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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

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Mantic May Open Day


The Mantic Open Day is back!

Based at our Nottingham UK HQ on the 16th May we will open the doors to all our Mantic fans for an epic day of gaming and fun! The open day will be rammed full of awesome demo games of every Mantic system. As always you’ll get the opportunity to see behind the scenes and even enjoy one of Ronnie’s famous seminars!

Not only that, but the Mantic team will be there to answer all your questions. Sit down and have a chat with the Mantic studio painter to see how he achieves all the great paint schemes you see in our photography or have a chat with the studio manager about how we come up with the concept of everything we create. 

So what exactly do we have going on for Kings of War? 

We will have a demo table set up at the open day where people can try out Kings of War 2 if you already haven't had the chance using the beta rules. It will be a great opportunity for you to talk to other Kings of War fans about armies, lists, tactics and just about anything else Kings of War in preperation for when 2nd edition hits.

If you have picked up any of Mantics games but aren’t too sure how to play them, the open day is a great way to take advantage of our experts, the Pathfinders, who will give you a mind blowing intro game and get you fully up to speed so that you can play your own games at home or at your local club.

Tickets to the Open Day are only £4.99 per person, or pick up a family/group ticket for 4 people at £14.99. We have parking onsite and you will even get the legendary Mantic open day goodie bag worth more than the price of your ticket completely free of charge!

Tickets are available on our website now, so make sure you grab yours today!

Kings of War Pledge Manager closes this weekend!


Hi guys,

Some serious news and some exciting news…….

The serious part first - with the extended lockdown date of midnight BST, Sunday 19th April 2015 for the Kings of War Pledge Manager rapidly approaching we need those of you who are yet to complete their Pledge Manager to finalise it as soon as possible.

Until your Pledge Manager has been completed we have no address details so will be unable to send your orders out, which would clearly be no good as you would be unable to get started on your new armies and get playing with the new rules, plus you miss out on the chance to add any extra items should you want any.

If you have not yet accessed the pledge manager, you can complete the Pledge Manager using the link in the invitation email we've sent you.

If you have already accessed the pledge manager but not yet completed it, you can access the pledgemanager here. You must go through the checkout, even if you do not want to add-on anything extra.

If you have completed the Pledge Manager, you can also amend your address and check on what you've ordered in the My Account section on the Kings of War Pledge Manager.

REMINDER: The Pledge Manager works like a traditional webstore. If you place an additional order it will not replace your previous order - it will be in addition and you will be charged.

Customer Service

If you do encounter any problems please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have already contacted us and we are dealing with your issue we will get back to you as soon as possible, but if you are concerned then drop us a quick e-mail and we’ll give you an update.

Now for the fun stuff!

We have had some renders back for some of the forthcoming models and you can have a look here!

For the Forces of Nature. The Naiads –

If you look closely, you'll spot that the Naiad kit also includes a Basilean Men-at-Arms trapped in a net, an otter and a frog - cool, fun creatures on the sprue are back!

If you thought these were going to be airy fairy water dancing fairies you were dead wrong. Just take a look at these WIP pics, the light scale armour of the Naiads allowing them to be nimble enough to use their nets to ensnare the enemy or alternatively spear your foes with their harpoons. There is also a sneaky command shot there as well.

Salamanders – 

One shows these great, hulking beasts wielding a flaming sword and shield and the other a mighty Champion wielding a great sword, plus some excellent renders of the head. 

The Basilean War Wizard which will come with alternative head and staff options, clearly pondering which spell to cast next.

If you like the darker side of Mantica then you will love the Undead Soul Reavers, who would not want a unit of heavily armoured (Armour Value 6) vampires armed with wicked blades on their side to utterly annihilate your enemy while leeching their life away? I know I do!

But there is more!

To go with the forthcoming mighty armies of Mantica clashing on the battlefield we have struck an exclusive deal with Secret Weapon and have the Rolling Fields Tablescape gaming board available for order through the pledge manager.

Here's a painted sample of one of the tiles:

 And here is a breakdown of the 24-tile kit:

This set is perfect for anyone who has always wanted an amazing wargaming table but lacks time or tools to scratch build one themselves. All hard plastic, the box includes 24 tiles of 8 different types that you can then paint up however you like.

