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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 has shipped!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi Guys,

We're happy to announce that last month we successfully completed shipping of the 2nd Wave of Kings of War 2. This means that every wave 2 parcel we promised to send has now left us, either being in transit or having arrived already. We've been seeing some fantastic images of painted models for these already, so some of your are clearly too fast for painting.

Many of you will notice that we have a big announcement going live today and that things will be getting very busy around it.

At this point, we are working through any issues as I speak. The customer service team is currently 100% dedicated to sorting out any issues that you have and this will not change in light of the announcement. There are five people working tirelessly to answer queries and dispatch missing items and although we know that some of you are still waiting on replies or items, we will get to everyone and have everything sorted out.

If you have any missing items when you have received your pledge, then please fill out this form.

If you are waiting on a wave 2 parcel, then please do not contact us until the 25th of January - this will give your parcel ample time to arrive in the post.

Thank you for your patience, please keep posting the photos of your beautifully painted models.

The Mantic Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Will Pike on

      Like others here my parcel was held by DHL and I was forced to pay excess duty. Problem being is Mantic completed the shipping documents incorrectly. Thus I had to pay almost as much tax as the original order. BUT I SHOULDNT HAVE HAD TO PAY ANY DUTY!!! Mantic's mistake...and I suffer. PLUS the order was incomplete. Sad, sad, sad. :(

    2. Christian Gourley on

      Hi, I am just getting round to opening my wave 2 box which should have contained a Nature Starter army and a Nature Mega Army, but I am not convinced that I have received everything. I have tried to verify via this the kickstarter website but don't seem to be able to find the details. What do I do to confirm if I am right or not?

    3. James Jimbo Burrell DBA ACPGames on

      March 7, still no package. My abysal mega force hasn't showed. My books were two months late but this is getting old. Come on guys.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jerry Autieri

      Hi, your form link does not work. None of my items from wave two have shipped. How can I report this to you if the form is down?

    5. Dirk Mayr on

      It is frustrating, the communication with Mantic, is like talking to myself, I get no answers...
      Missing Items like one Miniature or one left Arm of a Miniature is one thing, this should not happened, but its not a major issue and can be fixed. But missing a whole Mega Starter Army it a big issue, and getting no answers on mails for 14 days is unbelievable. It looks like no customer service at all.

    6. Frederic Ramirez on

      France : gone mine friday (january 8th), a mega army of abyssals, a starter army of nature, and a few misc additionnal models for both armies.

      The abyssal mega army was missing the champion and ifrit (but I don't worry, I will just have to fill the missing items form), but the rest was all there and looking good

    7. The D of D&E on

      My Abyssals arrived today in GA, I'm a happy camper

    8. Erika - Ninja Cowgirl of Brimstone

      My succubi and FON army arrived Tuesday here in Michigan. Everything looks really good - I even like the rock elemental. Unfortunately, that only confirms that something went wrong with my DS add-ons shipment (but that's for another comments section).

    9. Mantic Games 16-time creator on


      There you go :).

    10. Josh Wilson on

      Wave 2 is done?
      I haven't even received my wave 1 stuff.

    11. Missing avatar

      Killian FitzGerald on

      Hi, when I click on the missing items link it fails to load. Is there any other way to access it?

    12. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      My wave 2 stuff has all arrived fine but I am still waiting on my missing item from wave 1.

    13. Dirk Mayr on

      I also miss the Mega Starter Army of the forces of the Abyss, I only got only the add-ons I backed for, but no Mega Starter Army ...

    14. Missing avatar

      David Doucey

      About 5 minutes after reading this my pledge arrived at my door. Other than opening it to see what it was I had to head back to work.

    15. MRiley on

      Got the wrong metals for my pledge, but contacted Mantic customer service right away. No reply yet, but it hasn't been that long :p
      Big fan of the Abyssal plastics. Great stuff!

    16. Shane Simpson on

      Pledge arrived in nz on New Year's Eve. Customs tried to charge me import tax again, but forwarding them emails from mantic and receipts had it arrive yesterday no fee. Yay for things that work! Everything looks great. Thanks guys.

    17. Missing avatar

      Narzoth on

      Wow. Already have the campaign book. That was fast! Thanks.

    18. Christian Schmal

      The link has a typo ... try this

    19. Graeme Rigg

      Link not working, thought I pledged for a mega starter Forces of the Abyss?

    20. Alan

      Is this coming via DHL? Because I just wanted to mention that I have a parcel from a different Kickstarter that has been held hostage by DHL for three weeks now despite my paying the ransom as soon as I found out that they failed their first delivery (because I was on holidays). Since then they have promised delivery almost every day and completely failed every day. DHL is the worst parcel shipper there is. UPS is the second.

    21. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      Hi Narzoth - Nothing to be concerned about, I'll follow up the team and get you a copy sent out!

    22. Missing avatar

      Narzoth on

      So...I got a Living Legend pledge in the pledge manager. Should I be concerned that I haven't gotten a PDF of the campaign book yet? I haven't really been keeping track as well as I normally do over the holidays.