Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game - 2nd Edition

by Mantic Games

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    1. Waaaagh 4ever on

      I don't really see how a new message system will help making sure that the right packs go to the right person, but at least it will increase the response rate from the team dealing with the orders. The next KS is very likely to be affected by what happened for DS and KoW. That s a shame: Mantic does good and affordable products but fails where GW succeeds: a reliable customer service (so far). I wish all the best to Mantic, I don't taking part in their next KS.

    2. jstenzel

      Thank you for the update Zak.

      Do Wave 1 items that were "out of stock" require a missing items form to be filled out?

    3. Matt Gilbert on

      It's a ticketing system and means everything funnels into one place which means it's all easier to track and manage and as a customer you can see if the ticket has progressed.

    4. Corset on

      Glad to see yiur coming up with a better email and messaging system

    5. Josh Wilson on

      I wonder if this means I can finally get my shit after waiting 6 months and constantly getting faffed about with.

    6. Brian Kelly on

      Will existing (open) cases be moved into your new system? I received an email (about missing items) on Jan 13th so I'm just curious to see if there is a way to check if they've been mailed yet. Just looking for an update :).

    7. Brian Kelly on

      Of course, all my stuff could arrive in the mail *today* the second I ask about it. I'm one happy K-Starter guy! :D

    8. Ady Baker on

      I am going to be honest i have lost all faith in mantic now i as so excited to be part of kow kickstarter but to be repeatedly fobbed of being told that your items are in the post we are looking into this for you, and then after me asking no more than 6 times for a refund i get an email addressed to someone called BOB!!!! saying he can have a refund. and now i have someone else emailing me telling me they are looking into it for me then i receive an email about this ticketing system. basicly it looks to me like they are just going to keep doing this. i have therefore decide to look into other avenues to get my money back. i had hoped it would not come to it but i have been left with little choice. i am putting this exacte same message on kickstarter , facebook, via email and on the contact us form on the mantic website in the vain hope someone might look at it see how upsetting and stressful there actions or should i say unactions are to me. i hold little hope so in seven days for this date i shall be looking into making a claim via a small claims court.

      Adrian "Ady" Baker

    9. Missing avatar

      Jerry Autieri

      Where is this new system? The old system directs me back here! I received none of my pledge beyond the books. This was supposed to be ready two weeks ago and I still don't have a way to report my loss.

      How can I get a refund? This is insane. I'll never back another Mantic product again. Not even sure I'll BUY another product from Mantic again.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marcus Bennett on

      Still awaiting my hard copy rule books, only have the PDFs and its March

    11. Missing avatar

      Donals on

      What's happening with this new system I submitted a missing items form on the 25th jan regarding my missing forces of nature mega army and have heard absolutely nothing.

    12. James Jimbo Burrell DBA ACPGames on

      March 7th, still no abysall mega army. What's going on with this system?

    13. Missing avatar

      Will Pike on

      Still waiting on stuff. Still out of pocket due to Mantic incorrectly completing shipping documents, which meant I had to pay excess duty. Very, very poor.