That are enough tiles to make a 6’ x 4’ gaming table, all without the grief and mess of a home built project plus you can set it up differently each time so no two games need play on the same battlefield.

Let us know what you think of the new sculpts in the comments!

The Pledge Manager will be extended!


Hi guys,

We know that the Kings of War pledge manager has been an emotional time. We've had ups and downs, error messages, duplicate orders and the red sad face :(

With this in mind, we have decided to keep the pledge manager open until everyone has successfully completed their order and we have any current issues completely resolved.

Thank you for being so patient with the pledge manager as it is a brand new system that we brought in for Dungeon Saga and as with anything new, there are always a few teething problems.

We hope you are all still pumped for Kings of War 2nd Edition and are all enjoying diving into the beta rules!

2nd Edition Beta Rules Feedback


Hi everyone,

Firstly thank you for getting the Deadzone KS off to a flier. I think adding rats, pathfinders, and more great scenery will push this game ever onwards. Along with a ‘getting started’ guide, a Deadzone website and revitalised campaign rules, splitting the rulebook into core and advanced sections, plus lots of great new IP for the Warpath universe this promises to be lots of fun. This is the last KS we will be running for a good while as we spend the rest of the year focusing on releasing Dungeon Saga, writing these Deadzone rules, and of course Kings of War! So let’s focus on KoW.

Firstly, thanks for the amazing amount of feedback – It is wonderful to see how passionate people are about the game and that’s a great sign. I spent my flight back from Adepticon having a good read, and most of the evenings while I was there too.

Lower Abyssal concept art
Lower Abyssal concept art

We (Mantic HQ, Alessio and the Rules Committee [RC]) read every comment and post we can find. We then assimilate it all and discuss what to do. There are some great threads which are the best place for us to find your comments:

Kings of War 2nd Edition Beta Feedback Thread

Click here to download to an updated KoW manuscript.

The last time I looked it had 66 changes working from all from the comments we have received. In this document we have tracked the changes just so you can compare how your comments are being incorporated. Note that this doesn’t yet include all of the typos and simple text changes – we’ll sort those later. For now we are just working on the rules. Also note that these changes are also not yet final - we'll be discussing everything in detail before locking anything in. We will do another version next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday, and this will be a complete new document with everything incorporated.

You’ll already see we have altered Regeneration and changed the description of KoM catapults to include every type of indirect fire (such as rockets, mortars and anything chunking big lumps of stone up in the air and hoping it lands on something squishy!) and many other changes. Please keep them coming!

At Mantic we use the word Beta in a cavalier way. It does not mean the version that is all but finished. Not at all. For those of you who were concerned about the number of tweaks required – don’t worry – we fully expected that – that’s precisely why we put the document out in this state. All rules go through stages like this as they are being written – some things are impossible to see from one man’s perspective – it’s not until it’s put in front of hundreds of experienced players, and the rules are actually tried out on a table, that some of these issues surface, and we can fix them.

A 1st edition battle featuring Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs
A 1st edition battle featuring Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs

Ever since KoW was first put up as a free download in 2011 it has been a two way dialogue with the players. With this rules set we have given you a chance to input in a meaningful way. As you can see it is still in a draft document stage (note the hand drawn diagrams). We will be taking input for the next couple of weeks and we are looking to take on board big ideas and improve and change things if they are found wanting. The RC and Alessio will then have time to incorporate and fix.

After that it will go through editorial and proofing stages before being sent to print. That is a few months away – and right up until the final proof read we will be changing the odd point value here and typo there. So it is not until then that we have to stop improving this! We have plenty of time to get it better than great, and I hope that explains why we let you see such an early draft – it’s because we welcome your input. There have been a few topics that have caused a stir, and I would like to cover them:

- Removing Units: I know I spent a deal of time going through a list of unit suggestions and adding at least a couple per army – each one is intended to add character to the KoW army and develop their own feel. I have read some of the comments about removing units and I can say that that that was never the intention – I am in favour of more, not fewer soldiers – especially if each has a purpose and stacks with the IP behind the army. We added Dwarf cavalry after all! I certainly hate to think that anyone is having to throw away troops and units because of what we have done, and we will consider all those situations. Wights for example were dropped because we didn’t think the models and the stats lined up – and we thought that no one was bothered about them. However, we were wrong, so the Wights are already back in – we will get on with sculpting models that merit the stat line asap!

