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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

The Pledge Manager is here!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

It’s finally here!

We’ve been working really hard on getting the pledge manager together and it’s here, it’s ready to go. The new system has been developed from the ground-up, just for you.

You’ll be able to access all Mantic Kickstarter's from the same user profile, manage your addresses and keep track of what you ordered.

It's taken a while to iron out the bugs, but the new system should offer an enhanced user experience, whilst giving us greater degrees of flexibility and control over the store, as well as greater back-end process like creating orders and managing stock, thus improving accuracy and hopefully quicker!

Pledge Manager Invitations

As the system is brand new, and despite extensive user testing, we will not be sending out all the invites in one go.

Instead we are going to send invites out to Early Bird God of War backers first.

From Wednesday we will start importing data for other pledge levels as well as the details of anyone who has expressed an interested in joining the project after it finished.

An invite will have been sent via email, to the email address you signed up to the Kickstarter with. Please do not email in to tell us you haven't received an invite until we've released an update to say that we've sent them all out. If you do not think you’ve received it by Friday 20th March please check your junk or spam filter before contacting us.

The Pledge Manager must be completed by midnight GMT Monday 30th March. This will give us enough time to place all of our orders. If you do not complete the pledge manager by this date we may not be able to guarantee your order ships on time, or we'll have enough stock!

The Pledge Manager Wizard

Once you've got your invite, click the link in the email to take you to the Pledge Manager.

The first part of the Pledge Manager is the wizard. You will only fill the wizard out once.

Step 1 - Welcome

On the wizard, you will be told which pledge level you have got.

Step 2 - Backer Details

Next, enter your shipping address:

Step 3 - Upgrade Pledge

You can change your current Pledge Level to a higher one if you want to. Note that you cannot change this back. Click Skip and Proceed to Summary Page if you want to keep your current Pledge Level.

Step 4 - Summary

You will be shown how much you have left to spend before proceeding to the Add-on Store.

Choosing Add-ons

Once you enter the Add-on store you will notice that your pledge level will be included in your cart, displayed in the top right of the page.

From there you have the remainder of your Pledge Amount left to spend. If you add more than your remaining Pledge Amount you will purchase these items by PayPal or Credit Card when you check out.

On the Add-on Store you can pick and choose the extras you want to spend your pledge credit on by adding products to your cart. You can do this in two ways:

1. On the Store, hover over the price with your cursor and click the cart icon.

2. Click the product and select “Add to cart.” Once added to the cart you can click Continue Shopping in the top right corner to go back to the store.

Adding additional pledge levels

You can add additional pledge levels of the same type by:

1. Going to the Cart

2. Clicking the + sign or entering a value in the input box next to the pledge level:

Note that you cannot add additional pledge levels of a different type.


Once you have selected everything you want for your pledge (or added more!), proceed to the check-out.

1. Enter Billing Details

The Billing Details will be autofilled according to your Shipping Details you entered in the wizard. You can change them here if your billing details are different to your shipping address.

2a. If you've not added any extra add-ons over your Pledge Amount then you will have nothing extra to pay. The Place Order button will be present. Click it to lock in your order.

2b. if you have added more items than your initial pledge amount is worth, you can pay either by Credit Card or Paypal.

Please note that once you go through the checkout you will not be able to reallocate your credit to other products - so make your mind up carefully!

Returning to the store

If you've completed the wizard, you can return to the store at any time by clicking the link in the invite email. This is useful if:

a) You've not yet checked out and need to complete your order

b) You want to review an order. To do this, click My Account, find your last order and select View. You can also change either your shipping address or billing address in the My Account page:

c) You want to add more to your pledge

If you decide you want to add more items at a later date, you can return to the store by clicking the invite link in your email. In the store simply add the products you want to add to your cart and then go through the checkout. This will create a new order.

And finally...

The Pledge Manager is now live and the first backers have been invited. We will have sent out all invites by Monday next week.

Remember that you have until midnight GMT Monday 30th March to complete the pledge manager!

Thanks for your support, and look out for fresh updates and more information soon!

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    1. Bierzoman -

      havent recieved my invite yet...

    2. Missing avatar

      RAM-Kay on

      Please extend the pledge manager deadline, Mantic.

    3. Christian Bleier on

      Mantic, I still haven't received the pledgemanager invite yet

    4. Missing avatar

      William Radetzky on

      ok so i am confused. i thought we were already billed for our pledges when the KS was over? so i just did the pledgemaster, didnt add anything extra. i just got confirmations with two different number for the same pledge. did i just purchase 2 of my pledges? I dont want that. what do I do now? Thanks

    5. Ben Ratcliffe on

      Still haven't had a response to my being unable to log into the Pledge Manager. That deadline of 30th March is fast approaching :(

    6. Bierzoman -

      havent recieved my invite yet...

