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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

Cold Blood and Beta Rules!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Last week the Kings of War pledge manager was released – already over 1300 surveys have been successfully completed without a hitch. Great going!

New Sculpts: Hard plastic Salamanders!

A few people are experiencing errors with their pledge manager and our support team are working on sorting these out as quickly as we can. In fact we’ve brought on an additional temporary assistant to help deal with the workload. Thanks for your patience whilst we get these done!

We do try to monitor the comments but that’s not always possible - if you do have a query please message us here on the Kickstarter and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kings of War Beta

You can now download the Kings of War 2nd Edition Beta Rules here (PDF, 2.5mb)

These rules, developed by Alessio and the Kings of War Rules Committee, are for play testing and offer you a chance to feedback on the rules, army lists and points values.

Please help us test these rules by playing games, creating army lists and giving us your feedback here on the Mantic Forum.

New Sculpts: Hard plastic Salamanders!

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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    1. "DUMP" on

      off topic, I see that the Centaur is on the addon list, did theyadd one to the Nature Mega Army?

    2. MRiley on

      Hmm...yeah, looking at the Sallies again, I'd say 1) Add a neck to the body portion and 2) lose the straps/belts. Then you'd be golden.

      I've gotten a look through the rules - loving what you've done with the forces of the Abyss. The prisoner/slave/cultist/damned-in-general angle you've got going is lovely - also did a good job of choosing what I want to do from a rules perspective.

      Would still love some time to see some initial renders for the various new stuff before committing to anything, of course.

    3. Missing avatar

      Toin van Kolck on

      Hello. I like the new rules and the way they are going. It makes more sense to take bigger units now,,,,but it also will make the game more static. Please give some what more possibilities to maneuver with those big horde's.

    4. Robert Strahan on

      Hmm...I like the Salamanders in general, but I tend to agree that they'd be a lot cooler if the only gear they had were their hand weapons and shields. I had imagined them without any armor other than their own natural plates. The salamander with the mace does seem to need a bit more of a neck, though.

    5. Björn Magnusson on

      The Salamanders could use more of a neck. It looks like they can't turn their heads.

    6. Jacob Tothe on

      The salamanders look a bit too burly for a reptilian in my opinion.

    7. Missing avatar

      RAM-Kay on

      @ Chris Oeffinger: +1 for extending the ordering time, I don't understand why early bird backers have this deadline of March 30, with the threat of possibly not getting our models if you don't lock it in by then. I would much rather get my models later than be forced to pick without seeing the sculpts.

      There's no way I am going to pick models that are still in the concept art stage (at least to the extent possible), because I just don't believe they will come out looking like the concept art. Maybe they will be great, but I don't want to take that risk.

      I get that this is a kickstarter and not a web store, we are getting a discounted price, etc etc. and that's all super. Just bummed about having to lock in before seeing all the options.

    8. Chris Oeffinger on

      I really like them. They look tough as nails. I like all the straps an belts. Make for an interesting and complex model. Keep up the good work. And yes. Please post all new sculpts before the deadline. It's really not fair to your customers. Or better yet. Extend the ordering time until you get them up.

    9. MRiley on

      Not really loving the Salamanders here - they seem far too busy for a "natural" army, especially when the initial concept art had them look markedly more wild.

    10. Neil Hubbard on

      I generally like them, but echo the comments around the strong silhouette and the less fussy detail being removed. Also more flames on the weapons!

    11. Matt Houghton on

      would of prefered something more snake like and less ork like for lizards.

    12. The Other One on

      No more Wights in the Undead Army list? *SOB*

    13. Missing avatar

      RAM-Kay on

      forgot the straps with tiny little pouches smaller than their fingers in my list =D

    14. Missing avatar

      RAM-Kay on

      I actually don't think these are too bad. I agree they are different from the concept art in a few ways (i.e. these guys have zero necks, they look more chitinous than scaly, their arms are disproportionately thick), but they look okay to me for discount minis. Net effect is they are more thuggish than lizard-y, IMO, but it's not the worst outcome.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Mayse-Lillig on

      I would like something closer to the concept art. The straps and belts are particularly bad, I would prefer them to be gone. Also, the plates on the stomach area are also a problem.

    16. Rory Cartwright on

      One thing that stands out to me is that there's no way to run a regular High Paladin on Basilean Lion other than the named character. Could we please have this option so we can use the model supplied when not able (or wanting) to play unique characters?

    17. Missing avatar

      RAM-Kay on

      Maybe I missed it somewhere, but there are still a ton of Abyssal units that I haven't seen sculpts for. For some reason I was under the impression that the pledge manager would be open for months until we saw all the sculpts and could make an informed decision.

      I was hoping for some great sculpts to the abyssals, but I don't trust concept art to translate into good models given the way the Basileans turned out. Are we going to see more sculpts before March 30th?

    18. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Oh sweet Mantica.....working on a count as Ophidian army with desert tribes men, djinn and beetles......and as if Mantic has read my mind all that stuff is pretty much mentioned in the Kingdoms of Men list. Now to see if I need to make any weird changes to keep things working.

      Woohoo :P

    19. Roguebaron on

      Thanks, that questions been floating around for a while now.

    20. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @joe More or less, yes. Any pledges due to include him will, as the information is correct on the back end - it was just something we missed in testing on the front end.

    21. Roguebaron on've fixed the issue many of us have with the bard not being on the list in the pledge manager? I was hoping for some news on that issue.

    22. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @Euan We've made sure that the images show off the detail in this case, but in person the details are more subtle. Its the old larger-than-life picture thing hitting us again.

    23. Matt Gilbert on

      Please leave feedback on the forums as requested. It's going to be a nightmare collecting it all if it's not all in one place!

    24. airwick on

      Why double nerf war machines? Either reduce their effectiveness or increase their points cost. Don't do both, I understand the reasoning behind it with the current meta of cheese lists golem angkor lists or wolves balefire. But seriously with the points increases across the board you are less likely to field multiple war machines anyway.

      Also as a abyssal dwarves player with the perks for immortal guard and ironcasters war machines aren't going to be a must take unit. I'll probably only take 1 or 2 and hitting on 5s is a penalty in itself. I'd rather keep the 3d6 blast and pay more points

    25. euansmith

      That's a shame, I was hoping that the Salamanders would be less fussy. I really liked the artwork for them as it was a nice simple model with a good strong silhouette. These look too busy and the cool lizard shape is submerged in fairly generic fantasy details. Oh well, this is the danger of backing a kickstarter I guess.

    26. Jon Andoni on

      @Maccwar, Thanks for the information!!

    27. Maccwar on

      The twilight kin are being revisited later.

    28. Jon Andoni on

      Where are the Twilight Kin??

    29. Raffaele Negrin on

      Lovely! I especially like their looking big and "unmovable". Nice variety of arguments for diplomacy (or, as some call them, weapons), though I'd like to see more bodies and heads (in my mind, 10 is the minimum for units on their feet, 5 is just enough for cavalry)

    30. Eric Bomberger on

      They look great except they could use a neck. Having such a squat head and no neck just makes them look a little weird to me. Still, awesome sculpt.

    31. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      There is no Twilight Kin in the second ed rules! :(

    32. Taubad on

      Fabulous, this just made my weekend. I'm of course very excited to take a look at the V2 rules and start using them. A huge thank you to all the team involved in making this happen. I know it has been a long and complicated process and be assured we players are very appreciative of your efforts. Great effort!

    33. Geoffrey MacPherson on

      Are they primitive Judoon? ;)
      Looking very interesting.