Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game - 2nd Edition

by Mantic Games

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    1. Michael D'Auben on

      I LOVE the Abyssal Fiend! That's a great model to build an army around. Even if I don't build such an army, I'm tempted to get one just to paint up.

    2. Brian Kelly on

      I'm totally psyched to see the stuff get out before Christmas. Looking forward to getting all my presents. Great job Mantic!

    3. Missing avatar

      Cristian Bayer on

      Hi there, I got my email to download the Destiny of Kings campaign and upgraded to the enhanced version but when I go to my digital library to download it, it says "coming soon". Did I misunderstand, I thought it was available now to backers?

    4. Kyle Gibson on

      Those sprues look really nice.
      Thank god their feet aren't fixed to the little round hunks of plastic I've had to cut off all the mantic models I've been using so far!!!!

      Excellent work lads, look forward to seeing them in person! And posting some pictures up on that new mantic forum...

    5. Dennis O'Brien on

      I still haven't gotten the link for Destiny of Kings.

      Looking forward to seeing the Abyssals arriving at my door, and starting to paint up the army.

    6. Bidge Graham on

      Link to pdf version isn't working properly. In the drop down menu the only option is "Upgrade to enhanced book", "Free PDF for backers" is not an option.

    7. Missing avatar

      Xarlaxas on

      Yeah, there wasn't a "free PDF for backers" option for me either, so I decided to upgrade and now it just says "Coming Soon" in my library. . . can we get the PDF at least?

    8. Missing avatar

      William Radetzky on

      Still no Free Backer Option in drop down menu. Is it too late to add to the pledge for an Add On?

    9. Pitstarter on

      pdf option missing here as well -.-

    10. Missing avatar

      Jac Boe on

      I am still missing my KoW2 wave1, wave2 and my complete dungeon saga pledge -.- bit annoyed by now as I have no idea where it might be, if mantic figured out what I am getting and if it ever will arrive. and yeah - pdf link is not working here as well....

    11. Jacob Tothe on

      I found the "free PDF for Backers" option just fine when I logged in after first finding this post. Still waiting for my Wage 2 shipment, but Wave 1 was just fine.

    12. Stephen Barr on

      I got my Wave 2 Forces of the Abyss mega army today woohoo. Only things I'm missing apart from the digital stuff is 1 Necromancer and a set of the Soul Reaver Cavalry minis

    13. Roguebaron on

      Upgraded my pdf to the full version, and now all I get is coming soon. What a nusance.

    14. Neal Barton on

      Love the forces of nature army which has just landed, and the elf dragon is sweeeet!
      Any news on the apps yet?

    15. Nikku

      Received both my Forces of Nature and Forces of the Abyss army today. So much plastic and metal in a giant box. Going to keep me busy for a while :D