First work-in-progress renders of the vampiric Soul Reaver cavalry!
First work-in-progress renders of the vampiric Soul Reaver cavalry!

- We will be putting out tournament legal army lists for lots of non-Mantic armies. These will not be canon in KoW IP but they’ll be great to battle with and against. I think a book detailing say 10 new armies would make an excellent addition – with the armies being either historical or fantasy themed (this is where the Twilight Kin will live until we get them their own Mantic sculpts and a full army – at which point we move them into the main canon). This will allow people with existing armies a chance to play KoW – which is good for us all when we are trying to find an opponent. I cannot recall many other miniature companies that actively promote the use of other manufacturer’s figures in their game, and I think a good example of mantic putting the game before other considerations. These armies will be the perfect place to fit a lot of people’s existing Kingdoms of Men armies, with plenty of options available.

The Moloch is going to be an awesome part of every Abyssal force
The Moloch is going to be an awesome part of every Abyssal force

- Some people have commented on the expansion of the Abyssal list and how it has more special rules than the others. We worked really hard to embed our IP into this list and come up with some interesting units, and we think that we have achieved that. However, bear in mind that this is an early draft and hasn’t had the years of testing that the others have. One of our focuses will be streamlining it from its current state into something that matches the feel of the game. Again, thanks for your comments on this, they are really helpful. - We still want more games played and tested before we do some of the more major additions/tweaks. Reading rules and spotting ‘errors’ is no substitute for games. The RC are some of the most experienced and passionate KoW players we could find. They have huge knowledge of the game and have been invaluable steering how the rules work with how it is actually played (rather than how we think it is played!). Although they may well have changed something they have usually changed something else another way to counter it. The RC and Alessio have done this throughout the book. They can quickly see how changing one thing there can affect something else, and can incorporate comments quickly.

- Please keep comments coming – and more importantly add reasons why you think something is broken/unbalanced or unclear. That really helps solve the issue you are highlighting.

- In the course of rebalancing the points values in the different sized units, it has caused a shift in the number of points required for the whole army, depending on what players have selected. Once the values have been finally settled, we will review the exact effect and suggest that tournament packs use the new “standard” army sizes going forward.

Ronnie and his Dwarfs are ready for 2nd edition
Ronnie and his Dwarfs are ready for 2nd edition

I am well on with building my Dwarf army (it only took 5 years since release!). I am basing it as full units, which is the first time I have done that and it feels quite liberating, and I am looking forward to getting them into battle. I know that the hard work of the RC, Alessio, Stewart and everyone behind the scenes they will be taking to the wargames table with the most intuitive, fun, and easy to learn and challenging fantasy battle rules on the market. Quickly they’ll be joined by two new armies and numerous new units, a summer campaign, dedicated website and a fantastic new full-colour hardback book. Your support and enthusiasm has made this possible.

Thank you,


P.S. seen as we are discussing all things Mantica today I thought I should let you know there is a announcement coming in the next two weeks about Dungeon Saga and you really might want to look out for it. I think you’ll be pleased – whether you got in on the KS or not it will be great for you personally and will hopefully help DS go on to become a very popular game at retail. Any guesses? No spoilers if you know!!! ;-)

Cold Blood and Beta Rules!


Last week the Kings of War pledge manager was released – already over 1300 surveys have been successfully completed without a hitch. Great going!

New Sculpts: Hard plastic Salamanders!

A few people are experiencing errors with their pledge manager and our support team are working on sorting these out as quickly as we can. In fact we’ve brought on an additional temporary assistant to help deal with the workload. Thanks for your patience whilst we get these done!

We do try to monitor the comments but that’s not always possible - if you do have a query please message us here on the Kickstarter and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kings of War Beta

You can now download the Kings of War 2nd Edition Beta Rules here (PDF, 2.5mb)

These rules, developed by Alessio and the Kings of War Rules Committee, are for play testing and offer you a chance to feedback on the rules, army lists and points values.

Please help us test these rules by playing games, creating army lists and giving us your feedback here on the Mantic Forum.

New Sculpts: Hard plastic Salamanders!

Let us know what you think in the comments!