    7. Missing avatar

      Mekon on

      Still trying to add my God of War selection in the Pledge Manager, without any luck... it's not that complicated or unusual: "None" for "Mega Starter Army", and "Elf and "Dwarf" for "Starter Armys"... but it steadfastly refuses to add to the cart.

      Emailed Luke, got a response days later, telling me his tech tem suggested I try with a different browser (I'm surprised I didn't get the "clear your cookie cache"). Chrome isn't that uncommon. :/

      Did that anyway (tried with latest IE), also tried on multiple different PCs (in different locations). No dice. And of course, no further response to my follow-up email.

      I will be ropable if the PM is locked down on the 30th without this being addressed (I have a bunch of other selection to make, and money to add).

    8. testfued on

      havent recieved my invite yet :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ekstein on

      So after thinking about it rationally over the weekend, I just added my pledge ($50 - living legend) in a seperate order (with postage to be included with the first order). Paid the extra $50 via Paypal - no problems. Hopefully this works; I'm feeling less anxious now (I didn't want to miss out on the rulebooks).

    10. Starlight on

      Ok, the Abyssal Dwarf thing appears to no longer be an issue - hooray :)

    11. Starlight on

      Most of the add-ons seem to be able to add to cart, but not the Abyssal Dwarf starter army. Tried in different browsers and on different machines, same issue, so it looks like it's server-side. No response from Mantic after a couple of days now, I hope that means they're working on it.

      As general feedback, more information about each item would have been great so we don't have to go digging through the Kickstarter page for more details on what's included with that particular item (whether it's an army or a single unit, the lack of information is alarming).

      And of course the dice... who buys dice blind? If you can't give us photos, at least give us a description :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ekstein on

      @Adam. Yep still no response. I guess they'll have alot of these issues to clear up....I suspect it's a bug in the PM but very annoying nonetheless...

    13. Missing avatar

      Spencer E on

      Just a note for Mantic - nothing in the Pledge Manager mentions all pledges above the Living Legend getting the Ronaldo the Bard figure included, as the Kickstarter update had said.

    14. Missing avatar

      Graham Frederick Trickey on

      Just fail fail fail every single time.I may be old but I am not that stupid!!!Still no response at all from Mantic!!!

    15. mike 'comes at night,mostly' spike on

      Tried again..."Pledge discount does not exist!"

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam Coakley on

      Matthew, I've had a similar problem, I get no confirmation that my pledge has been accepted or the upgrade acknowledged nothing is added to the cart, I put a request for help in the support section and have had no response yet

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ekstein on

      So, it asks you firstly what pledge level you want. I wanted the $50 (Living Legend), then it doesn't add it to the basket or final checkout for some reason. It's really frustrating. Now I can't edit my original order. I really wanted that rulebook. What's going on Mantic??? I don't want to end up with a duplicate order or pay twice for shipping (I'm in Australia). Please help Mantic....

    18. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      odd question anyone know how long it takes for an order to be processed as i've got receipt of this and dungeon saga and mantic digital but pledge manager says still being processed

    19. Missing avatar

      Graham Frederick Trickey on

      For a system that has been allegedly worked on for a long time its a plile of incomprehensible Donkey Shit.

    20. Richard Heath aka Yith on

      After emails to Luke, everything has now been sorted..

      If anyone was having problems using paypal then it may have been because it was using the paypal test sandbox rather than the live system. They've switched it over now.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      Yeah. Issues for another early bird. There didn't seem to be a way to just pick which sets I wanted as part of my pledge. It was basically "buy another early bird" and "buy a starter set."

      Didn't seem to be any way to credit my pledge level and choose the set I wanted.

    22. Zenoob on

      "Pledge discount does not exist!" for me as well when i try to checkout

    23. Taubad on

      Problems here with the Pledge Manager too. I was also sent three invites entitled pledge manager for Dungeon Saga, none of the invite codes work but I can log-in. However, I can't get past the Backer details page. The only button I have to press is Review My Pledge; there is no Skip button. Sending Support email now. No doubt this can be easily sorted out by the boffins.

    24. John McMillen

      I had the same issue with the pledge not being added to the cart automatically. I also can't see any of the Add-ons.

      It probably has everything to do with the fact that my email said Dungeon Saga, and my Kings pledge credit is stuck in the Dungeon Saga Campaign, where it seems I can add anything from that campaign to my cart.

    25. BigDaddio on

      I've run into the same issue as some others. It confirms my pledge level, but does not add it in to the cart, so it looks like I have a big surplus. I imagine if I completed it at this point, I wouldn't even get my actual pledge, lol.

    26. Missing avatar

      lowlylowlycook on

      @"The Roth" Thanks for that.

    27. Missing avatar

      The Roth on

      Apparently not enough people are watching their Youtube videos. :)

      @lowlylowlycook: The painted dragon has been revealed as a spoiler in one of their Dreadball videos. He is shown at ~4:35 in this video (note the chicken sound):…

    28. otakupuntocom on

      A friend have found a "Pledge discount does not exist!" message. I agree with Nick, i prefer to wait some days...

