I think over the past 3 years people have come to KoW because of the clean, tactical, fair and simple play. The support you have given means we can get on with convincing more and more hobbyists to give KoW a try and keep building the community world-wide.

We have also made some new friends and caught up with the usual ones. The fans of the game have contributed over 7300 comments in this brief campaign and kept the chat lively and interesting, and some great comments and contributions coming thick and fast – thanks as always to you all. A few of the comments got us thinking a little more about more kingdoms of men armies, like Ophidia and a Norse inspired army fighting on the ‘good’ side to even things up a bit – but hey, we can save those for KoW 3rd edition ;)

And there have been a few companies Mantic has worked with to make this another varied campaign. As usual Army Painter has brought along their paint sets, Secret Weapon has made his ‘Rolling Hills’ Tablescape available, we have Spanish and German editions coming (and hopefully more to be announced) and 4Ground has offered some great scenery to go on top of it.

And as usual you didn’t let us stop with just funding the book neither. We are well on the way to full armies for both the Abyssals and the Forces of Nature, with key units, heroes and elites for both.

All the other armies got a few new units to range fill and add a new dimension. We can also look forward to wound markers, all the game counters you need, an army list creator, a limited edition Blaine, lots more background and a global campaign where the gaming community will shape the future of Mantica.

To everyone who has helped making this another hugely successful campaign – from all the team at Mantic, to the rules committee (whose work has just started!) and Alessio and all at Riverhorse through all the playtesters, and then all the fans who have bought and played with Kings of War over the past 5 years, some right through from the Beta tests, to the retailers who stock it, and pathfinders who demo it and the tournament organisers who have supported it – thank you to you all.

You have given Kings of War a new lease of life and ensured it will continue to grow and win new fans in the months and years ahead.

Oh, just one final thing, I just want us to have a chat about this bard figure….



Journey to the centaur of the universe!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Since we’re just $5000 away from unlocking this beast: 

We thought it might be fun to see if we can get this little beauty in too. We know there were a lot of you wanting to get centaurs…

NEW! BONUS $370,000 – Centaur Hero

If we hit this stretch goal, we will sculpt and produce a metal Centaur Hero for the Forces of Nature. 

We will make this figure available for $10. We will also include this hero FREE in the Forces of Nature Mega-Starter Army ($100).

Can we get it before the end?