Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game - 2nd Edition

by Mantic Games

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    1. Christopher Thomson on

      I REALLY want gnomes, but this is awesome enough to keep me happy for a while :)

    2. Robert on

      If you can make regular centaurs in the same style, that is a licence to steal all my money.

    3. ray bans

      love the centaur, now he just needs a herd to run with.

    4. Battle Kiwi on

      Woweee now that's an epic centaur! Would love to field a troop or few of this style!!

    5. Gareth Davies on

      Will the forces of Nature be getting units of Centaur?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Moorman on

      I do like that design. Very sleek. Rustic and dangerous.

    7. Matt Price on

      Centaur cavalry! Beastmen infantry!!!

    8. Nicholas Jenness on

      Centaur and fauns, horses and goats are boring, not fussed that they didn't get funded this time, we need to get some other less produced therianthropys for 28mm.

      Do a Furries range, Im sure that will sell, make em look all sexy and asian cartoonish.

    9. Marcin AKA schizoferret on

      Can we have a stretch goal for extra metal & plastic to use on you minis?

    10. Jacob Tothe on

      I would like to see more miniatures influenced by Greek myth. Everything seems to trend to a more Anglo-saxon and Norse style these days.