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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping Update + Tyrant King Blaine

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

The line is being set up, armies have been picked and we are on the verge of shipping Kings of War to all of the backers. 

An Undead Army masses for battle

The extra time we spent proofing and correcting the print files for the hardback rulebook has put delivery back one week, meaning that we’ll be shipping from around Wednesday next week.

That’s everything you see marked as first shipment here on Mission Control.

The Gamer’s Edition is now in the warehouse, and many of the Starter Armies, Mega Armies, and Army Boosters have all been picked and are ready to go. Just the last couple remain and bang, shipping can begin!

Thanks for your patience whilst we’ve got this made – we can’t wait to share the new edition with you.

New Miniature Preview: Kickstarter Exclusive Tyrant King Blaine on Gramakh

Perhaps my favourite miniature from the entire Kickstarter, the Tyrant King Blaine top his mighty dino-stead Gramakh.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Kings of War Goes Mobile

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

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Kickstarter Weekly Update

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi all!

Welcome to the first weekly Mantic Kickstarter update.

The purpose of this update is to keep you informed with all of the latest goings on and insights to all of our projects - and bring you plenty of cool previews and sneak peaks too! Who knows what you mind find ;)

This update covers, in the following order:

- Kings of War

- Dungeon Saga

- Deadzone

- DreadBall Xtreme 3rd Wave Shipping

Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments.



Kings of War

Shipping is due to start soon and in this updates we've got some shots of the Wound Markers and the Token set to show off!

If you missed these in the Pledge Manager or wanted to get more of them then you can pick them on on pre-order through the Mantic Store

Acrylic Counters
Acrylic Counters
Acrylic Counters
Acrylic Counters
Damage Trackers
Damage Trackers
Damage Trackers
Damage Trackers

Dungeon Saga

Offered right at the end of the Kickstarter, we've got the first resin masters of the Vampire and Funny Bones in from our manufacturers - and Ravenna makes an appearance too.

We grabbed a quick shot before they are given to the painters...

Vampire, Ravenna the Witch and Funny Bones
Vampire, Ravenna the Witch and Funny Bones


Pledge Manager closing date: 27th July 2015 at Midnight BST.

This is your only chance to confirm your Kickstarter shipping address and update your pledge.

Last Chance for Lockdown

During the Kickstarter we launched a spectacular deal called Lockdown - it included all the rules and scenery you need to play, as well as several boosters so that you got practicularly all of the new miniatures from the Kickstarter.

It's an insane deal - $600 worth of kit for $215 - and one we'll never be able to offer again. We recommend upgrading your pledge to LOCKDOWN if you can because you'll never be able to again.

Industrial Scenery

Tooling is well underway with all of the plastic kits, and this week we had the first test shots of the Industrial Scenery through from our manufacturer.

Stewart got busy building some up which you can see below.

Deadzone Scenery
Deadzone Scenery
Deadzone Scenery
Deadzone Scenery

Dreadball Xtreme Wave 3

Shipping is well under way for Frenzy backers... and we've increased the team with some extra experienced shippers in to ensure we get it all out as accurately and speedily as possible.

Pickers hard at work
Pickers hard at work

And Finally...

As always thank you very much for you support - let us know what you think in the comments.

Until next week!

Mission Control and more...

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Today the first iteration of Kings of War Mission Control is up on our website.

It includes a basic list of the different components that are being created for the Kickstarter and status updates on each component, ahead of shipping the pledges out at the very end of this month.

We’ll continue to update and improve this over the course of the next week.

Greater Obsidian Golem

Towering mindless constructs controlled by the will of the Iron Casters and sent forth to do their bidding, a Greater Obsidian Golem is a terrible force to be reckoned with. The size and strength of a Giant combined with the inventive sadism of an Abyssal Dwarf is rightly to be feared.

Above is the finished Greater Obsidian Golem. It is a mammoth figure, and so we’ve changed it from being metal to high quality resin, on the basis that the details will be sharper, lighter, easier to assemble and a higher quality material.

We hope you agree that this is a good move for this titanic figure…

Quality is something we’ve been actively working on across the range, and we hope from the new art and style of the rulebook, right through to using quality materials on quality sculpts, shows that it’s moving in the right direction.

New Figures

We are going to start putting up the new retail army and miniature sets up for pre-order on the website.

As we continue to support the game, the community and our retailers, amongst the new releases you’ll spot a few new miniatures that we’ve created since the Kickstarter has finished, approximately one per race.

This includes this Abyssal Dwarf Iron-caster on foot – an excellent new hero miniature which would be a fantastic addition to your collection.

You’ll be able to pick up these figures from your local retailer, or the Mantic Games website later today.

Ronnie also wanted to go into some explanation regarding the retail releases which is below.

One thing I do want to let you all know about is ‘retailer exclusives’ – these are far less serious than they sound, but we want to let you all know what they are and more importantly why we are doing them. A lot of hobby stores see Kickstarter as a threat that takes money away from their stores. There is of course some truth in that. However, I also believe it gives us the initial money to make a better product and bigger range than we would be able to do otherwise. Dreadball has been a great example of this. Of the total quantity sold only 20% was through KS – the rest was via local hobby stores.