    29. legione on

      the quantities of the various items do not seem to be correct... for example in the abyssal mega army the summary says: Lower Abyssals 16 while looking at the info in the ks page the number of mini is 40 (and the others units have wrong quantities too). it is weird because those numbers are not even the same expected for the starter army...

    30. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Glad I'm not an early bird, I'm sure these early teething issues will be resolved before they get to me Hee Hee
      Woohoo, bring it on Mantic
      I can happily wait another week and then Bam !
      Big purchasing.

    31. mike 'comes at night,mostly' spike on

      Massive issues, (same as DS pledgemanager, didnt add anything in the end it was so impossible), multiple invites, wont register which starters i want, wont offer me add-ons and when i managed to get to the check out with right stuff in basket it wont let me go any further. then keeps adding multiple versions of my pledge. Seriously these are painful considering the Dreadball and DZ ones.

    32. Richard Heath aka Yith on

      Similar issue here as well... 3 emails (entitled Dungeon Saga). First two codes didn't work. Third did.

      First time in didn't register my Pledge correctly (Early Bird God of War). So I tried it again.

      Now I get my correct pledge, but my pledge total isn't shown and I get the error "Pledge discount does not exist".

      I have emailed Support using the link on the pledgemanager page at the side... no response as yet.

    33. Not Bob on

      I'm having issues too. Got three emails, finally got in and confirmed my address and pledge level. When I tried to continue it sent me to my account page and only listed my Dungeon Saga invoice. I tried emailing support and my email bounced back. It's definitely a Monday

    34. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Shipping should get added once you go through the final checkout. Did for me, living in the Netherlands, anyway.

    35. Roger Schambach on

      Seems like there goes something a little bit wrong ;)
      Got 3 invites today, took the newest one and filled out my details
      now it says free shipping, even though i live in germany.
      Am I just lucky or is this a glitch?

    36. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Aye just got there as well, looks like the final checkout is still in test / inactive mode. Paypal itself is working fine, just not through the final referral.

      Knew there had to be a little something that could break, damned computers ;-)

    37. Nicholas Hendley

      I've gotten through, but having issues with checkout since I want to add a little to my pledge. Stripe says it's in test mode and either I or Paypal one has forgotten my password, so I guess I will try to pay the balance later.

    38. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Mmmm, just released things are getting out of control for me.......

      Getting the Tyrant from Dungeon Saga, a second one due to pledging too much (will teach me not to check totals). And now the Iron Caster and a Basilean Lord :P

    39. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      There will most likely be some minor changes since then and with certain versions of the dragon, but we have this render from the Dungeon Saga page;

    40. Missing avatar

      lowlylowlycook on

      What's the latest info on the dragon sculpt? I'm tempted to get one but hesitate to get such a big centerpiece sight unseen.

    41. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Used the most recent code, seemed logical and got in fine. After country selection my 'province' field reset, but retyping it fixed that. Drawing out movement trays right now though, really should have sorted this out sooner ;-)

      Did pick up a few test pieces from Warbases about a month ago, which turned out to be great stuff. So very confident in adding in a few more of those!

    42. Missing avatar

      Don P on

      Got through the PM okay, but after selecting pledge, going to add-on store and checking out ...
      The receipt does not mention my God of War pledge level and that I still have a $145 credit. I selected the pledge level first, my remaining balance carried over to the add-on store, but the pledge reward is not shown on the receipt and the $145 for it seems to be added back on.

      The support system within the Pledge Manager will not send a message on my end either. 'Cannot process request at this time'.

      Looks like things went through. I just may not be getting the correct feedback(?).

    43. Autarkis on

      Ha ha, I also got three invites. With three different codes. Off to a roaring start guys XD
      I kid, I kid, it's midnight here anyways so I'll just wait and see if there's any news on this in 8 hours.
      On the plus side, it is displaying the correct amount of money I pledged for this KS and not how much I pledged for Dungeon Saga (which, as with everyone else, is what the e-mail/s are saying this PM is for).

    44. Chris Hussey on

      Same issue here - looking forward to the fix and adding some more goodies :)

    45. Benjamin Fletcher on

      Multiple invites for me - title Dungeon Saga (which I also backed). Was able to log in, but as soon as I select my shipping country it seems get stuck on that page :(

    46. Missing avatar

      David on

      Same here - thre invitations to the Dungeon Saga Pledge Manager

    47. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Oh in the world did I miss that. Time for some coffee it would seem......and some puzzling to see what I actually want to squeeze into that pledge!

    48. Curtis Yost on

      Three invites here as well. I don't think it matters but they all say Dungeon Saga Pledge as well.

    49. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Correction, three invites.....they just keep flowing in :P

    50. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      If the Dungeon Saga pledge manager is any indication, I'm certain this one will work great as well.

      Quick question though, I got two manager invites both with different activation codes. Was this an accident, or should I just got with the most recent one?