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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
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    1. Jacob Tothe on

      Scott, the entire point of the Kingdoms of Men list is so those other minis from any other company can be used to build armies with other themes. I rather doubt they take offense. Mantic doesn't have the anti-fun undertones of that OTHER company.

    2. Scott Kirby on

      Mmm in hindsight maybe posting that link was a bit disrespectful to the Mantic crew...... sorry

    3. Scott Kirby on

      @Nicholas - you can find Historically based plastic minis for basic Viking troop types : You can also find more fantasy based viking-esque minis from certain other producers. Would love to see more than just the basic troops though especially at Mantic prices .

      I would also be very interested in an Aztec themed Amazonian range.......... ;)

    4. Chris Oeffinger on

      So stoked on this. My Dwarf army is a highbred mix of MANTIC and GW and REAPER models. Ready to roll some dice!!!!!

    5. Nicholas Jenness on

      @Scott Kirby
      I know this is expensive, metal and old skool, and me being on the other side of the planet shipping will be a bitch, but now that I also know there are Vikings in this universe and they aren't deformed, evil and inherently stupid its a must and is my next goal for saving.

    6. tutu_beater on

      can't wait to get in on the warpath KS in the near future!

    7. Missing avatar

      David on

      A norse themed army would be excellent - I'll be in for that...

    8. Edward Bonthron on

      Looking forward to July. I have been following KoW for some time now and have had much enjoyment from your rules and world. I have highjacked your world as my role play setting(savage worlds fantasy) as well. I am also looking forward to Ronaldo the bard he should be done with Bells on :) :) :)

    9. Scott Kirby on

      @Christopher Knudson - historical vikings can be found as you mention, getting good mythological Norse creatures is not so easy. Plus we would need a good, balanced army list. I remember an old unoffical Norse list download way back when, for a certain other game system, just couldn't get decent creatures to fill out the army.

    10. "DUMP" on

      @Scott Kirby Check out some of the Warlord and Fields of Glory armies I think you will find something you will like there

    11. Aaron Hampton on

      Long live Mantic and KoW!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Morgan on

      Awsome, can't wait to get my 2nd edition rulebook! The next few months of waiting are going to be tough, I'll probably end up being just like Eric Cartman waiting for Nintendo Wii to come out. I agree with Scott Kirby, waiting patiently for a few months for the 2nd edition rulebook will be tough enough, but waiting for 3rd edition for a Norse themed and Ophidian army will probably kill me. :P

    13. Missing avatar

      Juan Bernabeu on

      Stephen, in one of the updates, they said the pledge manager would take about two months

    14. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Nicholas that would be my general in a heart beat.

    15. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      When is the pledge manager being sent out, I am getting my bonus next week all kinds more money for KOW coming.

    16. Scott Kirby on

      No need to wait for 3rd Ed...... bring on the Norse-themed army, the sooner the better!!!!

    17. otakupuntocom on

      Nicholas, your proposal is a NONSENSE. I agree with you ^_^

    18. Nicholas Jenness on

      I vote for a neat, short bearded dwarf bard with glasses, he should be belting out a tune with a mug raised high in victory.

    19. otakupuntocom on

      Mantic, "rules committe", Alessio, Ronnie....

      We are waiting for the best version of the rulebook. We want to play again with your game... with our game... And we are waiting for Ronaldo "el bardo".

      Spanish players were waiting for this long time ago. The second edition can arrive to Spain in our language and achieve a great success among the players.

      We are working for it, showing the game to new players. But we need the best of you to show the best fantastic wargame ever.

      This is the end of the times, and we can be the new Kings Of War. Think about it.

      (And sorry for my bad english ^_^).

    20. Kickstarter Crazy on

      Well Ronnie, at least the bard mini will have clothes on. . . :P

    21. Missing avatar

      Juan Bernabeu on

      Those last minutes were crazy! I can't wait 'til July...