Mantic is committed to working with retail stores and want them to be able to sell the products well and be successful with the line. The reason we did the cool book/box idea for Dungeon Saga was partly to say thank you to the backers – and partly so it looked great in retailers stores and would sell many more copies. In the long term this benefits us all because we have more people who know the game and therefore more opponents to play against.

Going forward we will support our major releases with a few new lines made especially for the trade launch. Usually these will be metal minis and all aimed at the pocket money spend that works for retailers, such as the metal Legendary Mortibris and the Abyssal Dwarf Iron-caster on foot.

On the KS and as a backer you’ll have the plastics, lots of exclusives and made some seriously big savings. To keep our retailers with us we need to bring them along too.

So, if you have an Abyssal dwarf army we would love for you to go down to your local FLHS, pick up the hero, and talk about what a great game Kings of War is – so hopefully they will keep the line in stock and get the sales that they deserve for that – and we’ll get more players into the system. Also, if you don’t have a store you’ll be able to get all these from the Mantic Store too.

And finally, some other good news is that from next week we will be moving to a weekly update that will cover all of our Kickstarter’s in one play. It will have more info about what’s going on, sneak peeks behind the scenes and info about how close the KS is to shipping. If you have backed multiple KS with us – you’ll also only need to open 1 email – everything will be covered in 1 place. We really hope that will give you more info about the projects you’ve helped make happen and how they are developing.

Many thanks


Next Update: Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine on Gramakh

Kings of War Complete Rules + Lower Abyssal

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Dear Backer,

First, let me apologize. I am really sorry that we were didn’t get you the complete rules PDF last week as we promised we would. The intention was that you’d get these before the online rules or the starter list for the Forces of the Abyss were released. We wanted to get you the rules first.

And that was the plan, but just after the rules had gone to print…

…Nick Williams, one of the members on the rules committee, noticed an omission in the print file. These are the hardest type of errors to find but once spotted we immediately updated the final copy, and checked it once more. However, the result was we spent some time updating the rulebook at the end of last week when we want to prepare your PDF copies. The good news is we worked the weekend and here they are!

So, apologies for being late, not communicating properly and thank you for your support and patience.

If you want to stop reading now and just want the rules, here’s where they are….

We have sent you the download link in a private Kickstarter message. It may take up to 24 hours for the link to come through.

This is the completed version of the rulebook, full of background, photography, art, the rules and all eleven complete army lists, including the complete Forces of the Abyss army and the new Forces of Nature army list which has not been released anywhere else. We hope you enjoy them.

Ok, if you are still reading we guess you want to hear some more…

Keeping In Touch

As a principle, we try to update once a month to give an idea of what’s going on with the project, the important messages and the latest inside info.

We are now approaching the point where we start to ship the Kings of War Kickstarter - after the quality changes we made to the book we are on target to begin shipping the week commencing 27th July. Towards the end of this month we start seeing more and more final sculpts and plastic sprues being finished - so we are going to be moving to an update at least once a week.

The next update will introduce Kings of War Kickstarter Mission Control – a project tracker so that you can join us on the last leg of the journey. It’ll break down the project by component, provide an estimation of when it’ll be completed and when it’ll ship.

We’ll also look at more of the new sculpts and figures that are coming out, including the Greater Obsidian Golem, Ogre Warlock, Berserker Braves and Orc War Drum and crew. We’ve also had photos of the first hard plastic miniatures back from the manufacturer – these models are the first test shots from the mold. There are a few improvements we still want to see, but I hope you like them.

Although we are getting ready to ship we will also keep working on a few of the other projects that came out of the kickstarter:

- Work is underway building the global campaign – currently planned for the first half of 2016 – where every battle will count to changing a part of Mantica.

- We are building a Kings of War Website – dedicated to all things KoW

- That will link to a Kings of War Rankings site – so you can log your result and become the best KoW player in the world!!! - or at least your town ;)

- We have begun work on The Kings of War App – which will have an army selection tool so you can build you army without pen and paper!

And we are even working on a few things for after the KS – such as a crossover army book, that will allow people with existing non-mantic armies the chance to play.

Over the last few weeks we have seen a huge surge in the interest for Kings of War as it becomes the only truly mass battle unit based fantasy game on the market. Last week Rick Priestley (who designed the original Warhammer game) wrote the foreword to our rulebook. How cool is that?

Yet if it had not been for your belief and support via the KS for the game none of this would be happening. We have taken the funds you sent us and developed a fantastic new rules set (with much help from the rules committee), we have new plastic sets on the way, two new armies – and many new resin and metal kits. We have beginner rules on the site already and lots of great stories planned to bring people in to the game. It is because of your support that all this is happening – and I hope we are on the brink of seeing KoW becoming a truly global phenomenon. It deserves to be, even if it is just because of all the passion you have shown for it!

If you live in the UK we will be holding a new-format Open Day at Mantic HQ in Nottingham on the 21st November. All activities will be themed around Kings of War (or DreadBall) and there will also be a painting competition. We will have more information on this soon, but we’d love to see us if you can join us.

And if you are going to Gencon then please come by the booth 1637 or join us at Colt Grill Saturday night from 8pm, where we will be playing games and hanging out.

Thanks for reading. Please enjoy the rules and apologies once again we didn’t get you these when we should have

Best wishes